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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 安徽省合肥市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 0517-6611
CN: 34-1076/S
YP: 1961
Url: 安徽省农业科学院
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Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences
2019 -06
Mapping Knowledge Domains of the Patent Information of Pseudostellaria heterophylla ZHANG Yan-da;PAN Hui-qing;LIN He-gui;Fujian Beidi Pharmaceutical Co.
Discussion on the Function and Method of Accounting in the Reform of Rural Collective Property Rights System JIANG Ya-qin;LUO Hua-wei;College of Management
SCP Paradigm Analysis of Rural Financial Market in China——Taking Agricultural Bank of China as an Example LI Peng-yan;XU Wen-xiu;School of Humanities
Study on Difficulties and Countermeasures of the Development of Electronic Commerce in Wuling Mountain Area——Taking Mayang in Huaihua of Hunan Province as the Investigation Object ZHENG Dai-liang;PENG Bi-wang;LI An-xiong;College of Law and Public Administration
Analysis on Pests Intercepted from Imported Mineral Products at Nationwide Ports during 2008-2017 LI Jin-qing;WANG Ying;HE Li-na;Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center of Yantai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau;Penglai Inspection and Quarantine Integrated Technical Service Center;
Study on the Upgrading of Rural Tourism in Tianjin under the Background of Socialism New Rural Construction——Based on 216 Consumer Questionnaires in Tianjin TANG Wei-hong;College of Economics and Management
Research and Development Proposal of Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Industry ZHANG Jian;YANG Li;SUN Fu-chun;Mechanical Engineering College of Chengdu University;Chengdu Agricultural College;
Sustainable Development Path of Rural Ecological Migrants in Ethnic Poverty-stricken AreasTaking Zhala——Village in Zayu County of Tibet for Example LIU Xiao-hong;School of Public and Administrstion
Beautiful Rural Construction under the Background of Rural Revitalization——Taking Huzhou as an Example HOU Zi-feng;College of Marxism
Study on the Normalization Development of Specialized Farmers Cooperatives from the Perspective of Standardization WANG Cong;ZHAO Fang-hui;TIAN Yu-jing;Beijing Research Institute of Commercial Machinery
Comparative Study on the Quality Difference of the Construction and Supplementary Cultivated Land in the Cultivated Land Requisition-compensation Balance——Taking Nine Projects in the Three Northeast Provinces as Example WANG Da-peng;JIANG Xin-yi;YU Miao;Liaoning Natural Resources Affair Service Center;College of Land and Environment
Analysis of the Prime Farmland Demarcated of Cultivated Land Connectivity WU Wen-di;ZHANG Yong-fu;College of Resource and Environment Sciences
The Exploration on the Development of Leisure Agriculture in Low Mountain and Hilly Areas of Yuzhong County XU Sheng-fang;SHANG Ming-rui;School of Management
Exploration of Land Consolidation Model under the Background of Ecological Civilization—A Case Study of Gutian County in Fujian Province HUANG Jing-jing;Fujian Geological Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Service Center;
Poverty Alleviation Mode of Characteristic Industries in Hefeng Prefecture of Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province——Taking Three Poor Villages as Examples CHEN Shi-yao;GE Chang-qing;GUO Mei-yu;School of Foreign Languages
Selection of Vertical Cooperation Form and Influencing Factors of Pig Farmers——Taking Changji Prefecture,Xinjiang for Example REN Li-mei;YANG Hong;School of Economics and Business
An Efficient Calculating Method of Cultivated Land Quality Grade LIU Jing-tao;CHEN Liang;HE Fei;Land Consolidation Center
Study on the Tea Quality Traceability System Based on SaaS MAO Lin;CHENG Wei-li;XIA Wei-wei;Jiangsu Agri-animal Husbandry Vocational College;
Research on the Coupling Relationship between Developing Organic Agriculture and Ecological Civilization Construction WANG Sheng-nan;ZHANG Li-hua;XU Xiu-juan;Nanjing Agricultural University;Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences;
