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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 安徽省合肥市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 0517-6611
CN: 34-1076/S
YP: 1961
Url: 安徽省农业科学院
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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
2010 -11
Introduction of Common Models of Crop Water Production Function and Optimization of Irrigation System LIU Kun
Application of Ideal Point Method in the Grade Evaluation of Soil Fertility LI Fan-xiu
Establishment of Measurement System of Activity of Ginsenoside Rh_2 Glycosyltransferase HE Yan-ping et al
Evolutionary Difference between the Two Chromodomains of CHD Family Proteins LU Cong-de et al
The Isolation and Preparation of Anti-tumor Active Agent Produced by Myxobacteria BD105 ZHANG Lin-song et al
Study on Species Diversity of Nitrogen-fixing Actinomycetes in Hippophae and Elaeagnus Root Nodules LIU Zhi-qiang et al
Study on Normal Temperature Preservation of Aspergillus aculeatus Nakazawa QH1 producing Mannase OU Yang-yin et al
Optimization of Culture Conditions of Flocculant Production of Cladosporium gossypicola GUO Xu-hui et al
Optimization of Method and System on Rapid Detection of Actinomycetes ZHANG Hong-wei et al
A Preparatory Study on Melamine in Artificial White Spirit Sample by Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry WANG Xiao-yan et al
Stomatal Characteristics of Walnut Leaves BAI Chong-yan et al
Detection Technologies of Non-coding RNA LI Yan et al
A Primary Study on Stem Segment Tissue Culture of Populus spp SHEN Di-yu
Screening and analysis of EST-SSR in Jatropha curcas LIN Yuan-zhen et al
Comparasion on Several Extraction Methods of Genomic DNA from Tripterygium wilfordii Hook.f.Leaves XING Jian-hong et al
Optimization of Extraction Methods for Genomic DNA on Eomecon chionantha Hance HU Xue-hua et al
Detection of mRNA Expression of sprn Gene in Various Tissues of Mice by Semi-quantitative RT-PCR Method WANG Hai-ying et al
Comparative Analysis of the Mammalian BMP4 A-types Promoter ZHANG Chi et al
Application of Molecular Makers in Maize Breeding HAN Yi et al
Effect of LiCl on Seedling Growth of Waxy Corn under Simulated Acid Rain XU Yi-hua et al
Effects of Cd Stress on Growth and Photosynthesis Characteristics of Brassica chinensis MA Chao et al
Effects of Shading Treatment on Characteristics of Chlorophy Ⅱ Fluorescence among Five Iris Species LIU Guo-hua et al
Research Advances on the Pollination Biology of Primula SHEN Li-li
Cryopreservation of Shoot-tips of Tamarix taklamakanensis Domant Buds by Encapsulation-vitrification LIU Yan-ping et al
Influence of Different Density IBA and NAA on Chinese Sea-buckthorn Female Layer Cuttage WANG Jian-feng et al
Effect of Water Stress on the Water-using Capacity of White Clover HAN Jian-qiu
Progress in Relation ships Between Anatomical Structures of Vegetative Organs and Drought Resistance in Forage Germplasm Resources LI Zhi-yong et al
Effects of Urban Sludge Composting on Growth of Lawn Grass YANG Yu-rong et al
Topping Flue-cured Tobacco in Different Times and Number of Leaves Left on Yield and Quality PAN He-ping et al
Effects of Nitrogen,Phosphorus and Potassium Combination on Chlorophyll Content in Leaves of Flue-cured Tobacco in Northeast China YIN Peng-da et al
Study on Fitting Distribution of Main Chemical and Smoke Components in Tobacco Leaf of Yunnan ZHANG Qiang et al
Research on Flue-cured Tobacco Growth,Yield and Nicotine Content with Different Cultivation Measures WANG Yun-xi et al
Study on the Determination of Benzoic acid and Sorbic acid in Tobacco Sauce By Homogenate Extraction-High Performance Liquid Chromatography CUI Zhu-wen et al
Modification of Empirical Model for Tar Delivery in the Smoke of Cigarettes WANG Li-min et al
Difference Analysis of Petroleum Ether Extract Contents in Different Cigarettes ZHU Li-jun et al
Effects of Shading on Tea Garden Eco-environment,Tea Tree Photosynthesis and Yield CHEN Pei et al
Effect of the Distiller’s Grains on the Nutrient Composition, Property and Production Performance of Agaricus bisporus ZHU Bin et al
Growth Suitability Analysis of Cynomorium songaricum in Xinjiang Origin WANG Guo-ping et al
