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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 安徽省合肥市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 0517-6611
CN: 34-1076/S
YP: 1961
Url: 安徽省农业科学院
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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
2013 -15
Study on Intensive Land Use Based on DPSIR Model——A Case of Rizhao High-tech Industrial Development Zone LI Jin-tao et al
Tourists Satisfaction in Scenic Area Based on ACSI Model with Flower World in Nanning as Example CHEN Wen-jie et al
Effects of Altitude on Kobresia pygmaea Community LIU Xiao-feng
Research Progress of Indispensable Splice Factor SF3a in 17S U2 snRNP LIN Chan-chan
On Chemical Constitutes from Sargassum pallidum XU Fu-quan et al
Study on Bacteriostasis and Anti-oxidation of Polysaccharides from Ophiopholis mirabilis QU Hong-wei et al
Main Metabolic Pathways of Vitamin E MA Qing et al
Enrichment Effects of the Laggera pterodonta on Four Kinds of Heavy Metals(Pb,Cu,Zn and Ni) Inspected by AAS YANG Luan-fang et al
Study on Degradation Abilities of Chlorophytum comosum and Hedera nepalensis on Indoor Formaldehyde Pollution CHEN Jia-ying et al
Study and Construction of the Digital Education Resources Sharing Platform of Botany WU Yu-zhen et al
Improving Innovative Skills for Biology Undergraduates Based on Integrated Experimental Design and Practice HAN Hong-yan et al
Exploration and Practice of Practice Teaching System Reform of Universities/Colleges in Western China——A Case from Practice Teaching Reform in the Major of Biological Technology LI Tian-xing
Variation Characteristics of Ozone over Lhasa in Recent Years YANG Yong et al
Temperature Daily Variation and Influencing Factors in Panzhihua SONG Ming-ming et al
Climatic Characteristics and Its Impact Assessment of Ankang in 2012 WU Ying et al
Uncertainty Evaluation of Aluminium Content in Flour Foods by the Method of ICP-MS XU Mei-zhu et al
Scientific Management of Organic Chemistry Laboratories in Agricultural Universities WAN Zheng-kai et al
The Application of Task-based Approach in In-organic and Analytical Chemistry Course HUANG Sen et al
Study on Peanut Protein Enzymatic Hydrolysis Conditions and Function Characteristics of Enzymatic Hydrolysis Product ZENG He-hua et al
Application of the Diatomite in Soap Removal of the Soybean Oil without Water HAO Yu-zhong et al
Study on Antioxidant Activity of Litsea cubeba Oil and Its Application in Chilled Pork Preservation ZHONG Yan-mei et al
Processing Technology of Instant Mustard REN Wen-bin et al
A Survey on Tea Beverage in Hefei Supermarket BAI Rui et al
Study on Extraction Technology of Resveratrol from Wine Grape Skin Residue in Du'an,Guangxi WANG Biao et al
Functions and Safety of Food Additives YANG Xue-ning
Innovation and Exploration on the Course of Food Machinery and Equipment in Agriculture-Forestry Universities and Colleges WANG Jia-hong et al
Promotion of Innovative Abilities and Practical skills for Teaching in Food Major LIU Yong-ji et al
Tendency and Control Strategy of Agricultural Environmental Pollution in China HAN Qiu-ping et al
The Primary Exploration on the Comprehensive Utilization of Rural Solid Waste in the Urbanization Process KONG De-feng et al
Study on Winter Operation Process of the Surface Flow Constructed Wetland in Tianjin Area QIN Xiao-dan et al
Hydrological Problem during Urbanization Process YUAN Tian-you et al
Variation Characteristics of Heavy Metal Pollution in Water Body along The Bijiang River YI Qi et al
Research of Rural Environmental Pollution Issues in Lvliang City of Shanxi Province ZHANG Jiang-wei et al
Effects of Tourism Population in Rural Sewage Treatment in Southern Anhui Province LI Guang
On Technique of Preparing Silicon-Iron-Peach by Using Rice Husk Ash ZHANG Hui-fang et al
On Eco-environment Effects of Land Use Planning at County Level——A Case Study for Lantian County of Shannxi Province WANG Xiao et al
Structure and Conceptual Model of Karst Groundwater System for Heishui River Basin in Guangxi,China HUANG Chun-yang et al
Poor Regions Climate and Sustainable Land Management——With Youyang County in Chongqing as an Example JIANG Xiao-xiao et al
A Method Measuring of Instantaneous Rotational Speed with High Precision ZHAO Jin-cai et al
