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China Medicine and Pharmacy
FQ: semimonthl
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 2095-0616
CN: 11-6006/R
YP: 2011
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China Medicine and Pharmacy
2016 -13
Experiment of the regulatory effect of Mi RNA-351 in mouse follicular development DONG Jingwen;HUANG Qing;Reproductive Medicine Centre in the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University;
Analysis on expression of Aquaporin-7 in mouse renal collecting duct during development WANG Yaguang;YAN Lijing;TIAN He;Department of Histology and Embryology
Summary of clinical experience of detoxify cooling method in treatment of HBV related liver failure XIAO Zhihong;WU Li;CHEN Guoliang;Liver Disease Center
Therapeutic effect of asiaticoside on Alzheimer's disease WANG Xiaojing;WANG Dongxing;XU Chunjing;WU Tingting;LIN Huanbing;Chinese Pharmaceutical Association;Clinical Division
Research on TCM constitution of primary dysmenorrhea of female students in Huaian city HOU Li;DING Yong;ZHANG Yuling;Jiangsu Nursing Career Academy;
Effects of Qufeng Huoxue Tongluo Decoction of traditional Chinese medicine packet on function rehabilitation of chronic traumatic disease LIN Qiaohong;YANG Jisong;LIU Qingbiao;Shenzhen City Longhua District Center Hospital Bamboo Village Community Health Center;
Clinical efficacy of acupuncture combined with bloodletting and cupping for periarthritis of shoulder REN Zhenxue;Traditional Chinese Therapy Center of Beijing Hongyitang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital;
Clinical observation on the rehabilitation of joint function in the middle and late stage of the limbs fracture in the community using the appropriate technology of Chinese medicine YANG Jisong;LIN Qiaohong;WANG Shunxiang;ZHAO Yuhui;Bamboo Village Community Health Center
Verification experiment of microbial limit test for liver detoxification pills LIU Guangwen;YUAN Yanfei;Food and Drug Inspection and Testing Center;
Study on ramose scouring rush herb effective component anti type 2 diabetes mellitus mechanism of action LIANG Ning;ZHANG Yaqi;Zhuang Medicine College
Methylation change of Atp5a1 gene in hippocampus Alzheimer's disease mice model TANG Xiaoqin;TANG Hong;DENG Fei;RUAN Sibei;LI Xin;CHEN Bo;YANG Chaoxian;XIONG Xiaoming;TANG Mingxi;Pathological Section
Positive significance of healthy management in improving compliance and reducing risk factors for patients with coronary heart disease YANG Jian;CHEN Zhiming;WEN Zhudu;LUO Yongguang;LIN Shengjin;Fuqun Community Health Service Center
Effect of early implementation of comprehensive rehabilitation nursing for patients with acute ischemic stroke LIU Xiuzhen;ZENG Yiyun;LI Kuangyi;LUO Xiufen;Department of Emergency
Effect of early nursing intervention on physical dysfunction and quality of life in patients with acute stroke LU Shaohua;LUO Xiufen;ZHOU Jianyi;ZENG Yiyun;LI Kuangyi;Department of Emergency
The influence of psychology and pregnancy outcome for GBS infection pregnant woman by special nursing intervention LI Xiaohui;The ICU of Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital in Maoming City;
Full nursing of intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation in the emergency treatment of acute myocardial infarction HUANG Liyun;LIANG Meihe;OU Zhuanhuan;Interventional Section
Application effect of self-made pictures in the communication with artificial airway patients CHEN Xiaoying;DENG Shaolian;XIAN Yanjun;LIU Huorong;Intensive Care Unit
The effect of nursing intervention on the rehabilitation of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease during the period of remission HUANG Caixia;Department of Internal Medicine
Discusse the effect of treatment adherence of the humanized nursing model for hospital acquired pneumonia patients LI Dongju;FAN Yueer;KUANG Yucui;Department of Nursing
