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Beijing Agriculture  
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 北京市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1000-6966
CN: 11-2222/S
YP: 1981
Url: 北京市农业技术推广站
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Beijing Agriculture  
2011 -09
Smad7 Protein Research Zhang Zijing Chai Yanan
Soil Fertility Declining and Solutions Liu Zhilong Gao Minggang
China's Weather Economic Situation and Future Prospects Chen Jiuling
Computer Technology Applications in Meteorology Tan Huahong
Kazuo Xian House Bird Survey Sub Mountain Nature Reserve Liu Chaohui
The Impact Factor Restricting Agricultural Modernization and Countermeasures Cheng Ziteng
The Technology Discusson of Extraction for Coal and CBM in Southern Qinshui Basin Xue Xiaohui Zhou Longgang Zhang Jianhui Hu Lin
The Management of New Land Reclamation Chen Guowen
Determination of Melamine in Milk Products with HPLC Chen Chuifeng
Gas Chromatography to Determinate Pesticide Residues in Edible Zhang Xiaoyan Sun Minjie Liu Dan Wen Jian
Veterinary Health Inspection in the Process of Slaughter Chen Guomin
Kombucha Research Yao Jianqing
large-scale livestock and poultry of the environmental impact of waste Zhu Yu
Dongting Lake Aquatic Biological Monitoring Method for the Initial System Rao Jianping
The Multi-level Transmission in Gear Selection and Allocation of Transmission Ratio Zou Ying Zou Jian
Common Problems in Automobile and Tractor Repairation in Guangxi Province Huang Qingliang
Water Reform Initiatives of Pingquan County Song Peng
Small-scale Water Conservancy Projects in the Important Role of Agricultural Production Zhang Jianbo
Water Conservancy Building Management Innovation Peng Jun
Analysis of Water Quality Control of Concrete Li Peng
Problems and Strategy and Solution in Water Conservancy Project Xin Hui
Effective Water Conservancy Construction Management Strategy Zhai Kai
Discussion about Water Conservancy Construction of Guiyang Li Bo
Termite Control Measure Xiao Qingwu He Changwu
The Role of the Modern Garden Water Project and the Characteristics Huang Junying
The Landscape Stone Art of "Baishou Stone Fate" Fu Qiang
Ecological Concepts in the Urban Landscape Project Liu Couqun
Configuration and Maintenance of Landscape Plant Management Yu Renfei
Exploration of the Capacity Management Experience of Shenzhen International Garden and Flower Exposition Park Wen Jiahao Zou Zhuohui Liao Liang
Talking about the Measures of Landscaping Construction Quality Control Li Yuemao
Ecological planning of urban green status and trends of development Wang Kai Han Yuanyu
Use Solid Waste to Produce Commercial Mortar Chen Haihong
Water Supply Network Oasis Project in Ganquan County of Shanxi of Polyethylene(PE) Construction of Water Supply Technology and Quality Control Bian Feng Wei Qingmin Yan Huzhong
Linyi County Agricultural Extension System on the Reform and Construction Work Liu Guangfang Zhao Shili Liu Jiyin
Practice and Reflection about Land Transfer of Chongfu Town,Tongxiang City Song Xuelin
Primary Agricultural Machinery Management and Service System to Speed up the Construction Luo Binglan
Inheritance of "Red Spirit" to Strengthen the Party's Ideological Wang Yan
Research of Restricting the Agricultural Industrialization and Its Counter-measures in Hunan Province Wu Xiaoping Zhuwen
Issue of Rural Wasteland Xu Huaxing Xu Xiaoqing
Research on Construction of the Supply Chain Vegetable Base Structure in Other Province of Beijing Wu Baoqin He Yuzhu Liang Na
New Rural Construction Tourism Agriculture Development Liao Juan Ai Huili Wang Ying
Current Status of Urban Agriculture in Beijing and Suggestions on Its Construction Miao Runlian Wei-Xiaochuan Zhang Hong
Current Situation and Development Strategies for Actinidia Deliciosa in Leye County of Guangxi Liao Guixi
Feature Extraction for the Stored-grain Insect based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm Algorithm Zhou Wei Huang Lingxiao Jing Gangshan
Walnut Industrial Development Prospect of Malipo County of Yuna Province Walnut Industrial Development Prospect of Malipo County of Yuna Province Xu Zhifu
Speed up the Development of Industry of Caixi Orange Huang Jing
Research on the Development of Vegetable Seeds in Liaoning Yuan Linlin
Hongta District of Yuxi City Agriculture Organization of the Modern Management Model of Tobacco Duan Shaoyun Zhang Cuiping Shi Yichen Zhang Wenrong
Ensure the Upper Level of Cigarette Raw Materials of Liaoning Province Ma Xin Kong Lingjun Duan Jingdong Zou Chunyan Fan Dagang Zhu Ping Qiu Baoping