Study on the Effect of Hydra polymorphus on the Hatching Performance of Copepod Eggs NING Wan-ru et al
Design and Implementation of an Ecological Engineering Approach to Unban Riverfront Landscape YAO Song
Design and Analysis on Landscape and Planning of Xihu Park in Shenyang City SUN Xiao-yan et al
Planning and Design of Sanya Orchid Garden ZHAO Ming-yuan et al
Framework Construction for Planning and Designing of Tropical Leisure Agricultural Park TONG Jia-min et al
Study on the Teaching of Preliminary Landscape Design Based on Processing Instruction TAN Yi et al
Isolation of Apigenin-7,4'-Dimethylethers from Leaves of Aquilaria Sinensis(Lour.) Gilg by High-Speed Counter-Current Chromatography and Its Scavenging Effect on Nitrite in vitro YANG Mao-xun et al
Effects of Chemical Fractions from Chroogomphus rutilus Fruiting Body on the Proliferation of Human Hepatic Stellate Cells LX-2 and Human Liver Carcinoma Hep G2 Cells ZHU He-ming et al
Study on the Chemical Constituents Isolated from Chryanthemum parthenium MU Shu-zhen et al
Effects of Blood Sample Standing Time on Blood Routine LU Ze-bao et al
Determination of Total Flavonoids in Perfume Lily LI Deng-chang et al
Study on the Chemical Components of Volatile Oils from Tongling Ginger by GC-MS XU Shu-wen et al
Reasons for Reverse Flow of Out-of-date Food and Discussion on the Solutions SHEN Li et al
Research Progress of Land Fragmentation at Home and Abroad SUN Yan
Study on Dynamic Chang of Land Use Based on TM Data with Tongnan County,Chongqing City as Example SU Xin et al
Study on Schedule of Rural Residential Land Consolidation——with Yitong Manchu Autonomous County in Jilin Province as Example ZHANG Yan-jun et al
Research on Comprehensive Evaluation of Land Intensive Use in Guangzhou City WENG Ling-yan et al
Analysis of Regional Differences in the Farmers' Land Use Behaviors HUANG Li-min et al
Rural Construction Land Reclamation Benefit Evaluation WU Tao et al
The Contract Design of BPO Trigger Policy Based on Specific Investment Optimization MA Han-wu et al
On Farmers Income Increasing Potential in Xinjiang TIAN Cong-hua et al
Status and Development Countermeasures of Lily Industry in Wanzai County PAN Qi-hui et al
Implications of Agricultural Development in Foreign Low Latitude Plateau Regions for Yunan Province LUO Yan et al
Recreational Fishery Development Status and Countermeasures of Zhoushan Fishing Ground CHENG Jun et al
On Construction Status of Xinjiang Modern Agricultural Demonstration Parks ZHANG Li-min et al
Analysis on the Rainstorm Weather Process in the Wind Profiler Radar Data in North Qinling Mountains FAN Chao et al
On Village Land Consolidation Potential and Influencing Factors under Rugged Surface Conditions ZHANG Xun et al
On the Government Functions in Promoting Process of Land Scale Management WU Mao-li et al
On Perfecting the Universal Health Insurance System SHAN Ying et al
On Countermeasures for the Improvement of Farmer's Ecological Ethics Consciousness LIU Zhi-yuan et al
The Current Situation,Problems and Countermeasures about Modern Agriculture Construction in Bijie Experimental Area ZHANG Rong-da
Influencing Factors Analysis of Knowledge Sharing in Agricultural Products Supply Chain——A Conceptual Model XU Sheng-ju et al
Teaching Model Exploration of Vocational Edible Fungi Cultivation Based on Production-Study-Research Combination QIAN Shan-qin et al
Diversification Reform and Assessment Evaluation Index System of Garden Plant Disease and Insect Pests Prevention JIA Xue-ping et al
Design and Manufacture of Plow Surface Based on UG DAI You-hua et al
Realizing Rapid Storage and Retrieving of Meteorological Data by Database Technology CHENG Lei
Research on the Ride Comfort of the Multifunctional Harvester PAN Hai-bing et al
On Risk of High and New Technology LV Bing et al
The Property and Subject Classification of Journal of West China Forestry Science LI Yang et al
Development Status and Relevant Suggestions for Organic Agriculture WANG Xiao-xian et al
Migration and Transformation of Nitrogen in Cinnamon Soil and Groundwater Migration of Hebei Plain GAO Tai-zhong et al
Research Progress of Desulfurization Gypsum Saline-Alkali Soil Improvement DONG Yun-lei et al
Difference Analysis of Water Conservation Function of Litter and Soil in Different Forest Types GONG Wen-ming