The Current Situation of Rural Human Settlements and Suggestions ZHANG Rong-bin;WANG Hua;MAO Jian;School of Law
Establishment and Management of Electronic Records in Basic Agricultural Institutions ZUO Yong-mei;LI Hai-shan;SONG Shi-jia;Institute of Coastal Agriculture
Application of Flipping Classroom Teaching Method in the Teaching of Food Testing Technology Course CHE Yu-hong;College of Landscape Science and Technology
Comparative Study on the Internet of Things in Tomato Greenhouse Production LEI Na;CHEN Bai-jie;LIU Zhi-yang;Harbin Academy of Agricultural Sciences;
Practice and Thoughts on the Talent Training Mode of Order Class in School-enterprise Cooperation in Higher Vocational Colleges——Taking Green Food Production and Inspection Specialty of Chuzhou Vocational and Technical College as an Example XIE Xiao-hua;XIAO Lu-fei;AN Xiao-ting;Department of Food and Environmental Engineering
Research Progress of the New Immunopotentiator CpG ODN XU Ning;DU Rui;LI Jian-ming;Jilin Agricultural University;
Advances in Pharmacological Effects of Ginsenoside Re on Cardiovascular System TIAN Jing;REN Yu-he;LIU Shu-ying;Jilin Ginseng Academy
Research on Extraction Conditions of Quercetin in Gansu Pill LUO Qian;SUN Yan-xia;ZHAO Biao;College of Pharmaceutical and Biological Engineering
Comparison of Nutritional Components and Amino Acid Composition in the Muscles of Grass Carp under Different Pond Culture Models ZHANG Ai-fang;ZHANG Hai-xin;XIAO Jun;Jiangxi Fisheries Research Institute;
Research Harnessing of Rodent Damage on the Effect of Production and Plant Community in Degraded Grassland FEI Ying-xia;ZHAO Jian-zhong;LU Guang-xin;The Grassland Station in Haixi County;The Qinghai Center of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Project Management;Qinghai University Agriculture and Animal Husbandry College;
Effects of Different Stocking Age and Sex on Slaughter Performance of Tibetan Pigs YANG Qiong;LIU Jin-yuan;ZHANG Shun-hua;Chengdu Agricultural College;Sichuan Animal Science Academy;College of Animal Science and Technology
Study on the Clinical Application Effects of Different Yeast Preparations on Weaned Lambs XU Guo-yang;FU Li-zhi;XU Deng-feng;Chongqing Academy of Science and Technology;
Study on the Environmental Control Model of Indoor Climate for Relieving the Stress of Weaned Piglets MA Yong;LI Ning;YAN Jun;Tianjin Animal Science and Veterinary Research Institute;Tianjin Technology Engineering Center of Livestock and Poultry Healthy Husbandry;
Research Progress on Bioactive Substance in Acer truncatum Leaves BAI Xue;LI Xiao-ying;QIU Zong-hai;College of Ecology and Soil Conservation
Character Variation of Progeny Seedlings of Superior Trees of Different Heritiera littoralis Provenances LIU De-hao;ZHENG Zhou-xiang;LIAO Wen-li;Huizhou Institute of Forestry;School of Life Science
Study on Biomass and Productivity of Medium and Large Diameter Timber of 15-Year-Old Eucalyptus Plantation SHI Fu-jun;QING Li-qun;WU Min;Nanning Liangfengjiang National Forest Park;Nanning Wood Park;
Research Progress of Introduction Adaptability of Woody Color-leafed Plants GONG Xue-mei;Department of Biochemical Engineering
Study on Grape Rain-shelter Cultural Techniques in Fuling of Three Gorges Reservoir Area CHENG Jian-hui;HUANG Li;SONG Ming-hua;Institute of Horticulture
Current Situation of Research, Development and Utilization of Medicinal and Food Cognate Thalictyum squarrosum BI Hong-yan;Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture;
Accumulation Dynamics of Cyanidin during Bubil Development of Lilium Lancifolium ZHANG Li-ping;ZHANG Ke;TANG Nan;Plateau Flower Research Center of Qinghai University
Effects of Different Suspending Heights of Yellow Sticky Trap on Pest-natural Enemy Ecosystem in Protected Cucumber XING Kun;CAO Jun-yu;ZHAO Fei;Institute of Plant Protection
Screening and Field Control Experiments of Different Complex Formulations of Amitraz and Cyantraniliprole to Control Diaphorina citri Kuwayama SUN Yang;XIE Xiu-ting;QIN Wen-jing;The Institute of Plant Protection
Comprehensive Evaluation on Honey Pomelo Garden Soil Fertility Status of Honey Pomelo Planting Areas in Pinghe SHEN Yan-hui;LIU Wen-long;WANG Huai-li;Kingenta Ecological Engineering Group Co.
