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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 安徽省合肥市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 0517-6611
CN: 34-1076/S
YP: 1961
Url: 安徽省农业科学院
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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
2010 -12
Analysis of a Heavy Snow Process in Liaoning in 2009 ZHANG Bing-chuan et al
Rainfall Factors in the Prediction of Rainfall-induced Debris Flow SUN Wei et al
Analysis of Supercell Storm Structure and Mesocyclone Parameters DIAO Xiu-guang et al
Survey on the Plant Resources in Jiaozuo City ZHANG Yue-qin et al
Determination on Contents of Total Sugar and Reducing Sugar and Chlorogenic Acid in Finished Cigarette by Near-infrared Technique DENG Fa-da et al
Climate Characteristics of Hail-falling in Zhangjiajie and Comparative Analysis of Multiple Cases of Hail in 2005 LI Yu-mei et al
Contrast Analysis of Two Low Vortex Weather Processes LIAO Guo-jin et al
Research Progress of Natural Plant-derived Preservatives FAN Yong-chao et al
Electrochemical Behavior of Hemoglobin in CeO_2/MWNTs /CHIT Nanometer Compound Membrane CHEN Zhuo
Research Advances about Low-temperature-induced Proteins in Plants MA Bin et al
Research Advances on the Molecular Mechanism of Plant Salt-tolerance LIU Yun et al
Research Advances on the Effects of Culture Conditions on the Production of Anthocyanin by Plant Cell Culture GUO Cheng-shuan et al
Construction and Expression of Canis MC4R-D90N Mutation in Eukaryotic Cells WEI Jia et al
Optimization of the Fermentation Conditions of Lipase Produced by Burkholderia cepacia 0107 LI Xun et al
Optimum Culture of Coenzyme Q_(10) Produced by Arobacterium tumefaciens during Fermentation Process JIANG Jian-wen et al
Analysis on the Heavy Rainstorm Process in Local Areas of Liaoning Province QI Jie et al
Analysis of a Disastrous Rainstorm Weather Process in Bazhou Area of Xinjiang LI Gui-qing et al
Characteristics and Application of Novel Humectant KSAP-T in Tobacco GUO Guo-ning et al
Investigation and Study on Evergreen Plants in Wuhu City LI Quan-fa et al
Study on Plant Landscape Construction of Urban Road in Liuzhou City XIAO Wan-juan et al
Urban Character's Composing of Qingdao City LANG Xiao-xia et al
Analysis of the Urban Spatial Development Strategy in Central Urban Area of Huangshan City MA Ming et al
Study on the Design Strategies of Plant Landscapes in the Settlement Area Based on Environment Behavior PANG Ying et al
The Enhancement Design of Characteristic Waterfront Space Landscape on Lake Road in Xuzhou City ZHOU Cheng-ling et al
Analysis of the Topographic Lifting in Mesoscale Rainstorm Process MENG Ying-jie et al
Impact of Tropical Convective Activity on Summer Precipitation in Sichuan and Chongqing Regions DONG Yi-ping et al
Preliminary Analysis of Error between Interpolation of AOD Using LUT and Real AOD CAO Qi et al
Analysis on the Water Environmental Quality Trend in Huashan Tour District of Zuo River Basin WU Hao-dong et al
Characteristic Comparison of Six Aquatic Plants in Constructed Wetlands HAN Su-juan et al
Study on Risk Assessment Regional Indicators of Agricultural Flood Disasters TIAN Min et al
Research on the Characteristics of Heavy Metal Contents in Soil in Liaocheng City CAO Jian-rong et al
Research on the Desorption Behavior of Atrazine in Soil SHI Jian et al
Study on the Service Value Dynamics of Wetland Ecosystem in Baoying County of Jiangsu Province JIAO Cai-xia et al
Pollution Actuality and Countermeasures of Aquiculture in Shallow Lakes in the Middle and Lower Reaches of Yangtze River Area PENG Zi-ran et al
Treatment of Sewage Pollution of Chemistry Laboratory by Flocculating,Precitating and Artificial Wetlands HE Hua-zhong et al
Research Progress of Resourceful Treatment of Starch Wastewater WANG You-le et al
Research Progress on the Application of Magnesium Hydroxide in the Filed of Industrial Wastewater Treatment YU Bo-qu et al