Comprehensive nursing intervention of the Mini-laparoscopic peritoneal dialysis catheter technique GONG Lewei;LIANG Shaoping;SU Lijuan;LI Cairong;DOU Xianrui;MO Min;Department of Nephrology
Effect observation of nursing risk management in mental disorders dietary insecurity CHEN Ruilian;CHEN Yingmei;LI Xiuzhen;LI Ting;The Third Invalides Hospital;
Effect and feasibility study on nursing intervention applied in nursing care of patients with hysteroscopy GUO Cuiying;YUAN Liqun;CHEN Xiujuan;SONG Ling;Gynecology Clinic
Effect observation of predictive nursing intervention in application of clinical nursing in patients with postpartum hemorrhage after vaginal delivery LIU Canjuan;Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Effect analysis of family nursing of patients with tibia fibula fracture after external fixation device ZUO Haimei;Department of Surgery
Effect comparison of biochemical test and routine test in diagnosis of diabetes LIN Wanmei;PENG Chengfeng;ZENG Caiyun;Department of Clinical Laboratory
Application analysis on HBs Ag/TP combined detection reagent in Dongguan area YAO Junqing;YE Huifen;Dongguan Blood Center;
Application value of high frequency ultrasound in imaging and localization of brachial plexus LI Youfang;JIA Xinlian;HUANG Liang;Zhongxin Huizhou Hospital Limited Zhongxin Huizhou Hospital;
Diagnostic value of echocardiography in clinical manifestations not typical of infective endocarditis LI Xiuna;ZHENG Zhichao;B-Ultrasound Room
A preliminary study on real-time elastosonography in the diagnosis of external humeral epicondylitis CHEN Le;Ultrasonography Department
Clinical value of double contrast ultrasonography in the diagnosis of benign and malignant tumors of gastrointestinal tract LIANG Zijun;LAI Jinyu;CHEN Peifen;HUANG Shichuan;ZHU Anli;Department of Tumor Surgery
Application value of color Doppler ultrasound in diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis of lower extremity GAO Liping;Department of Ultrasound
A preliminary study on MTP mode in the control of excessive outpatient infusions LI Weixuan;MO Diwei;LEI Luwen;ZENG Wanghuan;Affiliated Nanhai Hospital of Southern Medical University;Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital of Shunde District;
Evaluation of early lactate clearance rate and oxygenation index on the prognosis of patients with severe pneumonia combined with shock LIU Hanmian;YANG Riyan;CHEN Xingbo;LING Yun;YE Chuyang;QU Rong;Intensive Care Unit
The observation of effect of mental health education on improvement of negative emotions for the family numbers of psychiatric patients in Huizhou City LU Xuezhen;FU Pingping;ZHU Weifang;WU Donghong;WU Huixia;The Demobilized Veterans Hospital of Huizhou City;The Second People's Hospital of Huizhou City;
The establishment of differential diagnosis scoring system of Crohn's disease and intestinal tuberculosis YUAN Shuai;SHU Jianchang;ZHOU Haihua;Department of Gastroenterology
Application value analysis of enalapril maleate folic acid tablets on stroke caused by H-hypertension LI Zhe;SUN Lingyu;TAN Qi;HU Zongji;Internal Medicine-Neurology
Serum differentially expression micro RNA profile and potential roles in diabetic cardiomyopathy patients GUO Runmin;LIU Chang;WU Zijun;JIANG Jiamei;WU Bin;MO Hailiang;HUANG Ruina;HE Songjian;LI Teng;YAN Hai;LI Shanghai;YOU Qiong;WU Keng;Department of Cardiology
Influence of rosuvastatin combined with clopidogrel to lipids and hs-CRP levels of patients with unstable angina LV Yanli;Department of Cardiology
The effect research of enalapril maleate and folic acid tablets on treating hyperlipidemia combined with H-type hypertension HUANG Zhuoming;First Internal Medicine
The prognosis effect analysis of amiodarone combined with clopidogrel on frequent ventricular premature beat in patients with coronary heart disease LIU Xiao;LIANG Sunying;MO Xishang;YANG Liuqing;Maoming Petrochemical Industry Hospital;
