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China Medicine and Pharmacy
FQ: 半月
AD of Publication: 北京市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 2095-0616
CN: 11-6006/R
YP: 2011
Url: 海峡两岸医药卫生交流协会;二十一世纪联合创新(北京)医药科学研究院
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China Medicine and Pharmacy
2014 -02
Research into the performance evaluation index system of professional hospital director YU Zheng;JIAO Hongmei;MENG Fanchao;China Pharmaceutical University,School of International Pharmaceutical Business;
Several views to strengthen the medical students' sterile surgery notion YANG Xuexia;Surgery Laboratory of North Sichuan Medical College;
Reform of physical experiment teaching XIE Xin;ZHANG Lin;CHEN Shiyu;YANG Fang;ZHANG Lide;Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Implementation of the Quality Monitoring System for Teaching Ward Round in Clinical Medical Schools ZHAO Cuifang;GUAN Song;ZU Na;YANG Jun;Education Office, Second School of Clinical Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;Department of Endocrinology, Second School of Clinical Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;Office of Academic Affairs, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;
Toxicological study on perfluoroalkyl acids CHEN Sihuai;SHI Zhimin;Department of Animal Medicine, South-West University at Rongchang;
Analysis on clinical efficacy of medroxyprogesterone acetate for the treatment of 32 cases with vaginal bleeding after medical abortion CHEN Yan;Hospitals of Langtang Town Luoding City in Guangdong Province;
Establishment and evaluation of animal model of Chinese medicine chronic fatigue syndrome YU Ximing;CHEN Siyuan;YU Wangyi;Hunan University of Chinese Medicine;
Clinical observation of Xiangpishengji paste in the treatment of bedsore CAO Wenzhong;GOU Yaoning;Tongzhou Cadre Sanatorium the PLA Beijing Military Logistics Department;
Application method in feasible techniques of traditional Chinese medicine ZHANG Jikun;ZHANG Jun;Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Community Health Service Centre of Sanshitiao Street Hongqiao District;
Clinical effect observation of Shenque point moxibustion on the prevention and treatment of ICU diarrhea complicated by enteral nutrition WEI Qinglan;Department of ICU,Shunde Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Foshan City;
The identification of mitochondrial DNA finger print on the testis et penis cervi on sale LIU Yang;ZHANG Lihua;The Center Hospital of Jilin City;Pharmacy School of Beihua University;
Optimization of paper chromatography condition of sugar in rutin hydrolysate ZHAO Hua;LIU Zhimei;CHEN Xiuai;Liaoning Health Professional Technology Institute;
Clinical analysis of Integrative Medicine in the treatment of simple ovarian cysts ZHAO Guilan;Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics,Kang County First People's Hospital;
The clinical value of detecting anti-streptococcal DNase B HU Huijing;WU Xiaoyan;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital;
Analysis on distribution and drug resistance of pathogens causing infections in general surgical wards LU Huihua;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Yanwu Branch of Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital of Xiamen University;
Acinetobacter baumannii and its drug resistance gene detection ZHANG Xiaojie;XIAO Chunhong;YUAN Jianfen;HONG Hong;YU Haizhong;Rugao People's Hospital;Tumor Hospital of Nantong City;Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Nantong City;
The characteristics and drug resistance of candida LIU Rui;The First People's Hospital of Xichuan County in Henan Province;
Discussion on SA7000 capillary plasma viscosity control materials research XIE Xuelong;YANG Qin;LIU Bing;ZHENG Fan;The No.2 People's Hospital of Yibin in Sichuan Province;
Causes of insomnia and evidence based nursing countermeasures in hospitalized patients with lumbar disc herniation(acute period) XIONG Guihua;SUN Huili;Affiliated Hospital of Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Changchun Medical College;
