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Journal of Jilin University(Medicine Edition)
FQ: 双月
AD of Publication: 吉林省长春市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1671-587X
CN: 22-1342/R
YP: 1959
Url: 吉林大学
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Journal of Jilin University(Medicine Edition)
2019 -04
Preparation of polydopamine coated 3D printed biphasic calcium phosphate tissue engineering scaffold and its evaluation WANG Ningning;XU Zhimin;ZHENG Ye;ZHANG Yingxin;HAN Bing;Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,Stomatology Hospital,Jilin University;
Protective effect of butylphthalide on brain in rats with acute ischemic stroke and its mechanism ZHANG Xiaoxuan;ZHU Jiang;LI Jiajia;JIAO Guangmei;SHAN Hailei;ZHAO Liang;DOU Zhijie;Department of Neurology,Affiliated Hospital,Chengde Medical College;
Clinical application of ultra-pulsed fractional CO_2 laser with lower energy in treatment of periocular rejuvenation MA Zhenhui;XIA Guangbin;LI Yang;LI Shanshan;TIAN Yaping;Department of Dermatology and Venerology,First Hospital,Jilin University;Department of Dermatology and Venerology,Wangqing People's Hospital;
Inhibitory effect of polyethylenimine derivative PEN mediated oligodeoxynucleotide MT01 delivery on experimental rat tooth movement LIU Yuyan;YU Wenwen;SHEN Yuqin;QIN Tiantian;ZHOU Xuechun;HUANG Lei;SUN Xinhua;Department of Orthodontics,Stomatology Hospital,Jilin University;Jilin Provincial Key Laboratory of Tooth Development and Jaw Remodeling and Regeneration;Department of Periodontology,Stomatology Hospital,Jilin University;
Clinical application of digital smile design in aesthetic restoration of porcelain veneer of anterior teeth and analysis on its repair effect JIN Julou;LI Weixuan;LIU Dingkun;ZOU Jundong;LIU Zhihui;Department of Prosthodontics,Stomatology Hospital,Jilin University;
Significance of comparison in upper airway morphology and hyoid position between skeletal class Ⅲ malocclusion of high-angle and normal occlusion of adults by cone beam CT MEI Donglan;HAN Lichi;YAN Zhenmei;HUANG Hongwei;Department of Stomatology,College of Medical Sciences,Dalian University;Department of Orthodontics,Dalian Stomatology Hospital,Liaoning Province;Teaching and Training Center,Army Characteristic Medical Center;
Plummer-Vinson syndrome complicated with hypopharyngeal carcinoma:A case report and literature review ZHANG Zhenyu;FANG Ning;NIU Kai;WANG Xin;Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Surgery,First Hospital,Jilin University;
Expression of TGF-β1 in scleral fibroblasts of rats with form deprivation myopia and regulation of Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway ZHANG Xin;JU Zhaojuan;ZHANG Jian;ZHAO Yan;Department of Ophthalmology,First Hospital,Hebei Medical University;Department of Ophthalmology,First Affiliated Hospital,Jiamusi University;
Effect of LncRNA-BLACAT1 on cell proliferation of non-small cell lung cancer through regulation of CyclinD1/CDKN2B axis and its mechanism HUO Xiaolei;PEI Zhen;YANG Hao;ZHANG Yiqiang;JIA Jiantao;HAN Lingna;Department of Histology and Embryology,Changzhi Medical College;Department of Physiology,Changzhi Medical College;Department of Oncology,Affiliated Heping Hospital,Changzhi Medical College;Department of Biochemistry,Changzhi Medical College;Department of Pathophysiology,Changzhi Medical College;
Influence of miRNA-21 in radiosensitivity of breast cancer cells and its mechanism XIN Rui;LI Dong;XU Huiying;WANG Chunyu;QU Danhua;SUN Haifeng;Department of Radiology,Second Hospital,Jilin University;Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,Second Hospital,Jilin University;Department of Ultrasonography,First Hospital,Jilin University;Department of Radiotherapy,Second Hospital,Jilin University;Department of Respiration and Critical Disease,Second Hospital,Jilin University;
Effects of oxaliplatin combined with capecitabine on expressions of tumor-related factors in gastric cancer tissue of rats with experimental gastric cancer and their synergistic anti-tumor effects YUAN Huqin;LI Qiang;Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery,Tumor Hospital of Gansu Province;Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery,First Hospital,Lanzhou University;
Construction of PC9 cell lines stably transfected with human LncRNA MIR31HG gene and its effects on cell proliferation and migration DAI Juanjuan;YANG Lijuan;DU Jing;MIAO Shuang;XI Sichuan;LI Chen;WU Yan;Tumor Research Laboratory,Affiliated Hospital,Binzhou Medical University;Institute for Metabolic and Neuropsychiatric Disorders,Affiliated Hospital,Binzhou Medical University;