Determination of Eugenic Acid Content in Cornus officinalis Sieb.et Zucc.by HPCE HUANG Xian-min et al
Ecological Suitability Evaluation and Regionalization of Swertiam mussotii Franch HUANG Lin-fang et al
Small Scale Fermentation of Ganoderma lucidum WANG Yan
Studies on Cutting Propagation Techniques of Spatholobus suberectus HUANG Xue-yan et al
Determination of Trace Elements in Dioscorea nipponica Makino from Different Places and Growth Years WANG Hong-wei et al
Determination of Alpha-mangostin in Pericarpium Garciniae mangostanae L.by RP-HPLC-UVD ZHAO Yan et al
Orthogonal Extraction of Clove Essential Oil with Ultrasound-assisted Method and Chemical Analysis FU Zhen-xi et al
Study on the Reducing Blood Lipid and Antioxidition Effects of Flavonoids from Eucommia ulmiodes Olirer Leaves LIU Jing et al
Effect of Drought Stress on Total Flavonoids Content in Glycyrrhiza inflata Callus CHENG Huan-xin et al
Determination of Total Flavones in Polygonam capitarum D.Don Based on Hydrochloric Acid-Mg Reaction Colorimetry Method GONG Yuan et al
Study on the Antibacterial Activity of Pigment from Mangrove Kandelia candel FAN Run-zhen et al
Study on the Anti-proliferation Effect of Quercetin on the Growth of BEL-7402 Cells MA Peng
Inhibitory Effects of Ethanol Extract from Toona sinensis Leaves on the Formation of Protein Non-enzymatic Glycation in vitro CHEN Shao-hong et al
Protective Effect of Myrtle Polysaccharide on Acute Liver Injury in Rats CHEN Xu et al
Study on Anti-tumor Activity of Ginseng Fiber Particles in vitro and in vivo ZHANG Li-yuan et al
Research on the Biological Characteristics and Essential Oil Component of Sweet Basil(Ocimum basilicum L.) in Winter under Conditions of Different Fill-in Light WANG Yong et al
Research Advance on Michelia Plants XIONG Xiong et al
Detection of Blood Biochemical Indices of the Captive Gallus gallus spadiceus ZHOU Jie-long et al
Study on the Egg and Broodiness Traits of Shiqiza,Langya and Luqin B2 Chickens LI Fu-wei et al
Effects of Complicated Herbal Medicine on Serum Biochemical Indicators and Egg Nutritional Quality in Laying Hens ZHANG Li-juan et al
Effects of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine on Immune Organ and Macrophages Phagocytic Indexes of Chickens Affected by Infectious Bronchitis Virus LI Qing-yan et al
Effect of Echinacea Extract on Proliferation of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells of Cows WU Hua et al
Study on the Seram Levels of Metal Ions and Anti-oxidatine Indexes of Dainy Cows with Retained Fetal Placenta ZHANG Shou et al
Effects of Apple Pomace Supplementany Feed on Milk Performance of Daing Cows SUN Pan-feng et al
Application of Genetic Testing Technology in the High Fecundity Breeds Development of Small Tail Han Sheep LIU Kai-dong et al
Antibacterial Activities of Extracts from Dilophodes Elegans Sinica Larvae Feces ZHANG Zeng-qiang et al
The Expression of Long Form Leptin Receptor Ob-Rb Gene in the Pituitary in Pigs Around Puberty NI Li-gang et al
Propagation of A2a Gene Knockout Mice and Its Genotype Identification WANG Yi-long et al
Activity Patterns and Time Allocation of Captive Wolves SHA Wei-lai et al
Morphological Variation Analysis among Three Populations of Sillago sihama Forskál ZHANG Jian-dong et al
Study on Germ Cell Genesis and Gonadal Development of Argopecten irradians concentricus LI Jun-hui et al
Purification Methods for Rana Oviduct Glycoprotein XU Xin et al
Effects of Probiotics on Growth Performance and Immune Function of Allogynogenetic crucian carp DING Li et al
Study on Activities of Digestive Enzymes of Procambarus clarkii in Adult and Larvae Under Complete Formula Feed LI Jia-jia et al
Research Progress on the Regeneration of the Holothurians MA Jian
Study on Control Effect of Sigma Broad 3.6% WG on Weeds in Winter Wheat Field GAO Fei et al
Effect of the Different Illuminations in the Adult Stage of Beet Armyworm on the Beet Armyworm Growth LIU Chang-ying et al
Research on the Producing Condition and Stability of Antifungal Substance from Bio-control Bacterium Strain CAB-1 LI Zhan-jie et al
Effect of Food-stuffs and the Temperature and Humidity on the Life Span of Locust Leaf Midge Sawfly WANG Xiao-qin et al
Study on Indoor Inhibition of Five Plant Extracts on Wilt Pathogen of Pomegranate ZHOU Yin-li et al