Analysis of LAI Indirect Measurement Method XIONG Wan-cai et al
Analysis of Common Failures of DZN1 Field Type Automatic Soil Moisture Observation Instrument ZHANG Zhao-chang et al
Design of Combine Harvester Forward Speed Control System LU Yan
Status Investigation and Protection Measures of Rural Drinking Water Resources in Yubei District ZHAO Ji-fang
Effects of Phosphine on the Expression of the Genes Related to the Insecticide Resistance of Sitophilus oryzae LIU Chang et al
GC-MS Analysis of Chemical Components in Leaves of Momordica charantia L.and Its Insect Resistance LI Xiang et al
On Water Insoluble Pesticide Parit Efficacy in Tea Garden of Yibin City,Sichuan Province WANG Chun-mei et al
Predation Effect of Amblyseius barkeri to Tyrophagus putrescentiae WANG Jun-feng et al
Control Effect of Tobacco-leaf Moth Attractant against Lepidopterous Pests in Tobacco Field MA Xue-fang et al
Isolation and Screening Endophytic Fungi with Anti-black-spot Disease Activities XU Ling-ling et al
Effects of Two Herbicides Paraquat and Glyphosate on Microbial Communities of Potato Soil ZHU Hai-xia et al
Control Effect of 200 g/L Kangkuan~(TM) against Corn Borer(Ostrinia furnacalis G.) ZHANG De-fu et al
Control Effect of 5% Lambda-cyhalothrin·Emamectin Benzoate EW against Spodoptera exigua Hubner on Cabbage DONG Xu-yan
Control Effect of 'Zhuangfuxing' on Rape Clubroot Disease HE Ping-an et al
The Importance of Adjusting Wheat Variety Allocation Based on the Freezing Injury in Wheat Spike in 2013 CHEN Ruo-li et al
Investigation of Sulfur Dioxide Concentrations in Vegetables and Risk Assessment XU Wei-xia et al
Application of Insect Attractants in Integrated Pest Management KONG Wei-na et al
Establishment of Tissue Regeneration System of Lolium multiflorum L. ZHENG Ruo-nan et al
Construction of Expression Vector for Candidate Gene of Bacterial Blight Resistance Gene Xa31(t) in Rice ZHAO Chuan-ji et al
Discussion on Soybean South Breeding Process and Field Management Technology XUE Yong-guo et al
The Machinery Transplanting Cultivation Technique for Single Cropping Japonica Rice Zhejing 88 with Yield of 10 500 kg/hm~2 WANG Yi-chun et al
Study on Yield and Quality of Rice and Its Straw in Different Maturity Stage LI Chen-qiong et al
Breeding and Application of A New Maize(Zea mays L.) Hybrid Variety Tongdan 258 GAO Wei et al
Study on Selection and Application of New Type of Matrixes of Flue-cured Tobacco Float-seedling HUANG Shi-wang et al
Research Progress of the Appropriate Number of Remained Leaves for Different Tobacco Varieties LIU Li
Effects of Environmental Temperature on Hybrid Rice Cytoplasmic Male Sterile(CMS) Lines Flowering Habits QUAN Dong-xing et al
Development Situation and Countermeasures of High-quality Rice Production in Guangxi QIN Yan-chun
A Preliminary Report on Wild Resource of Andrographis paniculata in Hainan LI Ming et al
Study on Antioxidant and Nourishing Yin of Aqueous Extract from Dendrobe WANG Dong-mei et al
Effects of Pharmaceutical Treatment on Seed Germination of Chuanmingshen violaceum Sheh et Shen HU Ping et al
Analysis of Effects of Climate Factors on Planting Anoectochilus roxburghii in Libo Karst Forest ZHANG Hong-xia et al
Effects of Different Levels of Nitrogen on Nitrogen Uptake,Yield and Quality of Potato ZHOU Zan-yi et al
Effects of Compound Fertilizer with Different Content of Amino Acid on Growth,Yield and Quality of Flue-cured Tobacco YANG Yong-ji et al
Study of Optimum Fertilizing Amount and Fertilization Technology of High-yield Cultivation of Middle-season Rice WU Jian-ying
The Introduction and Cultivation of Rosa damascene Mill in Modern Greenhouse WANG Guo-wei et al
Analysis on the Contents of Total Volatile Acids and Volatile Bases of Flue-cured Tobacco in Hongda Variety LI Wen-zheng et al
Effects of Different Loading Ways on Flue-cured Tobacco Energy Consumption and Comprehensive Traits LI Qiu-ying et al
Effect of Body and Color on Quality of Tobacco Leaves in Technology Grading ZHAO Man et al
Evaluation on Appearance and Sensory Quality of Flue-cured Tobacco in Chizhou Areas of Anhui Province HU Huan-liang et al
Evaluation of Uncertainty for Determination of Oven Drying Method Testing Water Content of Bagasse in Sugarcane Quality Testing FAN Ye-geng et al
