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China Medicine and Pharmacy
FQ: 半月
AD of Publication: 北京市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 2095-0616
CN: 11-6006/R
YP: 2011
Url: 海峡两岸医药卫生交流协会;二十一世纪联合创新(北京)医药科学研究院
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China Medicine and Pharmacy
2017 -07
The method and effect analysis of cold chain transportation of nucleic acid sieve YAO Junqing;YE Huifen;Dongguan Blood Center;
Research on application effect of core-competence teaching model in training of special nurses of blood purification MAI Zhiqin;DENG Zhizhen;HAUNG Hailing;LIANG Qiaomei;LI Yanhong;FENG Yinghong;TANG Liuzhen;Zhaoqing Gaoyao District People's Hospital;
Study on the application of narrative education in nursing teaching ward round XIE Qiong;ZHANG Jianrong;HUANG Yanfang;Department of Pediatrics
Observation of clinical effect of mifepristone combined with oxytocin in treatment of incomplete abortion after induced abortion HUANG Bifang;Huadu District People's Hospital of Guangzhou;
Clinical study on acupuncture and moxibustion in treatment of cystic hyperplasia of breast HE Qiangcheng;LI Xiulan;QUAN Menghua;CAI Yingxian;MO Yujun;HE Jinmu;LI Xiuyun;Department of Preventive Treatment of Disease
Meta-analysis on hydro-acupuncture therapy for labor analgesia of primipara LAI Rongdi;HE Yonghong;ZHOU Muci;HE Jinxing;Kaiping Central Hospital;
Effect of traditional Chinese medicine dialectical therapy on blood pressure control and related inflammatory cytokine levels for hypertension HE Zhixiong;GAO Shuntian;LI Aifen;Guangdong Province Dongguan City Dalingshan Hospital;
Effect of composition control Qi Shuxin tablets quality SHI Lei;FAN Chunling;CHEN Shangkun;Songyuan Institute for food and drug control;
Influence of combine traditional Chinese and western medicine in the treatment of hyperthyroidism and its effects on bone turnover markers and bone mineral density ZHENG Xiaodong;Department of Endocrinology
Simplification and application of nursing assessment sheets based on mobile nursing information system SUN Yujuan;TIAN Fenghua;LIANG Jing;Department of Nursing
Effect evaluation of details of nursing management in operation room on the reduction of nosocomial infection HUANG Xiaoling;WEI Weihua;HU Jieyun;ZHANG Xiuxia;Operation Room
Study on commonly used blood purification in maintaining clearance effect of serum parathyroid hormone of patients with hemodialysis LIU Zhenggang;SHI Feng;REN Shan'er;Department of Nephrology
Prevention and treatment of perioperative complications of elderly patients with hip fracture HE Liwen;Xinyi People's Hospital;
Study on the changes of central electrocardiogram in Ligustrazine of diabetic patients GONG Fang;LI Minjuan;HUANG Jiefang;XIONG Shilong;Electrocardiographic Room
Curative effect observation of compound glutamine capsules in prevention of intestinal response after radiotherapy for gynecologic tumors TIAN Jihong;TANG Luqun;WANG Haijing;ZHAO Weiyong;BI Liangwen;SHAO Yanyan;ZHAO Huafeng;ZHANG Lizhen;Radiotherapy Department
Effect of nursing intervention on cognitive function of patients with constipation after stroke TU Xiaohua;DENG Yangdan;LIANG Caiqiong;MA Yunlian;ZHENG Miaoyun;Internal Medicine
Nursing experience of clinical application of vasoactive drugs in the cardiology department XIAO Wenjuan;The Second Clinical Medical College of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine;
Effect of early nursing intervention on neonatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy ZHANG Min;MENG Haohao;LIAO Ailing;JIANG Lanyan;WU Duanchun;Nanshan District People's Hospital;
Application value of nursing intervention in metformin combined with polyene phosphatidylcholine in treatment of NAFLD ZHOU Jinju;QIN Yandong;ZHOU Guoyong;FAN Yudan;LIU Bin;The Third People's Hospital of Foshan Nanhai District;Department of Emergency
Curative effect of two nursing methods of Kawasaki in the treatment and nursing care of disease immunoglobulin SU Meiling;LI Lingli;ZHANG Meihui;DONG Yuru;Hongqi Hospital Affiliated to Mudanjiang Medical University;
Influence of comprehensive psychological nursing intervention on anxiety and nursing satisfaction of patients with endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography FAN Lingjuan;DONG Jinyan;HE Yue'e;Department of Gastroenterology
Study on effect of self-management education on patients with pre-diabetes YANG Qi;SONG Jing;ZHANG He;GUO Yanhong;XU Hui;Department of Endocrinology
Effect of whole-quality nursing on mental health and nursing satisfaction of patients after gallbladder caries LEI Lin;Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery
Nursing of cataract microsurgical phacoemulsification after glaucoma surgery WANG Jiaying;LIU Lingling;HUANG Xinxin;LIU Liping;Hongqi Hospital Affiliated to Mudanjiang Medical University;