Analysis on the Comprehensive Benefits of Wastewater Reclamation WAN Yu-shan et al
Effect of Cu-Cd Combination on Esterase Isozyme of Sinopotamon yangtsekiense HAN Xiao-zheng et al
Optimum Chromium Ion Absorption Conditions of Lettuce Peel JIANG Xin-long
Understanding and Thinking of "Plastic Limit" HUANG Xiang et al
Study on the Preparation of Lactic Fermented Beverage from Banana Milk YAN Han-bin et al
Study on the Processing Technology Compound Juice Made from Smallanthus sonchifolius Poeppig & Endlicher,Citrus reticulate Blangco and Fragaia ananassa Duchesne XU Ming-liang et al
Study on Extraction Technology of Total Flavonoids from Momordica charantia L. GUO Yu-dong et al
Study on the Extraction Process of Total Flavonoids from Jujube Core by Ultrasonic Wave Extraction ZHANG Chun-lan et al
Investigation of the Factor Influencing the Yield of Sugar Produced from Corn Stalk with the Method of Acidolysis JIA Cui-ying et al
Study on Gelatinization Technology of Potato Starch Paste WEI Xian-hua et al
Extraction of Sweat Potato Leaf Protein Concentrates by Fermentation Acid Method WANG Shi-kuan et al
Extraction of Polyphenol from Carambola LI Qun-mei et al
Research on Preparation of Silk Fibroin Peptide with Microwave-assisted Hydrolysis LI Li-jun et al
Study on Menthyl Ester Synthesis Catalyzed by Immobilized Ce~(4+) on Macroporous Resin XIANG Tian-cheng et al
Selection of Excreting Cellulase Strain from Waste Paper and Study of Fermentation Conditions YIN shi et al
Study on Energy Conservation of Cold Storage for Agricultural Products ZHOU Dong-yi et al
Application of ANFIS in Runoff Time Series Forecast Based on Chaos Theory SU Hui et al
Variation Characteristics of Wind Speed Profile and PM_(10) Concentration during Typical Dust Weather in Inner Mongolia CHENG Mu-ning et al
A New Measurement Method of Cultivated Land Area and Its Accuracy Analysis YANG Zhong-li
Eomprehensive Evaluation of Crop Based on Entropy Weight Coefficient and TOPSIS LIU Jun
Extraction and Component Analysis of Fermentation Products from an Endophytic Fungus HAN Jian et al
Possible Influence of North Pole Wave Motion Index on Henan Precipitation HAN Guo-yong et al
Impact of Climate Jump on the Agricultural Production in Shenyang DIAO Jun et al
Climate Characteristics in Three Gorges Reservoir Area after Water Storage and Its Impact on the Production Potential ZHONG Hai-ling et al
Analysis of the Weather Conditions in Abundant or Lean Years of Crops in Mudanjiang City of Heilongjiang Province FAN Tian-hong et al
Survey on Groundwater Environment Related to Vegetation in Mu Us Desert CHENG Dong-hui et al
Analysis of the Influencing Factors of the Farmer's Willingness to Adopt Wheat and Maize Agronomic Water-saving Technology in Heilonggang District LIU Xiao-min et al
Reseach on Digesters Technology of Low Temperature-resistance in Northern Areas in Winter YAO Li et al
Application of GIS Model in Warping Dam Design LIU Juan et al
Identification AM Fungi of Reed in Saline Land and Analysis of Its Ecological Benefit ZHAO Qing-hua
Effect of Straw and DCD on the Behavior of Urea in Different Wheat Growth StagesⅢ SONG Jian-guo et al
Research on Soil Moisture Content under Apple Trees and Farmland of Liquan in Shaanxi ZHENG Ming-shan et al
The Best Optimum Conditions on Complex Strains and Its Effect on Cellulose Degradation of Cow Dung Compost SHI Shan-shan et al
Effects of Different Irrigation Methods on Salt Accumulation in Topsoil under Greenhouse WANG Wei-mu et al
Research on the Farmland Soil Nutrient Changes in Songjiang District of Shanghai in 20 Years HOU Peng-cheng
Influence of Endophytic Fungus Chaetomium globosum ND35 on Growth and Development of Chestnut Seedlings MENG Qing-guo et al
Pathogen Identification of the Anthracnose of Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort.and the Inhibitory Effect of Four Fungicides on the Pathogen ZHAO Zhen-ling et al
