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AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 2096-2665
CN: 10-1452/R
YP: 2016
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2017 -04
Establishment and Role of Medical Equipment Inspection and Maintenance,Quality Control Systems and Remote Platform Shao Xudong;Shanghai Ruijin Hospital;
Analysis on Health Examination Results of Traditional Elderly People in Zhuqiao Community and TCM Constitution Huang Yanhao;Sun Xiaowei;Gong Bin;Wang Tao;Yao Chenjie;bridge community health service center;
Universal Health Insurance Will go from form to Substantive Justice Wang Hongyu;Yin Guo;The first hospital of jilin university;
Study on Quality Control of Cleaning,Disinfection and Sterilization in Hospital Disinfection Supply Center Yang Guihong;Si Chuan Mian Yang 404 Hospital of the Second Affiliated Hospital of North Si Chuan Medical College;
Experience of Gao Shiyi on the treatment of peripheral facial paralysis Chu Juanjuan;Gao Shiyi;Qianshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Ma'anshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Clinical Observation of 60 cases of Senile Rheumatism Treated with Chinese Medicine Sun Hongping;Zhu Yafeng;Department of traditional Chinese medicine;the first division hospital of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps;
Clinical Observation on Warming Acupuncture Treatment of Peripheral Facial Paralysis in Acute Stage Yang Liuhua;Yunnan normal university hospital;
Analysis of the Effect of Nourishing Lung Decoction in the Treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Stable Period Guo Xunming;Zeng Yun;the longxiang hospital of gao xin;The Community Health Center of Zhong he
To Observe the Curative Effect of Acupuncture Combined with Wendan Decoction in the Treatment of Insomnia Gao Qiuju;Department of traditional Chinese medicine
In Combination with Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine for the Treatment of Patients with Migraine Zheng Yan;He Yong;Chongqing Three Gorges Medical College Affiliated Hospital;
Effect of Combination of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine on Infertile Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Xiong Mengru;Yunnan province red river state mengzi city honghe maternity hospital;
Clinical Analysis of Treatment of Recurrent Aphthous Ulcer with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Huang Chaoying;Hospital in linan city;
Application Evaluation of Obstetric Nursing Intervention in Nursing Care of Hypertensive Disorder Complicating Pregnancy Song Chen;First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University;
Comparative Study of Routine and Biochemical Tests in Clinical Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus Qin Zheng;Department of clinical laboratory
Cause Analysis and Nursing Intervention of Nausea and Vomiting after Thyroidectomy Zhang Cuiping;The First Affiliated Hospital of Medical University Of Anhui;
Application of Health Education in Nursing Care of Senile Department of Respiration Patients Wang Dandan;The First Affiliated Hospital of Medical University Of Anhui;
Perioperative Nursing Care of Laparoscopic Hiatal Hernia Repair Han Maojuan;Laiwu Central Hospital of Xinwen Mining Group;
The Application of Rehabilitation Nursing in Psychiatric Treatment Wu Huihong;Jiangsu wuxi mental health center;
Value Analysis of Health Education in Nursing Care of Children with Epilepsy Zhang Ayuan;Sino-singapore ECO-city hospital of tianjin medical university Pediatrics;
Study on Early Rehabilitation Nursing of Elderly Femoral Neck Fracture after Total Hip Arthroplasty Du Shuqin;Gansu Province Kangle County People's Hospital Outside two subjects;
Emergency Nursing Care of 38 Patients with Severe Hemorrhagic Shock in Department of General Surgery Huang Rui;Weinan Vocational and Technical College;
Nursing Analysis of Endovascular Repair for Acute Aortic Dissection Zhou Mingling;The First Affiliated Hospital of Medical University Of Anhui;
Effect of Whole Course Nursing on Successful Rate and Satisfaction of Critically ill Patients in Emergency Department Zhang Lixiang;The First Affiliated Hospital of Medical University Of Anhui;
The Whole Quality of Nursing for Cesarean Section Analysis to Reduce the Effect of Shivering During Cesarean Section Cao Beilei;Operation room