Study on the Relationship between Main Chemical Components and Appearance and Smoking Quality of Flue-cured Tobacco in Yibin City CHEN Li et al
Research on Improving Internal Quality of Tobacco Stem Using Pectinase Treatment GONG Xiao-wei et al
Identification of Phyllospheric and Rhizospheric Methylotrophic Bacteria from Chlorphytum comosum LIANG Li-ying et al
Breeding of A New Hot Pepper(Capsicum annuum L.) Variety Meijiao 299 GU Chao-bing et al
A Preliminary Report on Blueberry Cultivation in Greenhouse in Ningxia CHEN Que-ming et al
Comparative Advantage Measurement of Yicheng Pomegranate and Regional Comparative Analysis ZHAO Hao-yu et al
Study on the Cutting Propagation Experiment on Endemic to Guizhou Camellia kweichowensis Chang HU Guang-ping et al
Study on Quality Characteristics of Soil Element Content in Lingbao Apple Producing Areas SHENG Qi et al
Research Summary of Tolerance of Low-temperature and Low light-intensity on Pepper in Our Country ZHU Chen-xi et al
Effects of Drying Methods on Formaldehyde Content in Fresh Mushrooms ZHANG Feng et al
Determination of Polysaccharide Content in G.frondosa from Two Producing Areas WANG Feng-chun et al
Research Status of Preservation Technology of Leafy Vegetables at Home and Abroad ZHOU Ning et al
The Application of HACCP in Cold-chain Logistics of Broccoli ZHANG Yan-yan et al
The Garden Application of Colorful Plants in Xiamen SONG Zhi-yu
The Introduction and Application of Gazania rigens L. New Variety 'Mini Star White' YANG Hai-qin et al
Study on Community of Rhododendron irroratum Baili Rhododendron Scenic Spot in Guizhou TAO Yun et al
Effects of NaCl Treatment on Antioxidant Enzyme Activity and Bamboo Willow Seedling Root Vigor HAO Shan-shan et al
Carbon Stock and SOC Stability in Soils of Pinus-sylvestris Scattered Grassland in Horqin Sandy Land LIN Bao-zhu et al
Analysis on Survival Status of Ancient and Famous Trees in Weifang City HU Ding-meng et al
Effects of Surrounding Construction Measures on Growth Status of Ancient Trees in Shanghai ZOU Fu-sheng
Research on Comprehensive Evaluation Method and Application of Plant Landscape in College Campus LUO Yong-feng et al
Effects of Human Activities on Forest Vegetation and Climate in the Middle Reach of Yellow River WANG Suo-min et al
Research Progress of piRNAs(PIWI-interacting RNA) on the Poultry SHI Jian-zhou
Measurement on the Concentration of Major Elements in the Serum of Plateau Type of Yak SHENG Ting-zhi et al
Study on the Effects of Chopping Length on the Quality of Corn Silage YE Fang
Study on the Effects of Identifying the Estrus of Holstein Cows during Peak Lactation by Using Pedometer JIANG Xiao-xin et al
Application of Artificial Insemination Technology with Diluted Semen in Lohmann Pink Breeder CAO Jin-yuan et al
Effects of Ketosis on Anti-Oxidative System and NO Content of Holstein Dairy Cows WANG Yin-long et al
Problems and Sustainable Development of Practaculture in Qinghai DING Kai
Influences of Wushisan on the Propulsion Rate of Small Intestine in Mice and Movement Performance of Isolated Jejunum of Rabbit CHEN Shao-hui et al
Study on the Optimization of Culture Conditions for Promoting the Crude Protein Content of Fermentation Corn Straw Substrate and Activity of Relevant Enzymes under the Solid-state Fermentation with Mixed Strain WANG Jian-zhong et al
Study on the Production Performance and Reproductive Performance of Green Goat in Southwestern Shandong Province JIANG Hui-min
Inducements Analysis and Control of the Non-diapause Silkworm Eggs Occurrence on the Spring Original Species Yuncan 8 A×B YANG Ji-fen et al
Study on the Disease Prevention and Growth-promoting Effects of Chinese Herbal Additives on Porcupine WANG Yu-xia et al
The Biodiversity of Fish and Protection Measures of Yumenkou to Sanmenxia in Mainstream of Yellow River CHEN Yuan-yuan
Effects of Garlic on Early Growth and Development of Mactra veneriformis GUO Wen-xue et al
Component and Diversity of Fishes in the Fishery Water of Upper Reaches of the Huangpu River HONG Bo et al
Study on Antiproliferative Activity of Ruditapes philippinarum Hydrolysate on Human Prostate Cancer DU-145 Cell LI Lian-jun et al
Study on the Optimization of Extraction of Polysaccharides from Enteromorpha prolifera by Response Surface Methodology HU Zhang et al
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