Studies on the Rice Resistance to Rice Blast Induced by Tetramycin ZHONG Li-juan et al
Study on Active Components of Galla chinensis against Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary HU Tong-le et al
Development Status,Tendency and Strategy of Fungal Insecticides Industry WANG Bin et al
Study on the Meteorological Conditions Grade Forecast for the Migration of Rice Planthopper BAI Xian-da et al
Allelopathic Effects of Associated Herbs Artemisia carvifolia and Eulaliopsis binata on Eupatorium adenophorum Sprengel LIU Shu-chao et al
Research Progress on the Invasion Mechanism of Mirabilis jalapa L. ZHANG Yi-min
Inhibition Effect of Eupatorium adenophorum Extract on Several kinds of Plant Pathogenic Fungi ZHANG Miao-zhi et al
Effects of Latitude on Population Growth of Brown Rat LIU Han-wu et al
Comparison on Leaf-cutting Inoculation and Spray Inoculation of Rice Bacterial Blight WANG Wen-xiang et al
Study on the Population Quantity Variations of Bactrocera dorsalis on the Basis of Stepwise Regression Analysis ZHANG Li-lian et al
Acute Toxicity Evaluation of Three Botanical Pesticides to Coturnix coturnix japonica and Brachydonio rerio CHEN Ang et al
Inhibitory Effect of Antifungal Substances from Chaetomium globosum ND35 on Pathogenic Fungi of Valsa Canker WANG Qing-hua et al
Analysis of Lightning Activities and the Disaster Climate Characteristics in Shandong Province CHEN Jin-min et al
Study on the Monitoring and Pre-warning of Cold Damage of Early Rice in Summer Based on GIS HE Yan et al
Preliminary Discussion on the Drought and Its Alleviation Measures in Qinghuangdao Area CAO Jian-xin et al
Study on Characteristics of Cypermethrin Degrading Microorganism Applied in Shanghai Volkswagen Vegetables LUO Tian-xiong et al
Analysis on High-yield and Yield-stability of Good Quality Millet Variety Yugu 15 WANG Su-ying et al
Effects of Ethanol Stress on Several Physiological and Biochemical Indices of Wheat Seedlings HAO Hao-yong et al
Approaching Breeding Technology of Water-saving Genotypes of Winter Wheat CHEN Jian-zhong
Effect of 40 ℃ Accelerated Aging on the Physiological and Biochemical Characteristics of Wheat Seeds KONG Zhi-you et al
Research Advances in Dendrobium Research in China ZOU Cheng-yong et al
Research on Cultivation Technique of Castor in Ningxia Hetao Irrigation District YU Rong et al
Research on the Adaptability of Sorghum bicolor×Sorghum sudanense in the Middle Platform of Guizhou Province CHEN Guo-nan et al
Study on Change Law of Contents of Main Nitrogen-containing Compounds in Tobacco Leaves LIU Rong-sen et al
Effects of Different Model of Common Vetch Green Manure Turning Under on Yield and Quality of Flue-cured Tobacco WANG Rui-bao et al
Analysis of the Xingshan Featured Flue-cured Tobacco Quality and Status in Yichang QIN Tie-wei et al
Study on the Correlation between the Biochemical Component and the Sensor Quality of West Lake Longjing Tea Packed by Different Packing Material ZHAO Su-fen et al
Effects of Flat planting Density on the Growth Characteristics and Yields of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi ZHANG Yang et al
Effect of Factors on Proliferation and Rooting of Oplopanax elatus in vitro GAO Ri et al
Physiological Response of Different Flos Lonicerae Seedlings to Polyethyleneglycol-Sinulated Drought(peg) Stress PENG Su-qin
Application of Wavelet Transform in Enhancing the Accuracy of Near-infrared Analysis of Rapeseed Fatty Acids SHAO Li-na et al
Analysis of Peroxide Isoenzymes of Apocynum venetum L. and Poacynum hendersonii(Hook.f.)Woodson from Different Areas CHEN Yan-yun
Nitric Oxide Donor SNP on the Germination of Peanut SUN Xin et al
Salt-stress Relieving and Growth-promoting Action of Compound Combination of Acid-producer Klebsiella oxytoca Rs-5 and Bacillus subtilis Combination BCL-8 on Cotton ZHAO Ya-feng et al