Clinical Value of Comfort care in Improving the Prognosis of Patients with Gastrointestinal Bleeding Fu Jing;Hainan wanning people's hospital clinic;
Effect of Intraoperative Warming Nursing on Stress and Postoperative Recovery in General Anesthesia Patients Wang Peipei;Operation room
Transplant Tendons Under Arthroscopy Cruciate Ligament Revascularization Clinical Pathway Type Operating Room Nursing Intervention Effect Chen Di;Operation room
The Countermeasures and the Effect of Hemodialysis Nursing Risk Management Analysis Hao Dayun;Jiangsu Province
Nursing Intervention of Arteriovenous Fistula in Hemodialysis Patients Jin Huan;The First Affiliated Hospital of Medical University Of Anhui;
Significance of the Mobile Nursing Information System in Clinical Nursing Feng Lili;Department of Urology
The Effect of Quality Nursing on Fracture Healing and Function Recovery of Fracture Patients Ye Jiping;Yunnan first people's hospital orthopaedic;
The Application of High Quality Nursing in Transvaginal Sonography Chen Jinwen;Fuzhou general hospital;
The Effect of Education Intervention on Patients with Hypertension in Community of Jiangsu University was Evaluated Jiang Wei;Zhang Xinxin;Jiangsu university community health service station;
Nursing Care of a Patient with Renal Failure Due to Wegener's Granulomatosis Undergoing Cardiac Death,Organ Donation,Kidney Transplantation Pan Xiongying;Wang Fei;Xiao Jing;Wu Meijuan;Li Min;Chen Meiyi;Huang Tingting;Peng Xueling;The first affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen university;
Application of Quality Nursing in Urology Nursing Management Lu Xinyan;Gucheng County Hospital of Hubei Province;
Effect of Early Rehabilitation Nursing on Rehabilitation of Patients with Severe Craniocerebral Injury after Hemiplegia Wu Huijuan;Department of Neurosurgery
Effect of Comprehensive Nursing Intervention on Transurethral Plasmakinetic Resection of Prostate Li Dayong;Operation room
Influence of nursing intervention on postoperative pain of abdominal surgery Zhao Na;Liu Jing;First Department of General Surgery
Effect of Obstetrical Nursing Intervention on Nursing Care of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Qin Limei;Department of obstetrics and gynecology
The Role of Risk Management in Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing Management Cheng Dongmin;Anhui medical university first affiliated hospital;
Analysis of Self Protection of Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing Staff Wang Li;Anhui medical university first affiliated hospital;
Effect of Comfortable Nursing on Rehabilitation of Patients with Colon Cancer after Chemotherapy Lin Dan;Department of tumor medicine of anhui tumor hospital;
Safety Hazard Analysis and Preventive Measures in Surgical Nursing Work Wu Linlin;The First Affiliated Hospital of Medical University Of Anhui;
The Effect of Holistic Nursing Care in Improving the Quality of Obstetric Nursing and Ensuring the Safety of Mother and Baby Wang Juan;First affiliated hospital of anhui medical university;
Observation on the Effect of Low Negative Pressure and Intermittent Suctioning on Respiratory Tract Mucosal Injury in Children Gan Lu;Li Sizhao;Anhui Provincial Hospital;
Nursing and Clinical Observation of Stent Implantation for Lower Extremity Arteriosclerosis Obliterans Zhou Nali;The First Affiliated Hospital of Medical University Of Anhui;
Clinical Effect of Early Nursing Intervention on Preventing Urinary Retention after Cervical Cancer Operation Zhang Ping;Anhui Provincial Hospital gynecology;
Clinical Effect Analysis of Continuous Quality Improvement in Nursing Care of Complications of Enterostomy Xu Qianqian;The First Affiliated Hospital of Medical University Of Anhui;
The Effect of Health Education for Nephropathy Patients' Dietary Adherence Zhang Na;Guangyuan City Third People's Hospital;
Application Effect and Significance of Graded Examination in Biochemical Examination of Kidney Wang Wei;Li Weijun;Jiangdu people's hospital of Yangzhou city Jiangsu province;
Occupational Exposure Factors and Protective Measures of Nursing Staff in Disinfection Supply Room Yang Ling;Laiwu traditional Chinese medicine hospital;
Gastrointestinal Management of Patients with Severe Organophosphorus Pesticide Poisoning Su Jiaqiong;no.1 people's hospital of zunyi;
Clinical Analysis of CT and MRI Imaging in Diagnosis of Skull Osteosarcoma He Xindong;Laiwu Central Hospital of Xinwen Mining Group;