Advances in Biological Control of Tobacco Black Shank CAI Yong et al
Study on Relation of Mycelial Growth and Spore Germination of Colletrichum to Carbon Source and Nitrogen Source ZHENG Xiao-lan et al
Research Advances in Genetic Engineering of Resistance to Plant-parasitic Nematode LUO Ya-dan et al
The Effect of Malathion on the Activity of Antioxidant Enzyme of Perinereis aibuhitensis Grube LV Lin-lan et al
Effects of Algae on Growth and Development of Oncomelania WANG Mu-tong et al
Application of Chinese Herbal Medicine in the Health Raise of Aquiculture HUANG Yu-liu et al
Analysis of Micro-physical Structure Characteristics of A Shear-line Precipitation Case LI Tie-lin et al
Effects of Agro-meteorological Disasters on Agricultural Production of canjiang River Basin and the Countermeasures YI Gui-lin Jiangxi Vocational College of Agricultural Engineering
Diurnal Variations of Photosynthesis and Transpiration of Pennisetum centrasiaticum Tzvel and Their Relationships with Meteorological Factors GAO Fei-xiang et al
Research and Application on Water Logging Model of Zhengzhou City PENG Ji-yong et al
Experiment in the Timely Sowing of Maize in Southeastern Gansu and the Analysis of its Suitable Sowing Period PU Jin-yong et al
Climate Adaptability Division of Actinidia deliciosa cv.Hayward in Dujiangyan YU Cheng et al
Study on Land Cover Classification Based on Phenological Characteristic Parameters GONG Pan
Formation of Carbonatite in the Context of Methane Leaking and Its Geochemistry Characters MI Wen-tian et al
The Coaggregation of The Bacteria In The Biofilm from Waste water Treatment Systerm DU Qing-zhen et al
Distribution of Arsenic in Soil of Yutai Region and Analysis on Its Causes ZHANG Chun-rong et al
Environmental Magnetic Susceptibility and Granularity Analysis in the Tonglvshan Mine Area WANG Qiu-xiao et al
Study on the Water Percolation in Paddy Field(Ⅰ) WANG Xiao-ying et al
Effect of Straw and DCD on Behavior of Urea in Different Wheat Growth Stages Ⅰ:Dynamic Variation of Soil NH_4~+-N LIU Wei et al
Effects of Herbicides on Black Soil Urease Activities XU Zhong-yan et al
Study on Influences of Different Land Use Types on Soil Qualities in Plateau Karst Depression ZHANG Xi et al
Study on Classification of Soil Nutrient in Jujube orchard in Donging Jujube Region SONG Jia-qing et al
Assessment on Soil Quality of Enshi Vine Tea Base ZHAI Kun
Status Evaluation of Edaphic Fluorine in High Section of Groundwater of Wen County in Henan ZHU Li-xia et al
Influence on Green Materials-storing to Methane Energy in Rural Area in Cold District DONG Hai-rong et al
Preliminary Study on Evolution of Riverbed Form of the Lower Yellow River in Henan Province Since the Western Han Dynasty QU Zhang-bin et al
Ecological Safety Evaluation of Land Use in Jian City Based on the Principal Component Analysis LIU Fei-yue et al
Simulation on Land Use Change Based on Logistic Regression CA——With Huadu in Guangzhou as an Example ZHENG De-ben et al
Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP) in Shelterbelt Forest Category of Structural Optimization of Evaluation LI Miao-yi et al
Pollution of Heavy Metals in Several Crops in Farmland Around the Concentrator and Smelter ZHANG De-gang et al
Determination of Heavy Metals in Sediment by High Pressure Sealed Vessels Assisted Digestion-inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry HU Lin-kai et al
Comprehensive Evaluation on Ecological Security in the Upper Min River Basin XIE Shang-chun et al
Water Resource and Relevant Problems of Karst Region in Southwest China SHAN Yang-tian et al
Establishment and Screening of Evaluation Index System for Water Environment Safety in Zhenjiang LIU Hong et al
Characteristics Analyzing of Agro-environmental Pollution Accident Caused by Water Pollution SHAO Xiao-long et al
Advances in Lead Toxicity to Aquatic Animals DAI Wei
Research on the Oxidation Treatment of the Wheat Starch Wastewater by UASB-biological Contactor HU Wen-yun et al
Influencing Factors for Degradation of Methyl Orange by Sm~(3+) Doping TiO_2 Loaded Photocatalyst XIA Feng-li et al
Effect of the Fresh-keeping Agent on the Nutrition Indicator of Grape LV Yan-bin et al
Preparation and Characterization of Rice Husk-based Activated Carbon LI Yue et al