Construction of Ndfip1 plasmid and its expression in neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells TIAN Juan;MAO Jianwen;Department of Histology and Embryology,Jinzhou Medical University;
Application value of risk ovarian malignancy algorithm in early diagnosis of epithelial ovarian cancer WANG Yipin;HE Dongyun;HUANG Qiongwei;SHENG Minjia;Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,China-Japan Union Hospital,Jilin University;
Research progress in PD-1/PD-L1 immune checkpoint inhibitors in treatment of non-small cell lung cancer WANG Yucong;XU Yinghui;LI Hongwei;
Expression of SIRT6 protein in colon cancer tissue detected by tissue microarray technique and its clinical significance LI Hua;CAO Yansha;ZHAO Jinping;REN Fu;LI Ning;Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,College of Basic Medical Sciences,Jinzhou Medical University;Tumor Angiogenesis and Microenvironment Laboratory,First Affiliated Hospital,Jinzhou Medical University;Biological Anthropology Institute,Jinzhou Medical University;
Research progress in role of human bone marrow stromal antigen-2 in occurrence and development of tumor ZHENG Tianhang;ZHANG Jun;ZHENG Baisong;
Protective effect of citric acid on salivary gland function in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer after first ~(131)I treatment WANG Qi;SA Ri;LIN Qiuyu;ZHAO Hongguang;Department of Nuclear Medicine,First Hospital,Jilin University;
Misdiagnosis of ovarian fibrothecoma as ovarian malignant tumor:A case report and literature review PEI Yanling;LYU Hanghang;WANG Bowei;ZHANG Weiyang;Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,Second Hospital,Jilin University;
Analysis on relationships between diet,breast milk compositions of lactating mothers and infant growth LU Tong;TIAN Huimin;YU Miao;XU Wenhui;WU Yixia;WANG Yiping;LIN Yiqi;XIE Lin;Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene,School of Public Health,Jilin University;Department of Breast,Women and Children Health Care Hospital of Jilin Province;
Intervention effect of glutamine on hyperoxia lung injury in neonatal rats and its mechanism WANG Ye;WANG Hong;ZHANG Shujian;JI Huayi;JIN Zhengyong;Department of Pediatrics,Affiliated Hospital,Yanbian University;Department of Pediatrics,China-Japan Union Hospital,Jilin University;
Improvement effect of estradiol valerate combined with aspirin on intrauterine adhesion in rats LIU Jingqiao;ZHENG Yan;WANG Yujing;MENG Yali;XU Shuwen;ZHANG Hualin;Department of Gynecology,First Hospital,Hebei Medical University;
Clinical curative effect of autologous ligament reconstruction in treatment of anterior cruciate ligament injury NA Jian;ZHANG Xiaodong;NIU Ru;MA Chao;LIANG Jun;LIU Guangwang;Department of Orthopaedics,Affiliated Xuzhou Central Hospital,Southeast University;
Relationship between serum levels of CTRP3,25(OH)D and insulin resistance in individuals with different glucose metabolism states LIAO Xin;DENG Fanqu;SONG Meihui;GAO Lin;ZHANG Han;ZHANG Lin;WANG Xuemei;ZHANG Ying;ZHAO Yu;Department of Endocrinology,Affiliated Hospital,Zunyi Medical University;Department of Nursing,Zunyi Medical and Pharmaceutical College;
Antisynthetase syndrome with positive anti-Ro52 antibody:A report of 2 cases and literature review SU Kaisheng;ZHAO Ling;FENG Xiunan;JIANG Zhenyu;Department of Rheumatology,First Hospital,Jilin University;
Construction and identification of recombinant lentivirus overexpression and RNA interference vector containing cardiac adriamycin reactive protein gene LIANG Chunmei;XU Xusan;YU Huajun;ZHOU Xia;WEN Xia;LI You;KOJIC Snezana;WANG Yajun;MA Guoda;Guangdong Key Laboratory of Age-Related Cardiac and Cerebral Diseases,Affiliated Hospital,Guangdong Medical University;Experiment Animal Center,Guangdong Medical University;Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering,University of Belgrade;Clinical Research Center,Affiliated Hospital,Guangdong Medical University;College of Life Science & Technology,Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University;
Effects of BRD4 gene on apoptosis and p38MAPK signaling pathway of cardiomyocytes induced by TGF-β1 YANG Dongwei;GUI Yunong;Department of Cardiology,Affiliated Zhengzhou Central Hospital,Zhengzhou University;Whole Process Teaching Base,Xinxiang Medical College;
Effect of Urantide on expression of c-Jun N-terminal kinase in thoracic aorta tissue of rats with atherosclerosis and its significance WANG Tu;SUN Xiaoxu;CHEN Long;CUI Haipeng;LIU Kai;XIE Yaqin;LI Ying;ZHAO Juan;Department of Pathophysiology,School of Basic Medical Sciences,Chengde Medical University;Institute of Basic Medicine,School of Basic Medical Sciences,Chengde Medical University;