Determination and Comparison of Mineral Elements in Some Wild Letinous edodes from Different Regions of China GUO Rui;LIU Xiao-yuan;YU Zheng-yong;College of Pharmacy and Chemistry
Study on Heat Insulation Mode of Steel Frame Shed Based on Heat Storage Wall and Interior Thermal Insulation SHAO He-ping;ZHANG Ning-ning;GUI Yong-wu;Nanjing Institute of Agricultural Sciences;
Reaserach on Mathematical Model of High Yield Cultivation for New Potato Variety Zhaoshu No.6 HU Zuo;PU Chun;ZHANG Qing-feng;Zhaotong Academy of Agricultural Sciences;
Research Progress of Different Plant-panicle Types of Rice Varieties DANG Shu;ZHANG Zhen-yu;CHEN Dian-yuan;Jilin Agriculture Science and Technology College;
Research Progress of Male Sterile Line of Medicago sativa JIN Xue-ping;CHEN Cai-jin;YANG Zhi-ke;Guyuan Branch of Ningxia Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences;
Differences in Heavy Metal and Selenium Content in Tobacco Leaves of Different Flue-cured Tobacco SHI Bao-feng;ZHANG De-ping;LIANG Qiong-yue;Hezhou Branch of Guangxi Tobacco Corporation;College of Agronomy
Genetic Variation and Correlation Analysis of Main Agronomic Traits in Hybrid Offspring of Glutinous×Non-glutinous CHEN Jiao;GAN Lu;LUO Lan;Chongqing Engineering Research Center of Specialty Crop Resource
Effects of Different Cropping Systems on Soil Fertility and Flue-cured Tobacco Quality DENG Jia-qiang;CHEN Juan;DENG Quan;Liangshan Branch of Sichuan Tobacco Corporation;
Study on Spinning Fine-count Yarn of New High-quality Sea-island Cotton Varieties (Lines) in Xinjiang BAI Yu-lin;SONG Jun-yan;ZHANG Sheng;Xinjiang Esquel Textile Co.
Effects of Density and Spacing Pattern on Population Quality and Grain Yield in Wide Uniform Planting of Wheat ZHOU Na-na;WANG Fei;XU Nian-long;Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Reclamation and Development Corporation-Modern Agricultural Research Institute;
Comparative Study on New Lines of Millets in Yulin City JING Miao;QIANG Yu-zhu;WANG Cai-lan;Yulin Academy of Agricultural Sciences;
Identification of Salt Tolerance and Screening of Salt Tolerant Varieties of Soybean Germplasm at Germination Stage GUO Xiu-xiu;LI Zhao-jun;FAN Shou-jin;Shandong Normal University;Shandong Center of Crop Germplasm Resources;
Optimization of Ganoderma lucidum Substrate Suitable for Cultivation with Tea Branches HE Wang-xing;SHI Xu-ping;HU Jia;Jiangxi Sericulture and Tea Research Institute;Institute of Applied Agricultural Microorganism
Study on Wild Dendrobium officinale Resources in Longhu Mountain Based on ITS2 Bar Code SONG Jian-bo;ZHOU Song-song;YANG Kun;College of Science
Effects of Slow/Controlled-Release Fertilizer on Agronomic Traits,Yield and Quality of Peanut ZHENG Guo-dong;HUANG Jin-tang;GONG Shen;Putian Institute of Agriculture Science in Fujian;
Study on the Combined Application of Organic Fertilizer and Chemical Fertilizer in Waxy Corn ZHOU Fei;GUO Yong-li;YU Ying;Industrial Crops Institute
Study on Biological and Germination Characteristics of the Seed of Salvia yunnanensis C.H.Wright YANG Yan-juan;CHEN Guang-ming;ZI Fu-yi;Yunnan Xinxing Occupations Institute;
Control Effects and Field Application of Different Dispersal Times of Aphidius gifuensis on Myzus persicae AN Ran;FAN Cai-yin;ZHAN Liang;Changning Tobacco Monopoly Administration;
Identification of Physiological Races of Setosphaeria turcica and Disease Resistance of Fresh-eating Corn to Northern Corn Leaf Blight in Qiqihar Region JIANG Wan-yi;LIU Jin-xin;WANG Rui-ting;Agricultural College
Application Effects of Aphidius gifuensis Ashmead in Sanmenxia Tobacco Production WANG Jun;ZHANG Zhao-yang;WANG Song-ling;Lingbao City Company
Determination of Chlorpyrifos and Fenitrothion Pesticide Residues in Rice Flour by Gas Chromatography FU Li-min;Guangdong Huizhou Quanlity and Measuring Supervision Testing Institute;
Optimization and Improvement of Cation Exchange Capacity Method in Agricultural Soils LI Long-fei;LI Xing;LI Yong-li;Hebei Provincial Geological Experiment Test Center;
Insect-proof Effect of Mechanical Nitrogen-filled Nitrogen on Different Lining Tobacco Leaves XIAO Guang-wei;HU Jian-xin;CHEN Hao;Hubei Tobacco Industry Co.