Study on the Processing Technology of Oldham gypsophila and Red Raspberry Compound Beverage WANG Xiao-jie et al
Research Progress on Lycium barbarum Polysaccharides WEI Yong-xiang et al
The Study on Ultrafiltration Methods of Xylanase LIU Lei et al
Study on in Vitro Antioxidant Activities of Polysaccharide from Selenium-rich Shiitake Mushroom and Selenium-rich Oyster Mushroom WU Dan
The Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activity of Extracts From Root of Aralia elata(Miq.) Seem on DPPH Free Radical PANG Yong et al
Study on Technology of Extracting Ursolic Acid in Herb Plantagin by Cellulase ZHANG Li et al
Solubility of Ferulic Acid in the CO_2 Supercritical Fluid Determined by Dynamic Method and Correlation of Association Model GAO Rui-ying et al
Preparation on Microcapsule of Lactobacillus rhamnosus LT22 and its Stability and Toxicity Test LI Xu-hua et al
Study on Pollen Viability Determination and Storage of Honeysuckle LIU Hui-chao et al
Optimization of the Conditions of Corn Straw Degradation to Produce Reducing Sugar by Phanerochaete chrysosporium ZHANG Yu-hui et al
Research on the Water Environment in the New Rural Construction WANG Peng-fei et al
Research on the Extraction of Chlorogenic Acid from Sweet Potato Leaf and its Antibacterial Efficiency WANG Shi-kuan et al
Research Progress on the Extraction and Purification Process of Anthraquinone in Rheum SHAO Jing et al
Ultrasound-assisted Extraction Technology of Anthraquinones In Aloe vera LI Pei et al
Extraction of Active Protein in Guangchang Nymphaea alba QIU Xue-mei et al
Optimization of the Extraction Technology of Total Saponins in Lonicera fulvotomentosa Hsu.et S.C.Cheng by Orthogonal Design MIAO Yan-yan et al
Study on Extraction Technology of Intracellular Polysaccharide from Byproduct of Hericium erinaceus by Ultrasonic Wave CHAI Jun-hong et al
Study on Application of Orthogonal Rotatable Central Composite Design on Extraction of Total flavones from Mulberry by Microwave-assisted Extraction MA Jing et al
Study on Extraction Technological Conditions of Total Flavonoids from Toona sinensis Leaves HUANG Hong-ying et al
Effects of Green Tea Polyphenol on Quality of Pepperoni CAO Juan et al
Integer Coding Improved Genetic Algorithm for Optimization of Tree-type Irrigation Pipe Network YANG Jian-jun et al
Distributed Temperature Measurement Network for Agricultural Greenhouse REN Jian-qiang
Analysis on Heat Transfer of Preheating Methane Filling Pool System with Cooling Water of Generator KANG Xi-long et al
Research on the Design of Solar Radiant Floor Heating System DOU Shuo et al
Evaluation of Leisure Agriculture Development in Hunan Province Based on AHP ZHANG Gui-hua
Analysis of Tea Professional Cooperatives in Jixi County GE Wei et al
Motivation,Advantages and Countermeasures for Rural Talents Promoting the Development of Specialized Cooperative Organizations LIU Juan et al
Investigation on the Status of Peasants’ Professional Cooperatives of Crop Farming in Sichuan Province HU Jing-wei et al
Peasants′ Awareness of Land Property Rights ZHENG Cai-gui et al
Factors in Restricting Popularization Effects of Agricultural Research Units and Suggestions HOU Qian-qian et al
Closed-loop Supply Chain Mode of Ecological Agriculture Embedded with Knowledge Scheme QIN Li-gong et al
Demonstration and Radiation Extension Pattern of Agricultural Technology WANG Xiao-ying et al
Participatory Agricultural Extension form the Prospective of Audience-centered Communication Theory ZHAO Di et al
Study on the Effects of Rural Labor Migration on Farmers′ Specialized Cooperative Economic Organization WANG Jian et al
Integrated Marketing Communication in Rural Reading Based on Supply Chain Management ZHANG Mai-qing et al
Rural Logistics System Based on Rural Informatization HU Cui-hong
Effects of Different Operating Modes of Returning Farmland to Forest (Grassland) on Rural Economy——A Case of Wuqi County,Shaanxi Province,China LUO Meng et al
Influencing Factors Analysis on Hospitalized Behavior of Rural Residents JIA Qing-ping et al
Research on Daily Life Support of Child-family to Aged Parents in Rural Areas QU Yong et al
Unemployment Insurance Model for Migrant Workers under Financial Crisis BIAN Kuan-jiang et al