Psychological nursing care in patients with graft versus host disease after liver transplantation LIU Xin;WANG Weijun;WANG Qiaoya;Department of Surgical ICU, Beijing Youan Hospital of Capital Medical University;
Prevention and nursing care for phlebitis induced by intravenous infusion of nimotop LIN Limei;JIANG Yunqin;Department of Neurosurgery, Fuding Hospital,Affiliated Hospital of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Teaching Hospital of Fujian Medical University;
Effect of comfort care on physiological and psychological indexes for elderly patients with hemodialysis LI Yan;ZI Ni;Jiangning Hospital of Nanjing City;
Experience of clinical nursing for 38 cases of severed finger replantation ZHANG Guiyun;DING Junlian;QI Suyin;WANG Qingliang;Deparment of Public Health,Hospital of Nanpu Economic Development Area;Deparment of Surgery,Hospital of Nanpu Economic Development Area;Deparment of Nursing, Hospital of Nanpu Economic Development Area;
Application of clinical nursing pathway in nursing of patients with cerebral hemorrhage WANG Yanfang;ZHU Xiuling;Inner Mongolia Forestry General Hospital;
Quantified health education applied to 1020 case study on effect of self-care in patients with hypertension CHEN Yuechun;CHEN Xiaoyan;The People's Hospital of Sangzhi County;
Effects of holistic nursing care for 280 cases of patients with cesarean delivery CHEN Zhenhao;Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, First Affiliated Hospital of Nanyang Medical College;
Application and nursing of rubber dam in dental root canal therapy CHEN Xiuyi;ZHANG Xiaorong;WU Xiaohong;Key Laboratory of Stomatology,School of Stomatology of Guangzhou Medical University Affiliated Stomatology Hospital;
Effect of human-centered nursing care on improving the quality of life in patients with type 2 diabetic hypoglycemia ZHAO Yingfeng;Supply Department, Pingdingshan City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Effect of early psychological intervention on life quality of breast cancer patients ZHAO Yang;Department of Medicare,Huaihe Hospital of Henan University;
Application of characteristic education on health education of outpatient LUO Xiuying;Department of Internal Medicine, the Third People's Hospital of Xi'ning City of Qinghai Province;
Construction model of evaluating core competence of psychiatric nurses YUAN Jie;LV Qingmei;LIU Dan;XU Yanhua;ZHANG Guiying;Jilin Neurosurgical Hospital;
Research on quality control and improvement strategy of clinical microbiological WU Xing;Eleven Mine Workers Hospital of Pingdingshan Coal Group;
The influence of different puncture methods of Seldinger technique under B-scan on PICC tube LUO Qu;The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Clinical effect of dexamethasone combined with urokinase for treating tuberculous pleurisy WANG Fei;Department of ICU,Yanling County People's Hospital;
Efficacy evaluation of health education in the treatment of hypertensive for 12 months WU Chengwei;Community Health Center of Shuiting Shezu Country in Lanxi City;
Exercise intervention in control of blood pressure and the impact of fat distribution on community in elderly borderline hypertension patients XU Weihong;ZENG Huitao;Huadu District Xinhua Community Health Service Centers in Guangzhou City;
Analysis of the clinical effect of inhaled corticosteroids in the treatment of COPD CHU Yan;Department of Internal Medicine, Shuangqiao Hospital of Chaoyang District;
Observation of the adjunctive treatment effect of etanercept on ankylosing spondylitis HU Tao;WANG Laibin;Department of Orthopedics, the People's Hospital of Jieshou City;
Diagnosis and treatment of testicular torsion necrosis(34 cases report ZHENG Chuandong;GOU Xin;HU Xingping;ZHANG Li;WANG Hao;XU Jun;Department of Urology,the Five Hospital of Chengdu City;Department of Urology,the First Afilliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University;
