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Southwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences
FQ: 双月
AD of Publication: 四川省成都市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1001-4829
CN: 51-1213/S
YP: 1982
Url: 四川;云南;贵州;广西;西藏及重庆省(区;市)农科院
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Southwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences
2016 -02
Screening and Identification of Aerobic Degradation Bacteria in Kitchen Waste ZHENG Xu;CHEN Ze-bin;XIA Ti-yuan;HUANG He-ping;YIN Li-xin;JIN Song;YIN Li-fang;WANG Hai-yan;YANG Li-hua;HUANG Qing-feng;Agriculture College
Spatial-temporal Variation of Vegetation Coverage in Jiangsu Province from 2000 to 2013 XU Yong;XI Yan-tao;LIU Xin-ting;School of Resources and Geosciences
Cloning and Expression of Membrane Protein p56 Gene of Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae and Its Identification of Reactogenicity CHEN Cheng;QIAO Jun;MENG Qing-ling;LIU Tian-li;HU Zheng-xiang;MA Yu;CAI Xue-peng;CHEN Chuang-fu;Department of Animal Science And Technology
Absorption Capacity and Removal Contribution of Wetland Plants to Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Eutrophic Water Body WEI Xiao-song;XIA Pin-hua;YUAN Guo;LIU Yan;LI Zhen-ji;Guizhou Key Laboratory for Mountainous Environmental Information and Ecological Protection
Study on Ecological Characteristics and Capacity of Carrying Cadmium and Lead in Wild Datura stramonium YANG Hai-tao;LU Bing-kun;MIAO Li-juan;YANG Su-qin;WEI Gao-sheng;ZHANG Xin-chao;ZHANG Biao;College of Resources and Environment
Antibacterial Activities of Wood Vinegar from Agricultural and Forestry Wastes Dry Distillation Products DUAN Xiao-ling;WANG Hai-ying;LIU Zhi-ming;FENG Chen;CUI Ying;College of Forestry
Occurrence of Black Water in Cut-over Areas of Eucalyptus Plantation and Its Effect on Fish YANG Gai-ren;YU Jing-rui;SU Xiao-lin;WANG Guan;CHEN You-wen;CHEN Gui-jin;Forestry College of Guangxi University;Gaofeng State-owned Forest Farm of Guangxi;
Spatial Distribution of Soil Heat Capacity under Different Land-use Managements in Guilin GAN Lei;TAO Huan-zhuang;ZHANG Jing-ju;MA Rui;ZHANG Zhong-bin;Guangxi Collaborative Innovation Center for Water Pollution Control and Water Safety in Karst Area
Analysis of Rice CMS Line Genotypes for fgr and Blast Resistance Gene by HRM-based Functional Marker WANG Ping;BAI Yu-lu;WANG Min-xia;LUO Wen-long;ZHANG Zhi-yong;PU Zhi-gang;XIANG Yue-wu;CHEN Zhi-qiang;ZHANG Zhi-xiong;Institute of Biotechnology and Nuclear Technology
Effects of Different Years of Cassava Rotation on Soil Disease Suppression in High Incidence Banana Plantations LIU Hong-juan;HUANG Jie;LIU Zi-fan;RUAN Yun-ze;YANG Jin-ming;College of Agronomy
Genetic Damage of Root Tip Cells of Vicia faba Induced by Volatile Oil from Chenopodium ambrosioides via Volatilization WANG Yu;HU Wan-jun;WANG Ya-nan;ZHANG Hong;MA Dan-wei;College of Life Science
Effect of Different Physiological Races of Rice Blast Fungus on Rice Yield Traits CHEN Jing;YI Jun;JIANG Fen;LIANG Jie;HU Yun-gao;School of Life Science and Engineering
Preliminary Study on Resistance of Wild Elymus nutans to Ergot in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau CHEN Shi-yong;MA Xiao;ZHANG Xin-quan;ZHU Yong-qun;College of Life Science and Technology
Analysis on Combining Ability and Genetic Parameters of Resistance to Southern Corn Rust of Maize Inbred Lines DU Qing;LV Ju-zhi;CHENG Wei-dong;LI Shi-chu;TANG Zhao-lei;WANG Yu-ping;Maize Research Institute
Identification of Resistance of Processing Tomato Founder Inbred Lines to Cladosporium fulvum and Molecular Screening for Cf-9 Gene by Using Functional Marker WANG Liang;DONG Yong-mei;LI Yan;LIU Zhi-gang;ZHANG Li;Crop Research Institute