Basic Characteristics of Peasant Households with Different Income Levels CHEN Jun-min
Evaluation Model and Index System of Industrial Resource and Energy Consumption in Small Towns ZHANG Tong-sheng
Measurement on Rural Poverty in Xinjiang and Analysis on Its Change Causes LI Cui-jin
Process of Modern Agriculture in Sichuan Province GUO Qiang et al
Comprehensive Evaluation on the Level of Agricultural Modernization in Eastern China MEN Ke-pei et al
Study on the Residential Area Landscape Evaluation XU Zong-liang et al
Research Progress of Community Planning of Low-Carbon Urban HUANG Wen-juan et al
Connotation and Sustainability of Residential Green Building Design ZHANG Yu-ju et al
Analysis on the Construction Thoughts of Traditional Settlements in China LI Hong et al
Colored-leaf Plants Species and their Application in Park Greens of Kunming City ZHU Yong et al
Patricia Johanson Design with Integration of Nature and Art LU Sheng et al
Discussion on the Concept Derivation of Jiuzhouwa Ecological Wetland Park in Conceptual Planning ZHAI Fu-shun et al
Study on Construction of Human Landscape of Campus HE Yun et al
Effects of Different IBA on Rooting of Softwood Cuttings of Dwarf Cherry Rootstock of Gisela 5 GU Hong-fei et al
Study on Genetic Stability of Floral Characters of Papaver rhoeas L. YANG Fu-lin et al
Study on Method of Expressway Landscape Design which Harmonized with Nature TANG Zhen-xing et al
Natural Beauty in Dujiangyan Scenic Spot PU Tian-cun
Study on Ecological Landscape Planning of Han Dynasty Ganquan Palace Ruin in Shaanxi ZHANG Ying et al
Exploring the Talent Training Mode of Combining Work with Study in Landscape Engineering Technology Specialty in Higher Vocational School WANG Ying et al
Application of Graphical Method in Agronomy Biochemistry Teaching XIE Zhao-hui
Research on the Application of Agricultural Intelligent Informatization Based on EPC ZHANG Ning
Research on the Medium Optimization for the Plant Regeneration in vitro of Health Family ZHANG Yang-jun et al
Research on the Transgenic Brassica napus Microspore Culturing and Genetic Analysis of Transgenic Character XIAO Xia et al
Tissue Culture and Rapid Propagation of Hezhou Ginger DENG Nian-fang et al
Optimization of Omethoate Degrading Indices Based on Surface Response Methodology DENG An-sheng et al
Auxiliary Supporting System of Forests’ Insect Pest WANG Xing-wang et al
Designing and Realization of Database Platform of County Agricultural Production Technology in Yunnan Province ZHANG Li-lian et al
Warping Dam Design Application Based on GIS and CAD LIU Juan et al
Effect of Related Factors in Electrophoresis Peaks on Artificial Neural Network Analysis MA Xiao-min et al
Design of EDMA Frame Using DM642 Acquisition the Color Line Array CCD JIA Fang et al
Discussion on the Farmland Irrigation in Henan during Ming-Qing Dynasties LI Guo-yong
Discussion on the Internal Conditions of the Development of Rural Commodity Economy of East Guizhou in Qing Dynasty LI Jin-wei
Experimental Study on Maximum Dynamic Elastic Modulus of Unsaturated Loess CHEN Li
Research on Thermal Insulation Technology of Rural Residential External Walls WANG Yu-liang et al
Study on the Development of Chewing Tobacco Products Based on Patent Information Analysis LIU Ya-li et al
Quantitative Analysis of Core Periodicals on Wheat Stripe Rust in China LI He-juan et al
Analysis of the Extinct Causes of Brasenia schreberi Population in Lichuan DONG Yuan-huo et al
Primary Discussion on Application Prospect of Tardigrade CHEN Yu-xiang et al
High-yielding Cultivation Techniques of the New Sweetpotato Variety Luoshu ZHANG Yong-yue et al
Research Progress of the Synthesis of Amino Acid Chelated Trace Elements HUANG Xue et al
Cultivation and Breeding of Woodwardia prolifera JIA Chun et al
Analysis of Remote Sensing Monitoring and Dynamic Variation of NPP in the Loess Plateau LOU Xue-ting et al
Effects of Phosphorus Stress on the Growth of Tomato Seedlings XU Li et al
Discussion on the Land Policy Based on Land Ethics LIU Jian-sheng et al
Effects of Destruction of the Ozone Layer on Human and Biology HU Nai-gen
Summary of the Developmental Pattern of Special Agriculture JIN Lian et al
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