Clinical effect and significance in hemorrheology of Shuxuening injection in the treatment of Pulmonary heart disease with hyperlipidemia CHEN Hua;GAO Xiaoming;Department of Respiratory Medicine
Far and near clinical effect of tongxinluo after interventional treatment of coronary heart disease(CHD) CHEN Wenguang;YANG Qingbang;CHEN Jian;CHEN Donglang;CHEN Guangjin;Department of Internal Medicine-Cardiovascular
Study on the relationship between blood pressure level and incidence of cerebral vascular complications in patients with hypertension WU Yujin;Department of Internal Medicine
The Analysis of MSCT Features of Primary Dissection of Superior Mesenteric Artery HAN Liliang;MAO Yongzheng;LIU Jinping;Department of CT
Study on the correlation between CA199 and CEA level and glucose, glycosylated hemoglobin and other factors of type 2 diabetic patients YANG Zhengqiang;RUAN Danjie;WANG Xueqin;WEI Jing;TIAN Yong;Department of Endocrinology
Review of Knee Function Evaluation Form HUANG Lechun;HU Huimin;LIANG Yuxiang;Department of Rehabilitation
Clinical analysis of sevoflurane or propofol remifentanil anesthesia in laparoscopic cholecystectomy LIANG Jinlan;Department of Anesthesiology
The analgesic effect analysis of parecoxib sodium combined with lower extremity nerve block on knee joint and distal surgical patients FENG Tao;LI Xueli;WANG Kunfeng;Department of Anesthesiology
Influence of different concentrations of sevoflurane to heart rate variability of elderly patients with coronary heart disease during anesthesia induction period ZHANG Xiaolong;Department of Anesthesiology
Comparative analysis of clinical efficacy of transilluminated powered phlebectomy and traditional endarterectomy in treatment of varicose veins SONG Yan;ZHAO Hongfeng;MIAO Renying;LIU Jinyang;FANG Chao;FU Yiqun;Department of Vascular Surgery
Epidemiological analysis of allergic diseases in primary school students from chancheng district of Foshan YU Qingqing;WANG Yuejian;TANG Jun;MA Xinmiao;LIU Yuesheng;LIU Meihua;Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
The observation of efficacy of Gluthion combined with Essentiale in treatment of infectious mononucleosis syndrome liver damage ZHONG Lexuan;TANG Purun;HU Xiang;Department of Pediatrics
Curative effect observation of alprostadil injection in treatment of vertebral basilar artery insufficiency QIAN Bing;Internal Medicine-Neurology
Clinical effect analysis of balloon expandable stent in treatment of symptomatic vertebral artery stenosis HU Junxian;JIANG Zhenqin;ZHONG Xiaojin;Department of Internal Medicine Neurology
Reliability and validity test of Chinese version of amphetamine craving scale WANG Danfeng;LIU Enyi;LAN Xiaochang;LIU Yuping;LU Xiangyun;Department of Psychiatry
Effect of group psychotherapy on quality of life in patients with persistent somatic pain disorder LI Qi;BI Pengxiang;ZHANG Hailong;GENG Yanmeng;Medical Psychology Teaching and Research Section
The effect of docetaxel, epirubicin, cyclophosphamide neoadjuvant chemotherapy for advanced term breast cancer YUAN Wenqing;Department of Surgery
The clinical effect of mini-incision surgery in the treatment of thyroid tumors HUANG Xibing;Department of Medical
Clinical effect of prophylactic terminal ileum stoma plate in rectal cancer operation LI Jiquan;CUI Liping;Department of General Surgery
Clinical observation of spiral CT 3D imaging assisted endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy in treatment of refractory and recurrent lacrimal sac LI Tukun;CHEN Jinyan;LI Yujin;Department of Otorhinolaryngology
Minimally invasive operation in treatment of primary angleclosure glaucoma under persistent high intraocular pressure NIU Jingyi;JIN Ling;LIU Xiaohong;ZHANG Hong;Baoan District People's Hospital
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