Pathogenicity and Culture Condition of Different Isolates of Alternaria alternata on Alternanthera philoxeroides ZHOU Bing;CHEN Jie;MA Sheng-ping;YIN Shuai-wen;WANG Ning;School of Life Sciences
Isolation,Identification and Inhibition of Microorganisms Causing Mildew and Rot of Zizyphus mauritiana Lam. ZHAO Dan-dan;WANG Yun;FU Xiao-ping;TANG Qing-yan;LI Ling-fei;Institute of Agricultural Economy and Information
Antagonists Selection and Control Effect on Postharvest Diseases of Mango Fruit ZHAO Chao;HU Mei-jiao;LI Min;GAO Zhao-yin;College of Environment and Plant Protection
Diversity Analysis of Spring Weed Community in Tea Gardens in Southern Hilly Regions of Jiangsu Province ZHANG Hai-yan;ZHU Ye-qin;SUN Guo-jun;JI Min;LI Fen-hua;HAN Min;YUAN Fang;JI Zhong;DUAN Kang;Jintan Plant Protection and Quarantine Station;Jiangsu Plant Protection and Quarantine Station;School of Horticulture and Plant Protection
Analysis of Combining Ability of Main Agronomic Characteristics of Several New Bred Male Sterile Lines and Restorer Lines in Hybrid Rice( Oryza sativa L. subsp. indica) LIU Jin-bo;SONG Zhao-qiang;WANG Bao-xiang;LI Jian;YANG Bo;ZHOU Zhen-ling;FAN Ji-wei;FANG Zhao-wei;LU Bai-guan;LIU Yan;CHI Ming;QIN De-rong;XU Da-yong;Academy of Lianyungang Agricultural Science
Correlation Analysis of Stem Strengths and Main Agronomic and Economic Traits in Brassica napus L. HE Hong-qiong;GUO Shi-xing;NIU Ying-ze;College of Agronomy
Genetic Composition of High-yielding Soybean Cultivar Huaidou 11 YANG Jia-yin;XU Hai-feng;CHENG Bao-shan;Huaiyin Institute of Agricultural Sciences of Xuhuai Region
Genetic Diversity Analysis of Xiangzhuqing Tea King and Other Tea Trees Based on EST-SSR Markers ZHOU Meng;LI You-yong;SUN Xue-mei;MA Ling;SONG Wei-xi;DUAN Zhi-fen;YANG Yi-jian;JIANG Hui-bing;YI Bing;SHANG Wei-qiong;CHENG Hao;LIU Ben-ying;Tea Research Institute
Studies on Diversity of Agronomic Traits and Chemical Compositions in Different Dendrobium Populations LIU Li;WANG Jia-jin;XU Lei;ZHANG Ting;WU Li-hua;WANG Han-mo;LI Zhi-min;ZHA Yin-hong;LIN Liang-bin;Institute of Medicinal Plants
Effect of Cultivation Mode in Different Periods on Plasma Pigment Degradation and Aroma Component Contents in Flue-cured Tobacco Leaves WEI Yue-hui;HUANG Hua-gang;YANG Jun-jie;XU Dong-ya;YU Qi-wei;KANG Jun;SHI Hong-zhi;National Tobacco Physiology and Biochemistry Research Center
Physiological and Biochemical Indexes of Tobacco Leaves with Different Maturity in Two Ecological Regions LIAO Kong-feng;XU Xing-yang;DAI Jin-ran;WU Yong-ming;CHEN Sui-yun;DUAN Yong-ming;QIN Chun-li;School of Life Science
Effects of Prohexadione Calcium on Physiological Index of Tobacco Seedlings during Cold Stress PAN Ming-jun;YIN Yong-qiang;SHEN Fang-ke;LUO Bao-xiong;TANG Xin-lian;HE Hong-hua;CHEN Deng-ke;Agriculture College
Relationship of Carotenoid and Its Degradation Products with Aroma Characteristics of Flue-cured Tobacco TAO Tao;LAI Miao;JI Xiao-ming;MEI Ya-nan;ZHANG Zhen-mei;GAO Jing-jing;LI Yan;ZHAO Dong-jie;ZHAO Zhe;ZHAO Ming-qin;College of Tobacco Science
Changes of Yield and N,P,K and Mn Content of Rape Planted on Acid Yellow Soil under Different Mn Stress XIAO Hou-jun;HU Jian-hua;ZHAO Huan;HE Jia-fang;GOU Jiu-lan;QIN Song;Guizhou Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment
Spatial Variability of Soil pH and CEC in Tobacco Planting Fields in Central Henan Province CHEN Hai-sheng;WANG Su-na;Zhejiang Tongji Vocational College of Science and Technology;Pingdingshan University;