Study on breast abscess by the small incision catheter for flushing and continuous negative pressure drainage treatment guided by color B ultrasound LIU Jianxiong;CHEN Deming;FAN Haiying;LIANG Jianxiong;FENG Zhiyi;Department of General Surgery, the People's Hospital of Heshan City;Department of Ultrasound, the People's Hospital of Heshan City;
Effect of different treatment methods on urinary CTX-Ⅱ, COMP, PYD of osteoarthritis of knee GAO Weiye;WU Donglan;YANG Jiabin;NIE Yanping;XU Qiufeng;LU Tianwei;LIU Yonghua;Department of Orthopedics, the People's Hospital of High Tech Zone in Zhuhai City;
The curative effect observation on arthrodesis posterior internal fixation used in thoracic lumbar spine fractures LIN Jianxin;LIN Jianmin;XIAO Shengjie;Department of Orthopedics,People's Hospital of Lufeng in Guangdong Province;
Analysis on clinical efficacy of bridging modular fixation system for the treatment of humerus and tibia fracture DIAO Tianhua;ZHENG Zhiyuan;LI Tao;Department of Orthopaedic,the People's Hospital of Lixin County;
The comparative effects of PPH stapler for treating severe prolapsed hemorrhoids HUANG Zeyi;Department of Surgery,Yunan County People's Hospital in Guangdong Province;
Clinical analysis of kyphoplasty in the treatment of osteoporotic spinal fractures ZHANG Ruibin;Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Jiexi County People's Hospital in Guangdong Province;
Observation of clinical effect of simultaneous transurethral resection in the treatment of superficial bladder cancer combined with benign prostate hyperplasia CHEN Zhilin;LI Jian;The People's Hospital of Meizhou City;
Transurethral plasmakinetic resection of prostate for the treatment BPH 236 cases WANG Shiping;ZHANG Minhao;YAO Yong;HE Xiaoliang;Department of Urinary Surgery, Xishan People's Hospital of Wuxi City;
Meta-analysis on live lactobacillus preparation plus clotrimazole for treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis FENG Yanchong;NIU Zhanqin;Shanxi Medical University;Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Shanxi Dayi Affiliated Hospital, Shanxi Medical University;
The clinical value of low-dose heparin therapy for pregnancy with eisenmenger syndrome DONG Guie;SONG Tingting;CUI Kunyu;Producing a Division,Weifang City Maternal and Child Health Hospital;
Evaluation of the effect of marvelon in the treatment of 75 cases of peri-menopausal dysfunctional uterine bleeding YU Lirong;Department of Gynecology, Xingning Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Analysis on therapeutic effect of laparoscopy and laparotomy in treatment of ectopic pregnancy TANG Surong;TENG Qingfang;ZHANG Xiaodan;Second Affiliated Hospital of Guiyang Medical University;
The value of the clinical diagnosis combined with B ultrasound localization biopsy of postmenopausal uterine bleeding by hysteroscopy WU Guiqun;Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, the People's Hospital of Pingshan;
Diagnosis and treatment of 15 cases of measles during pregnancy YUAN Baohui;Department of Infectious Diseases,Feng County People's Hospital in Jiangsu Province;
Screening and risk factors analysis of retinopathy of prematurity ZHANG Junjian;LIU Yanxia;Department of Pediatrics, First People's Hospital of Pingdingshan City;
Investigation of the value of dynamic examination in myocardial enzyme test and routine blood test in children with hand-footand-mouth disease CHEN Ying;YU Yanhong;CHEN Yaxing;LIANG Yanfen;Department of Pediatrics, Zhaoqing No.2 People's Hospital;
Clinical effect of budesonide on capillary bronchitis of newborn QI Sumei;Department of Pediatric,Child Health Hospital of Zhongyuan Oil Field;
Observation on effect of Ambroxol intravenous drip combined with azithromycin sequential therapy for mycoplasma pneumonia with child LI Mingzhou;Jiangnan Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Nanning City;
Analysis on curative effect of naloxone in the treatment of 19 infants with Muggy syndrome LI Hanming;Department of Paediatrics,the Fifth People's Hospital of Foshan City;