Effect of knockdown of EphB1 gene on oxidative damage of cardiomyocytes induced by hydrogen peroxide in rats ZHANG Jie;ZHOU Hui;LIU Liang;GUO Guixi;YU Qiang;YIN Pengfei;CHEN Wenqiang;SU Xing;Department of Cardiovascular Medicine,Luzhong Hospital,Medical Center,Peking University;Department of Cardiology,International Hospital,Peking University;Department of Cardiology,Qilu Hospital,Shandong University;
Anti-atherosclerosis effect of berberine combined with simvastatin in atherosclerosis model rats and its mechanism ZHOU Licheng;LIU Xianfa;LI Qiang;LI Rong;HUANG Jiagan;ZHANG Qiong;LI Xiaofei;Department of Emergency,First Affiliated Hospital,Gannan Medical College;Department of Cardiology,second affiliated hospital,Gannan Medical College;
Application of speckle tracing echocardiography in examination of rat models of myocardial infarction and its significance ZHANG Yingying;YAN Yuanyuan;SHI Haihong;Department of Ultrasound,Affiliated Zhengzhou Central Hospital,Zhengzhou University;
Research progress in signaling pathyway involved in growth and development of growth plate cartilage YAN Guangxing;LIU Cangwei;ZHOU Yijun;
Effect of herba artemisiae capillaris extracts on PTEN protein expression in kidney tissue of diabetic rats and its protective effect on kidney ZHANG Shuxia;HUO Wenbo;SU Ying;LI Zhen;TIAN Jing;WANG Caixia;SUN Chengbo;ZOU Yinggang;YU Xiaoyan;Department of Experimental Pharmacology and Toxicology,School of Pharmacy,Jilin University;Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,Second Hospital,Jilin University;
Promotion effect of panax notoginseng saponins on healing of rat tooth extraction wounds by up-regulation of VEGF expression PANG Yuxuan;YANG Liu;ZHANG Zhiying;LI Jiang;Department of Prosthodontics,Stomatology Hospital,Jilin University;Department of Occlusion and Temporomandibular Arthrosis,Stomatology Hospital,Jilin University;Department of Prevention,Stomatology Hospital,Jilin University;
Influence of panax notoginseng saponins in T lymphocyte subsets in aplastic anemia mice and its hematopoietic effect CHU Jinlong;XING Guizhi;SHEN Chunjin;LIU Xinying;CHU Zhijun;Department of Hematology,Affiliated Tangshan Workers' Hospital,Hebei Medical University;Department of Laboratory,Affiliated Tangshan Workers' Hospital,Hebei Medical University;Department of Pharmacy,Affiliated Hospital,North China University of Science and Technology;Department of Pharmacy,Affiliated Tangshan Workers' Hospital,Hebei Medical University;
Effects of prunus tomentosa thunb total flavonoids on levels of inflammatory factors in RAW264.7 cells and their mechanisms CAO Shuang;FAN Ziwei;WANG Yingying;SUN Lijuan;GU Hong;LI He;SUN Jinghui;WANG Chunmei;CHEN Jianguang;CHEN Xi;ZHANG Chengyi;Department of Pharmacology,College of Pharmacy,Beihua University;Department of Etiology,College of Medical,Beihua University;
Influence of tanshinone ⅡA on expressins of Cosmc and AOPP in kidney tissue of allergic purpura nephritis mice and its mechanism YANG Yun;MA Xixing;WANG Dahu;ZHANG Huanhuan;MA Yaohui;REN Cuimin;LIU Qiang;Department of Dermatology,Second Hospital,Hebei Medical University;
Inhibitory effect of berberine on Ang Ⅱ-induced apoptosis of human umbilical vein endothelial cells via ROS/JNK signaling pathway and its mechanism YUE Sheng;QIAO Guohua;YUE Lei;ZHU Ping;Department of Emergency,Affiliated Luoyang Central Hospital,Zhengzhou University;
Promotion effect of curcumin on implant osseointegration in osteoporosis rats XU Dongliang;PENG Zhaohui;XIONG Meicai;Department of Stomatology,Henan People's Hospital;Department of Stomatology,General Hospital of Pingmei Group;Department of Stomatology,Jia County People's Hospital;
Regulatory effects of fructus corni on retinol transport in mice with dry eye syndrome induced by benzalkonium chloride CHEN Yu;MA Xiande;LIU Yulin;GONG Zhaodong;JIANG Kaiyun;Comprehensive Laboratory of Teaching Experiment Center,Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Biotechnology Laboratory of Teaching Experiment Center,Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Graduate School,Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Affiliated Hospital,Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;School of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Relationship between living alone of retired employees and depression and anxiety and mediating role of social participation quality HAN Dongliang;QIN Zeying;XU Mingtu;FU Cong;LI Jingyang;Department of Retirement,First Hospital,Jilin University;Department of Social Medicine,School of Public Health,Jilin University;Department of Mental Health,First Hospital,Jilin University;
Research progress in biological function of cell division cycle protein 14 LIU Ru;XIE Jiming;MENG Jun;
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