Effects of Application of Lime and Potassium Humate on Flue-cured Tobacco Yield and Quality on Newly Recovered Lands ZHU Jing-wei;ZHANG Yun-gui;LIU Qing-li;JIANG Wei;FENG Ya;LIANG Yong-jiang;HUO Qin-jian;XIA Hao;LI Zhi-hong;Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Effect of Potassium Fertilizer on Cadmium Residue in Tobacco Leaf LU Hong;MEI Yan-fei;GUO Yi-qing;LI Jun;LIN Yun-hong;College of Tobacco Science
Effect of Fertilizer Application on Seed Production of Brachiaria decumbens 'Basilisk' ZHANG Mei-yan;XUE Shi-ming;ZHONG Shao-li;HUANG Mei-fen;GAO Yue-e;KUANG Chong-yi;Yunnan Provincial Academy of Grassland and Animal Science;
Allelopathy of Aqueous Extract from Leaves of Three Plants on Germination Rate of Gentiana rigescens Franch Seed YANG Mei-quan;YANG Wei-ze;ZUO Ying-mei;YANG Tian-mei;YANG Shao-bing;XU Zong-liang;ZHANG Zhi-hui;ZHANG Jin-yu;Medicinal Plant Research Institute
Biomass Accumulation and Nutrient Allocation of Paris polyphylla var. yunnanensis( Fr. ) Hand CHEN Cui;TAN Jing-ju;YANG Li-yun;TANG Wang-wai;KANG Ping-de;YANG Shao-hua;The Alpine Economic Plant Institute of Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences;
Effects of Exogenous Spermidine on Fast Chlorophyll Fluorescence Induction Dynamics in Cucumber Seedlings under Heat Stress PENG Chen;SU Xiao-qiong;DU Jing;ZHUANG Yan-rong;GUO Shi-rong;Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences;College of Horticulture
Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Physiological Characteristics of Chestnut Leaves WANG Li-yuan;GUO Su-juan;Key Laboratory for Silviculture and Conservation of Ministry of Education
Effects of Low Temperature Stress on Physiological and Biochemical Indexes of Cold Resistance in Averrhoa carambola WANG Xiao-mei;REN Hui;LIU Ye-qiang;SU Wei-qiang;FANG Wei-kuan;Horticulture Research Institute
Isolation and Preliminary Identification of Mycorrhizal Fungi from Paphiopedilum hirsutissimun( Orchidaceae) WANG Xiao-guo;LU Jia-shi;ZHOU Zhu-gui;LI Xiu-ling;CHEN Ting-su;BU Chao-yang;Flowers Research Institute
Transport and Enrichment Characteristics of Cd in Typical Guizhou Soil-pepper System XING Dan;ZHANG Ai-min;WANG Yong-ping;LIAO Fang-fang;GAO Xiu-bing;Guizhou Institute of Pepper;Guizhou Tea Research Institute;
Effect of Young Rubber Inter-planting with Pineapple on Soil Fertility and Economic Benefit HE Jun-jun;YAO Yan-li;LUO Ping;MA De-yong;DAI Xiao-hong;CHENG Ru-xiong;Zhanjiang Experimental Station
Fingerprint Construction and Purity Identification of Cucumber Cultivar 'Chuanlv 2' Hybrid with SSR Marker YANG Hong;LIU Xiao-jun;LIANG Gen-yun;LI Yue-jian;Horticulutre Institute of Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Content Monitoring and Assessment of Heavy Metals in Edible Mushrooms from Urumqi Municipalitu ZHENG Wei-hua;WANG Cheng;ZHANG Hong-yan;FENG Ting;WANG Fu-lan;YANG Lian;XIAO Ying;HUA Zhen-yu;WANG Xian;CAO Shuang-yu;PERHATI;Institute of Quality Standards & Testing Technology for Agro-Products
Polymorphism of POMC Gene in Guanling Cattle and Its Association with Growth Traits XU Long-xin;ZHU Li-li;ZHANG Lin;LIU Jing;HE Guang-zhong;Guizhou Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinarina;
Immunologic Enhancement Effects with Chicken IL-18 Eukaryotic Expression Plasmid and Prokaryotic Protein against IBDV Inactivated Vaccine's KONG Na;Department of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology of Heze University;
Effects of Salinity,Alkali and Weight on Oxygen Consumption and Ammonia Excretion Rate of Triplophysa( Hedinichthys) yarkandensis( Day) YAO Na;CHEN Sheng-ao;WANG Shuai;XIE Cong-xin;LIU Jie-ya;GONG Shan;Tarim University
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