The significance of monitoring transcutaneous bilirubin in early diagnosis of concurrent enterogenous sepsis for non-infectious neonatal hyperbilirubinemia LIU Jinping;Department of Pediatrics,No.7 People's Hospital of Nanhai District;
Curative effect of Ginkgo biloba extract in the treatment of transient ischemic attack LIANG Jianwen;LIU Haiyan;LI Liangchang;XIAO Wen;HE Ziming;The Second People's Hospital of Panyu District, the People's Hospital of Dashi Panyu District;
Association analysis of serum IL-6, adiponectin and IMT in patients with cerebral infarction GAO Xiaofei;Department of Neurology, Dengfeng People's Hospital in Henan Province;
Analysis on diagnosis and treatment of nosocomial pulmonary infection in patients with cerebral hemorrhage LUO Hongfei;Department of Neurosurgery,the Second People's Hospital of Wuzhi County;
Clinical observation of thalamic infarction LI Guiyun;The Second People's Hospital of Guiyang City;
Clinical analysis on comprehensive rehabilitative treatment in patients with hemiplegia in neurology department ZHANG Shengli;Xi County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
The research advancement of miR-155 in gastrointestinal tumors LI Tuhua;GUAN Chengnong;Guangdong Medical College of Guangdong;
Short-term and long-term impact assessment of conformal radiotherapy combined with cisplatin, fluorouracil with concurrent chemotherapy treatment of esophageal cancer WANG Hui;WANG Yinghao;WANG Huizhi;The Second Hospital Workers Liaohe Oilfield;
Clinical comparative research on morphine hydrochloride sustained-release tablets and morphine sulfate sustainedrelease tabelets in control of cancer pain HOU Xiaofeng;Bayan'nao'er Hospital;
Clinical value of tumor markers physical examination in the diagnosis of lung cancer LIU Fengxia;Clinical Laboratory, Juye County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Effect of postoperative adjuvant transarterial chemoembolization upon recurrence after radical resection of hepatocellular carcinoma TANG Yuangui;The No.1 Department of Surgery, the Traditional Chinese Hospital of Jiangjin District;
The effectiveness observation of through left small incision joint tubular gastrectomy in the treatment of 34 cases patients with esophageal cancer HUANG Jichao;Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery,the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Shuyang;
Pharmacoeconomics evaluation on different drugs scheme in the treatment of allergic rhinitis in children CHEN Yanli;LI Min;Department of Pharmacy,Boai Hospital of Zhongshan;
Comparative analysis of electrical attraction coagulation under nasal endoscope and nasal packing hemostasis NAN Jinjun;WANG Yu;ZHOU Zhiquan;WU Chunsong;LAN Dongmei;ZHANG Yanping;Department of ENT,the People's Hospital of Lianzhou City;
The study of application effect of using coaulation hemostasis under nasal endoscope to treat obstinte epitaxis patients XU Guang;ZHANG Weidong;Department of Otorhinolaryngology,the People's Hospital of Zhengzhou City in Henan Province;
Clinical research of low temperature plasma ablation and lateral fracture in treatment for chronic hypertrophic rhinitis WANG Liming;Department of ENT Affiliated Hospital of Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Clinical efficacy observation of intravenous drip of tranexamic acid injection combined with glutathione and Vitamin C in patients with chloasma CHEN Hengru;DENG Liehua;Department of Dermatology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Ji'nan University;
Related substances determination of nicorandil by HPLC LI Buliang;HUANG Dong;WANG Fang;Jiangsu Tasly Diyi Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd;Analytical & Testing Center,Nanjing Normal University;
Analysis on the clinical application of antibacterial effect of the new antibiotic sultamicillin SHAO Hong;Department of Pharmacy,People's Hospital of Zhengzhou;
Bioinformatics and drug design HU Jun;LIANG Xueyou;YANG Jianhong;Yunnan Agricultural University;Affiliated High School of Southwest University;
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