Influence Factors of Callus Differentiation in Leymus chinensis QU Tong-bao et al
Study on the Tissue Culture and Propagation System of Gentiana scabra Bnnge WEN Wei et al
Effects of ~(60)Co-γ Radiation Treatment on Inducing Potato Salt Tolerant Callus YANG Yu et al
Effects of Non-sufficient Irrigation on Growth and Yield Components of Rice YU Jian-he et al
Research on the Dynamic Climate Production Potential of Middle-season Rice in Jiangxi Province LI Zhong-hui et al
Study on Effects of Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizers and Recommended Dosage for Late Rice in Wuhan Suburb XU Hua-li et al
Impact of Climate Change on the Exploitation Degree of Production Potential of Winter Wheat in Tianshui HU Li-ping et al
Effect of Zinc on the Antioxidase Activity in Wheat WANG Pei et al
Research on the Characteristics of Different Phosphorus Efficiency of Soybean Genotypes at Seedlings Stage ZHANG Yan-li et al
Effects of Weather Conditions in Nantong on the Yield of Local Rape ZHU Hong-xia et al
Effect of Plastic Film-mulching on the Yield of Maize and Soil Condition YAN Gen-hai et al
Influence of Residue and Fertilizer Matching Application on Maize Growth and Yield ZHU Yan-li et al
Effect of Climate Warming on Growth of Corn and Numbers of Soil Microorganisms ZHANG Ru-qin
Effects of Cadmium on Growth,Nodulation and Nitrogen Fixation of Alfalfa(Medicago Sativa) CI En et al
Research Summary of Soybean Isoflavones LUO Yue-zhong et al
Development Status and Prospect of Solar Greenhouse Meteorological Service LI Zhen-fa et al
Isolation Conditions of Protoplast in Dendrobium Leaves LUO Li-hua et al
Research Progress on the Application of Brassinolide in Pomology ZHANG Yu-ping et al
Investigation on Intercropping Cultivation Technology of Jujube-watermelon in Dry Sandy Land of Ningxia LI Bai-yun et al
Research on Water-saving Cultivation Substrate of Potted Salvia splendens WEI Li-li et al
Investigation on the Utilization of Medicinal Potherb Resources in Ganjiang River Source Nature Reserve of Jiangxi XU Yan-qin et al
Optimal Reaction Conditions of Extracellular Cellulase in Pleurotus nebrodensis MAO Xin-xin et al
Research Advancement in Biotechnology Breeding of Vegetables in China MA Wen-jing et al
High Propagation and Tissue Culture System and Outside-tube Rooting Technology of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana LIU Hong-mei et al
Soil-supporting Rooting Culture and Lump-transplanting of Cotoneaster hjelmqvistii Test-tube Plantlets CHAI Ci-jiang et al
Optimization for RAPD Reaction System of Rhododendron chrysanthum Pall GONG Yu et al
Research on Root Distribution Characteristics of Ziziphus jujube cv. Lizao under Drip Irrigation Condition WEI Guo-liang et al
Estimation of Pomelo Edible Ratio Based on GMDH Algorithm HUANG Ling et al
Effects of Different Fertilization Measures on Quality of Cultivating Soil for Non-polluted Protected Vegetable in Ankang City GUO Quan-zhong et al
The Determination of Trace Element Iron in "Jinqiu" Pear by FAAS LIU Yu-lin et al
Determination of Amino Acid in Protubera borealis Imai. QU Yi et al
Extraction of Total Flavones from Pinus massoniana Needles by Decompressing Inner Ebullition XIE Ji-yun et al
Discussion on the Principles of Forest Measurement in Fixed Sample Plot with Three-D Laser Scanning Aided with Digital Close-range Photogrammetry TANG Xue-hai et al
Research on Adventitious Buds Regeneration System of Populus deltoides×P. cathayana CHENG Gui-lan et al
Screening of the Natural Enemies of the Vehicular Insect of Pine Wood Nematode Monochamus alternatus SITU Chun-nan et al
Soil Fertilities and Enzymes Activities of Rubber Plantations at Different Tapping Age WEI Jia-shao et al
Evaluation of the Service Function Value of Forest Soil and Water Conservation in Shaoyang City MA Wen-yin et al
Study on the Growth Character and Leaf Disease Resistance of Populus nigra Clones in Seedling Stage NI Yang et al