Thinking on Build Zouping Livestock Standardization Breeding Zhao Shoushan Sun Hongxia Chen Shouliang
Chinese national key protected wild plants Malipo with Plants Gan Dengming
Report on Forestry Development of Fengrun Area Han Chunsheng
Status and Prospects of Forestry Fengrun Area Han Chunsheng
Reconstruction of Cheap Poplar Forest and the Benefit Analysis in Yongmao Wang Fu Xu Chunli
Insurance Work Undertaken Significant Forest Liu Hongli
Strengthen Ecological Construction Projects to Ensure the Smooth Implementation of the Natural Forest Protection Project You Yinghao
Returning Farmland to Forestry Innovative Management and Protection Mechanism of Pengyang County of Nixia Zhang Buchun
Status and Suggestions of the Seed Industry on the Financial Statements Song Li
The Latest Virtual Plant Development and Application Li Shuang
Study on Water Conservancy Construction Project Budget Control Wang Haitao
Improve the Agricultural Service System to Promote Agricultural Development Liu Xuejiang
Promotion of Agricultural Machinery Technology Bai Yanmei
Suggestions on Strengthening Rural Water Quality Management Yu Enkai
Thinking on "120 Million Hectares of Arable Land Red Line" Rao Xuyong
The Problem of Industrialization of Agricultural Leading Enterprises Zhang Haifang
Agricultural Product Quality Safety System Li Chunhua Xu Ming
Cultivated Area Change and the Reasons of Qiqihar in Heilongjiang Zhang Youzhi
Implemente of Agricultural Standardization Enhance the Standardization of the Effectiveness of Agricultural Development Zhang Xiu
Put crop seeds business on Record Zhao Ke
Accelerate the Development of Modern Agriculture Land Transfer Problems An Baiguo An Jing Bo Xianmei
Brief Talk on the Agricultural School Education and Training of Farmers Guo Yajuan
Shangri-La Tobacco Production Survey Report He Shukang Yang Xiuzhi
Injury Control Measures and Safety of Agricultural Products Cai Shujie
A Brief Analysis on the Right to Silence in China Qiu Birong
Yuechi Farmer Cooperatives Problems and Development Proposals Yang Wenzhu
Notes for Farmers to Buy Seeds Xu Minggui
The Countermeasure to Mediate Liaoning Collective Forest Rights Disputes Problems Wang Libo
Brief Talk on the Issue of Rural Development Fan Ying
Actively Popularization and Application of New Fertilizers for Promoting the Healthy Development of Modern Urban Agriculture Zhao Yongzhi Wu Wenqiang Li Xujun
Study on Pricking Cave Mechanism of Liquid Variable Fertifilizer SUN Juntao Sun Zhaopeng
Natural Restoration of Ecological Landscape Loess Soil Reasonable and Effective Protection and Industrial Development Shi Zhiqiang Ma Sanbao Shi Suiping
The Relationship Between Soil and Water Conservation and Ecological Environment Construction Wei Hua
From Monitor Perspective to Understand the Proper Application of Soil and Water Conservation Function Lin Di Ning Wenjia Zhang Yanhui
The Integration Among Pig and Biogas Residue and Vegetable and Aquaculture for Development of Environmental Health Zhou Gangxian
Brief Talk on the Design of Irrigation and Branch Canal Yi Yanmei
The Design And Notes of Gravity Drip Irrigation Yang Jihui
Comprehensive Development and Utilization of Crop Straw Technical Tong ShengYin
Problems and Solutions in the Conservation Tillage Technique Extension Process Wang Ruihua
Crop Cultivation Techniques of Drought Luo Yuxin
Environmental Hormone Dichlorvos on Toad Tadpoles of Micronucleus Zhang Weijian
Winter Wheat Antifreeze Techniques in Northern Area Zhang Shaowei
Corn Planting and Related Pest Control Strategies Qu Yuanli
Soybean Planting and Pest Guan Hongying
Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus Integrated Control Technology Liu Xiuhong
Rapid Detection of Pesticide Residues in Vegetables Commonly Relatively Technology Meng Dibing
The Main Pests and Control Techniques Of Pepper Panxian area Pepper He Furong
Major Pests Control Techniques of Wolfberry Lu Jia
Analysis of Reasons and Prevention Measures of the Decomposition of Lentinus edodes Berk.Stick Wang Jincheng Huang Jingzhi Liang Shuang Yang Chunhua Xu Shulian
Occurrence and Control Methods of Sophora Japonica Looper in Xinxiang City Han Yuanyu
Northern Plains Mode of Pests and Diseases of Fruit Trees in Winter Yang Huilin
Forest Management Technology and Poplar Longhorned Beetle Wang Guoli Zhang Jie
Forest Fire Prevention Measures Dai Xingxiang
How to Strengthen the Forest Fire Prevention Measures under the New Situation Zhang Rong Gong Rongmei
Strengthen to Prevent Forest Biological Disasters Management Ma Qingfeng