Development Status and Trends of High Efficiency and High Quality Drying Key Technology for Grain Drying Machine HE Chang-jiao;PAN Jia-bao;Anhui Guwang Drying Machinery Co.Ltd.
Effects of Glyphosate on Embryonic Development in Xenopus tropicalis LIU A-mei;LIN Zi;XU Man;College of Life and Environmental Science
Structure of Insect Communities and Population Dynamic of Dominant Species in Corn Fields in Guizhou YANG Chang-li;LIU Fang;SU Li;Institute of Entomology
The Aesthetic Evaluation of Plant Landscape in Sponge City——A Case Study of Suining City LIANG Wen;HOU Lan-gong;Southwest University of Science and Technology;
The Role of Chinese Traditional Culture in Landscape Garden——Taking Water Landscape as an Example Lü Fu-xia;MA Guo-xing;DU Yan;Beijing Key Laboratory of Urban Underground Space Engineering
Analysis and Countermeasures of Rural Compostable Waste Reduction and Reuse Pilots——A Case of Zhejiang YANG Yi-fan;LI Yu-ru;KONG Chao-yang;Environmental Science Research and Design Institute of Zhejiang Province;Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Zhejiang Province;
Evaluation on Copper Pollution in Nanjishan Wetland Reserve of Poyang Lake MA Dan-dan;College of Nursing
Effects of Different Remediation Measures on Treatment Effect and Soil Physical and Chemical Properties of Arsenic Contaminated Soil BU Qing-guo;LI Zhao-hui;ZHANG Jiao;CECEP Environmental Proection Equipment Co.
Protection of Peanut Leaf Extract on Lipase Activity Induced by Electron Beam Irradiation CHEN Long-xiang;YU Guo-wen;China-Mazambique Agriculture Demonstration Center;
Preparation Process of High-Quality Jiuqu and Vigor Evaluation of Jiuqu ZHANG Cui-cui;GUO Bo;CHEN Ya-xuan;School of Biological Science and Engineering
Study on the Processing Techniques of Matcha Egg-yolk Puff CHENG Hua-ping;ZHENG Xiao-he;LI Cui-hong;Institute of Agricultural Products Processing
Study on the Processing Technology of Yam Bread XU Jun-qi;WANG Chong;XIE Chun-qin;Department of Technology of Tea and Food Science
Rapid Mass Spectrometric Analysis and Quality Control of 16 Rare Earth Elements in Broadleaf holly Leaf YU Yi-fei;HUANG Li;College of Light Industry and Food Engineering
Comparison of Soluble Non-starch Polysaccharide Content of Several Common Cereals ZHANG Hui;PENG Cai-tun;SHI Ru-ru;School of Biology and Pharmaceutical Engineering
Study on Evaluating System of Fresh Tobacco Appearance Quality in Chizhou Tobacco-planted Area ZHANG Yun-rui;WANG Wen-jie;TANG Jing-xiang;Chizhou Tobacco Company of Anhui;Tobacco Research Institute
Characteristics of the Highest and Lowest Temperature Changes in Jinan in 67 Years WANG Jin-xia;Jinan City Meteorological Bureau;
Medicinal Resources of Labiatae in Zhejiang Tiantong Forest Park YU Xiao-yan;ZHONG Wei-hong;TAO Qian;Zhejiang Pharmaceutical College;Chengdu University of TCM;
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