Analysis on the Relationship between Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza and Meteorological Conditions in North China ZHANG Xiao-yun et al
Cloning and Polymorphism Analysis of Growth Hormone Gene in Juema Swine LI Jun-cheng et al
Utilization Potential Analysis of Unconventional Feed Resources of Poultry and Feed Production Status in Anhui Province XIA Lun-zhi et al
Polymorphism Analysis of NCOA1 Gene in Pigs by PCR-RFLP HOU Yong-gang et al
Study on the Wind Erosion Mechanism of Wulanchabu Desert Grasslands in Inner Mongolia LIU Yan-ping et al
Assessment of Climate Productivity of Natural Grassland in the Three Rivers Sources Regions in Qinghai LI Hui-mei
Effects of Genetically Modified Anti-dwarf Mosaic Maize on Some Sub-chronic Toxicity of Rats WU Kai-jin et al
Anaerobic Exercise and Adaption of Fish LIU Ming-jing et al
Application and Development of PCR-DGGE in Aquaculture LING Yun et al
Study on Planting Mode of Farmland on Water and Fish in Water OU Li-jun et al
Diet Conditions and Food Safety Awareness in Rural Areas in Northern Jiangsu TU Bao-jun et al
GC-MS Analysis on Main Components in Roseous Liquid HOU Wen-xin et al
Research on Ultrasonic Extraction Technology of Polysaccharides from Angelica polymorpha Maxim CHU Li-jun et al
Preparation of Gastrodin by Microbial Transformation Method WANG Jun-ling et al
Advances in the Analytical Methods of Citrinin LI Yan et al
Applications of Stratiform Clear-air Echoes LIU Xiao-di et al
Analysis of the Relationship between Low Level Jet and Cyclone Rainstorm Using Wind Profiler Data WU Jun et al
Study on the Format Transformation of Many Access Modes of Agricultural Informatization DONG Su-fen et al
Study on the Swim Direction Monitoring Algorithm of Gold Fish Based on Machine Vision HU Bo et al
Design and Implementation of Decision Support System of Peach Tree Pests and Diseases Based on Web WANG Xing-wang et al
Discussion on the Geographic Information System Course Construction of Agricultural Colleges and Universities NIE Yi-min et al
Application of Texture Analysis Method in Leather Classification ZHU Yan-li et al
Study on the Acquisition and Transmission System of Farmland Information Based on Embedded Web Server WANG Pei-pei et al
Trend Analysis of Environment Economics Academic Research Based on SSCI Database DENG Lin et al
Theoretic Framework of Hainan CGE GUO Qi et al
Study on the Existing Problems and Countermeasures of Urban-rural Coordinate Development in Anhui Province HAO Jing-sheng
Analysis on the Influence of Sugarcane Industry on Increasing Peasant Income in Guangxi WEI Ke-you
Thoughts on the Fund Management of Agricultural Research Projects SHEN Jian-xin et al
Discussion on the Status and Countermeasures of Farmland Circulation in Xiushan County of Chongqing LUO Wen-bao
Discussion on the Evolution Laws and Model of Use Structure of Village and Town Land CHEN Fang et al
Study on Evaluation of Balancing the Urban-rural Land Use in Jiangjin District of Chongqing YIN Qing-hui et al
Theoretical Exploration on "Level of Agricultural Mechanization" and " Level of Agricultural Equipment" WU Xiao-tao
Application of Gray Statistical Assessment in Analysis of Agricultural Commodity Production in the Karst Areas DU Jiang et al
Comparative Analysis of Major Cigarette Enterprise Brands in China ZHANG Qiang et al
Application of RFID Technology in the ERP Design of Agricultural Product Processing Enterprises LI Na et al
Study on Tourism Preference of Residents in Small-medium Cities of Western China ZHANG Wen-lei et al
Discussion on the Evaluating System of Social Responsibility in the Tourism Enterprises Based on AHP SU Zhi-ping
Impact Attributes of Tourism Development on Biodiversity WANG Si-hai et al
Study on the Planning of Cluster-based Scenic Area ZHAI Fu-shun et al
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