Poplar Longicorn Control of North of Anhui Wu Xuequn
Brief Talk on Prevention and Control of Natural Pest Lin Xuefang
Study on the Inhibition of Potato Polyphenol Oxidase Zhao Ming Liu Fan
Corn Plant Technology Li Hongbo
Hybrid Rice New Combine Introduction Experiment Deng Changlong
Analysis of Organic Rice Cultivation Technology Xie Shengming
The Relationship between Sweet Sorghum and the Main Stem Li Jinfeng
Mid-level Corn Yield Cultivation Techniques Li Xiaoxing
The Advantages of Drip Irrigation and the Effect of Increasing Cotton Production Wu Shuangjian
Demonstration of New Varieties of Hybrid Rice Yang Li
High Quality and High Yield Cotton Cultivation Techniques Shi Shuwang
KC-8 High-Yield Cultivation Techniques Tang Junpeng
Measures of Pollution-free Potato Cultivation Technology in Zhenxiong County of Yunnan Province Li Yide
Effect of Cotton Fiber Quality Genes Yang Zhengshu
2010 Wheat Seed Dressing Test Report in Hotan County Wei Jianjun Hu Zongxiao Xiong Yanyan Zhang Kejun
Application of Soil Conditioner on Physical Drought Resistance Measures of Wheat Zhang Jiyue Wei Xintian
The Application of Soil Fertility Improvement in Tobacco Farming Cai Shengying
Analyze the Factors Which Determine the Wheat Hardness Index Teng Xiaohong
Cordate Houttuynia Literature Review Shi Yuegui
Promotion of Rainfed Agriculture Promoting Rural Economic Development Fan Zhaokun
The Comparison Experiment of Growth and Production Infections for Zaojiang 35 by Using Seeds Treatment Technology of Plasma Zhang Yanbin Wang Wenguo
Alpine-season Vegetable Suitable Varieties Cultivation and Planting Techniques Zhao Xiwang
Southern Vegetable Research on production Technology and Supporting Measures Li Meiping
Early Spring Tomato Planting and Management Zhang Xusheng
Biennial Bearing Reasons of Caopu-longan and Overcoming Technical Measures Liu Fufang Chen Weibiao Lai Hanlong
Grafting Cucumber Common Problems and Solutions Xin Mei Huang Baixiang
Cultural Technology of Lentinus edodes Berk.in Forests in Summer Liu Ruimei Zong Haiming Yang Chunhua Cui Liangman Huang Huiling Xu Shulian
Yacon Nutrition Health Care and the Development Prospects Xie Xinmin Feng Ting
Mushroom Cultivation of woodland in Summer Li Shouzhu
Prunusdulcis High-quality and Yield Cultivation Demonstration Wang Congmei
Continuous to Improve "Fruit and Vegetable Cultivation" Teaching Yu Meiling
Spirit of the Different Fruit on a Small Seedless Watermelon Fruit Setting Capacity,Output and Quality Mu Shengqi Zeng Jianbo Chen Yanli
Fertilizer Pollution of Chestnut Yang Guangyu
Microbial Organic Fertilizer Application on Cucumber Qin Yingkui Gao Jun Li Hongxia
Floribunda Roses Cold Winter Test in Shenyang Area Guo Wei Ma Li
Post-harvest Processing Cut Flowers Technology Yang Wei
Northern Lawn Maintenance and Management Technology in Spring Shang Yugong
The innumerable Mountain Orchard Three-dimensional Ecological Nursing Technology and Effect Wu Guorong
Walnut Orchard Yield Points Cheng Jihui
Malipo Wild Magnoliaceae Plant Resources and Protection Zeng Yan
Deconstruction of Urban Landscape in the Rural Landscape Fu Qiang
Local Tree Species Should Be Spread in Urban Greening in Yanan City of Shanxi Province Cao Huifang
Brief Talk ON Forestry Management of Suiyang Kuankuoshui Nature Reserves in Guizhou Province Wang Liqiang
Study on the Resources of Shrub Species in Guandi Mountain Forest Area Han Jianming
Identification of Illegal Logging,Deforestation Cases in Cutting Area and the Contrast Application Research Su Wanjun
Pine Seedling Management Technology Yuan Jian Wang Zhenping
The Shift Planting Management of Main Technical of Trees Qiu Taiping
Camphor Tree Transplantation and Conservation Measures
Longmen Scenic Area and Prospects of Digital Construction Yang Wuwei Li Yingwu Fan Zhiguo
Drug Residue Detection Methods Chen Dan
Broiler Strains of High-quality Training and New Product Development Wang Fangfang
Promote Scientific Farming Income Mao Suhua Wang Bao
Problems and Suggestions of Animal Slaughter and Quarantine Cheng Ruiyun
Rural Veterinary Problems and Related Countermeasures Hao Baowang Rong Lingren
Determination and Assessment of Livestock and Poultry Heterosis Analysis Jiang Yunying
Brief Talk On the Large-scale Pig Farms Swine Fever,Swine Pseudorabies Integrated Prevention and Control and Purification Lv Dekun
Diagnosis and Treatment of Stephanurosis of Swine Jiang Fulong
Xingguo Red Carp and Scattered Mirror Carp Pure Breeding Meng Yanfei Wei Mulan
Prevention and Treatment of Common Channel Catfish Diseases Lu Lunwen
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