Value of Nursing Intervention in Surgical Treatment of Severe Acute Pancreatitis Wang Rong;Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University;
Comparison of Radiographs and Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Detection of Carpal Lesions in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Guo Weichao;Liu Guobing;Wei Tingna;Department of Radiology
The Expression of Breast Cancer in Color Doppler Ultrasound Examination Liu Xiuhong;Hunan zhuzhou 2 hospital color super room;
Analysis of Breast Ultrasonography Combined with Mammography in Diagnosis of Breast Carcinoma in Situ Dai Chenshuang;Breast Center
Research On The Application of Quality Nursing Services in The Nursing of Burn Chen Xia;Zhang Ling;Department of Burn
Valuation of Quality Nursing Services in Gynecological Nursing Bade.Mala;Department of Gynecology
The Effect of Nursing Risk Management in the Respiratory Medicine Ward Zhang Chunhong;Ma Xianglei;Yang Lin;Huangzhuang central health center of laiwu city;
The Curative Effect of Glucocorticoid Combined with Antifungal Therapy for Allergic Bronchial Pulmonary Aspergillosis Liu Xiaohua;Lv Jian;The respiratory department of mianyang people's hospital;The bone surgery department of mianyang people's hospital;
Research Progress of the Prevention and Treatment of Salmomella Liu Mingchen;Zhang Zhe;Department of Preventive Medicine and Health Management of Hebei University;Medicine College of Hebei University;
Endurance Exercise Regulate the Expression of Cardiac Nerve Growth Factor Protein in Mice He Daoyuan;Ni Jixiang;College of Physical Education
Non-surgical Treatment of Deep Venous Thrombosis of Acute Lower Extremity after Childbirth Ji Yinhui;Liangzhou Hospital of Gansu City Wuwei Province;
Correlation Between Low Bone Mineral Density and Coronary Heart Disease in the Elderly Gao Jie;An Zhen Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University;
Application of Information Monitoring in Community Hypertension Management Hao Yanming;Community health service center of zhangjiawan district tongzhou district;
Analysis of Flupentixol and Melitracen Combined with Conventional Medicine Therapy for Treatment of Depression and Anxiety in Patients with Refractory Asthma Bian Caixia;Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Bayannaoer City Hospital;
Value of Shear Wave Velocity of Liver in Predicting Esophageal Varices of Kazak Cirrhosis Wei Hongjun;Zhang Hui;Wu Xiangwei;Wang Lin;Zhao Yingzhong;Ling Lin;Xue Weihong;Department of Emergency Medicine
The Effect of Intestinal Adhesion Alleviating the Time of Clinical Symptom and Inflammatory Factor Level of Patients with a Cute a Dhesion Intestinal Obstruction Li Dongxin;Zhang Jingjing;Shandong laiwu city laicheng district tea industry town health hospital;Laicheng district and zhuang health hospital of laiwu city shandong province;
The Cause Analysis and Treatment of Bile Reflux Gastritis Miao Zhenfeng;Jiangsu jiangyin longevity hospital;
Analysis of Ovulation Effect in Patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Zhou Haiyue;Hebei province langfang guangyang district maternal and child health care institute inspection department;
Insulin Combined a Sulfhydryl Imidazole Analysis of Clinical Effect for the Treatment of Senile Diabetes Mellitus Complicated with Hyperthyroidism Lu Rui;Guangzhou panyu district center hospital;
Research Progress of Secondary Coagulation Dysfunction Caused by Drugs Wang Wenying;Medical school of zunyi medical college zhuhai campus;
Clinical Analysis of 1 Cases of Myasthenia Gravis Crisis Huang Zaijun;Jiang Xiaomin;Chengdu huangrejun hospital chengdu city sichuan province;
Objective to Investigate the Effect of Enteral Nutrition Solution on Elderly Malnutrition Patients with Limited Daily Living Ability Chen Yuanying;Yuan Jinyan;Department of nutrition
Brief Description of Classification and Treatment of Fracture of Surgical neck of Humerus Tian Xiangqun;People's hospital of anqiu city weifang city
Effects of Lumbar Hard Combined Anesthesia and General Anesthesia on Femoral neck Fracture in Elderly Patients Liang Weihua;Shanghai baoshan district ren and hospital;
Effect of Propofol Combined with Remifentanil on Surgical Anesthesia in Elderly Patients with Hypertension Li Wenhua;Laiwu Central Hospital of Xinwen Mining Group;
Knee Osteoarthritis Bilateral Total Knee Replacement,the Same Period and Compare the Clinical Curative Effect of Unilateral Knee Joint Replacement Gou Qinghua;Estuary hospital victory petroleum administration bureau;
Analysis and Study of Infection Factors in Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital Fu Jianbo;Luzhou hejiang county people's hospital;
Clinical Observation on Treatment of Metacarpal and Phalangeal Fracture with Mini Plate Fixation Wang Niansheng;The Third Hospital of Wafangdian City;
Evolvement in Study of the Protect Effect of Propofol on Spinal Cord is Chemia-Reperfusion Injury Tang Rong;Wuhan university basic medical school;Hubei nationalities college affiliated to the big hospital;
Comparison of Two Anesthesia Methods in Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy in Elderly Patients Gong Yanfu;Shi Shujuan;Shandong huantai county people's hospital anesthesiology department;
Advances in Molecular Pathological Diagnosis of Bladder Cancer Huang Qingwen;Department of Pathology
Comparison of Efficacy of two Surgical Methods in Treating Varicose Veins of Spermatic Vein Jiang Qingfeng;Chu xiong zhou people's hospital urology;
Children with Renal Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor Pan Xinying;children's Hospital Affiliated to Medical College of Zhejiang University;
Analysis of the Clinical Control Strategy of Urinary Genital Tract Infection after Prostate Electrosurgery Li Dongxin;Zhang Jingjing;Shandong laiwu city laicheng district tea industry town health hospital;Laicheng district and zhuang health hospital of laiwu city shandong province;
High Risk Factors,Characteristics and Complications of Shoulder Dystocia Jiang Dongmei;Sihong Central Hospital;
Feasibility Study of Microwave with Baofu Kang Bolt Treatment of Cervicitis Chen Chunxia;Liangzhou Hospital of Gansu City Wuwei Province;
To investigate the effect of intermittent Blue Gold bifidus treatment of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia Jiang Xiaohong;Department of Pediatrics
Efficacy of Azithromycin in the Treatment of Respiratory Tract Infection in Children Bao Lili;Wang Peiwei;Wang Hongfei;Wu Dan;Hebei Armed Police Corps Hospital;
An Analysis of the Effect of Albuterol Combined with Budesonide in Treating Acute Asthma Attacks in Children Cheng Hanqin;The central health hospital of tiger leaping gorge diqing state
Clinical Features of 20 Children with Infectious Monocytic Syndrome Caused by Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Infection Chang Yingxia;Hekou Hospital Shengli Petroleum Administration Dongying Shandong;
Observation of Reduning Injection Combined with Kangfuxin Liquid, Acyclovir Ointment in the Treatment of Children with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease Clinical Curative Effect Liao Chun;School of Basic Medical Sciences
Neonatal Jaundice Mobile APP Design and Application Xie Qian;Wang Qi;Wang Xingjia;Wu Shanshan;hospital of Heilongjiang province;Harbin Xin sheng technology excellence;
The Comparation of Three Reticular Fiber Staining Wang Xiaoyan;Gao Junyan;Beijing Health Vocational College;
Etiology of Young Stroke Patients Kong Qin;Department of Neurology
The Value of Polyvinyl Alcohol Embolization Microspheres in Transarterial Chemoembolization In Primary Hepatocellular Carcinoma Ning Haibo;Liu Lei;Lu Haiming;Jiang Shuiming;Ou Shengqiu;Huang Dejia;Department of General Surgery
Clinical Analysis of Otitis Media with Secretory Otitis Media after Radiotherapy for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Liu Zhuohui;Long Ruiqing;Ruan Biao;Gao Jingyu;Yang Jing;Department of Otorhinolaryngology
Clinical Analysis of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for 20 Cases of Chronic Sinusitis Xing Lijun;Zhang Zhonghua;Rushan people's Hospital;
Analysis of Basic Treatment and Periodontal Maintenance Treatment for Chronic Periodontitis Li Jian;Laiwu Central Hospital of Xinwen Mining Group;
Study and Analysis of Management Methods of Medication Errors in Pharmacy Xia Minghua;Tancheng County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Intervention Effect of Simvastatin on Myocardial Oxygen Free Radical Metabolism after Renal Ischemia-reperfusion Injury in Rats Jing Jiao;Ma Hailing;Zhang Yongzhong;Yan Wensheng;Zhang Yuqing;Jiao Zongwei;Shijiazhuang medical college;
Rational Application and Adverse Reaction of Omeprazole Chen Fang;Jiangsu yancheng district yandu town
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