Effect of collaborative nursing mode on self-nursing ability and quality of life of patients with hemodialysis GUO Huankai;CHEN Xiaohe;LI Chunxi;LIU Cailing;LIANG Jinyun;Department of Nephrology
Significance of procalcitonin in division of main pathogens of bacterial culture ZHANG Liping;ZHAO Dong;Clinical Laboratory
Correlation analysis of urinary NGAL and renal injury in patients with pregnancy induced hypertension HUANG Guanglian;PU Rong;WANG Boqin;Clinical Laboratory
Application of serum interleukin-17 in the diagnosis and prognosis of lower respiratory tract infection REN Chunna;YU Qi;ZHAO Yue;ZHANG Yang;Clinical Laboratory
Clinical study of thoracic injection of urokinase combined with central venous catheter drainage in the treatment of tuberculous pleural effusion LI Qigong;HUANG Jianxin;Department of Internal Medicine
Study on EAST-6 specific T lymphocytes in the diagnosis of tuberculous pleurisy TAN Junfeng;Department of Respiratory
Clinical study on noninvasive ventilator combined with routine method in treatment of acute pulmonary edema caused by pulmonary heart disease resulting from COPD FU Huiheng;TIAN Yali;LI Lirong;WU Jianfeng;ZENG Xiangfu;Second Respiratory Department
Diagnostic value of 256 layers spiral CT technique for diabetic myocardial damage OU Guanying;LIN Bomiao;LIANG Bin;YAO Runkai;MO Yingtong;Department of Radiology
Significance of urinary albumin screening for patients with hypertension and diabetes in community KUANG Mengqi;XIE Lina;LIU Liang;WU Xiaoqiu;Shenzhen Luohu Hospital Group;
Analysis of serum uric acid and plasma brain natriuretic peptide levels of patients with chronic heart failure PAN Limin;Nanhai District Seventh People's Hospital;
Application value of combined detection of erythropoietin,serum iron and reticulocyte hemoglobin content in the treatment of senile anemia LIN Jinsong;YUAN Huiqing;ZHANG Wenhua;Chang'an Hospital;The Eighth People's Hospital;
Correlations between serum IL-6,IL-8,TNF-α,and hs-CRP levels with lung function in patients with moderate and severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in slationary phase LAN Fang;Zhongshan City Banfu Hospital
Effect assessment of invasive-noninvasive sequential mechanical ventilation for traumatic acute respiratory distress syndrome YE Ruiliang;JIN Tongxin;LIU Weiming;CAI Lihua;LIANG Qiaoan;LIN Yaoguo;Respiratory Medicine Department
Reference value of combined detection of CA125 and PCT in antibiotic treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in acute exacerbation period WNAG Fei;NIE Sen;HUANG Xiaowei;SHEN Xiaoxia;Department of Respiratory Medicine
Prognostic value of NGAL and C reactive protein in acute pancreatitis patients with acute kidney injury WANG Fuyu;CHENG Xinsheng;ZHENG Yongbin;MIAO Dingding;GAO Jinting;Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery
Differential expression analysis of interleukin in patients with different severity of ulcerative colitis(UC) LIU Jiefeng;WU Bingzhuo;HUANG Lichang;ZHONG Chunmei;CHEN Yanqing;LI Shihai;Medicine Department
Effect observation of oral propranolol or endoscopic variceal ligation in prevention of first bleeding of esophageal varices XIAO Shigen;Shixing People's Hospital;
Analysis on application effect of octreotide combined with omeprazole on acute upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage HUANG Yin;Gaungdong Nongken Central Hospital;
Cost-effectiveness of triple and quadruple eradication in the treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection ZHU Linchang;HU Shuangcheng;ZHANG Jingjing;The Second People's Hospital of Futian District;
Parallel control analysis of Biological pump glycoprotein expression of SD rat liver cell membrane with cholesterol metabolism disorder YU Jingxi;Department of General Surgery
Effect analysis of pre placed titanium clip in high-frequency electrosurgical excision of endoscopic gastrointestinal polyps JIANG Yuni;CHEN Qinming;YU Lian;CHEN Haibin;Digestive Endoscopy Center
Observation of supreme laryngeal mask anesthesia in application of totally extraperitoneal prosthesis ZHAN Yinzhou;GUO Chunming;CHEN Zhaoban;CAI Chuyuan;ZHANG Zhou;Department of Anesthesiology
Application value research on ultrasonic scalpel in open thyroid surgery with small incision LIN Junshuang;Department of General Surgery
Clinical effect observation of intervertebral foramen in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation LIN Jianze;YU Zheng;GUO Weizhuang;Spine surgery
Clinical analysis of 101 cases of intractable choledocholithiasis treated by endoscopic sphincterotomy combined with large balloon dilatation RUAN Weishan;CEN Chuan;LIN Hongkai;LIU Yelin;Department of Gastroenterology
Drug treatment program research on patients with premature ejaculation WU Xiaomeng;WEI Wei;YU Yang;LI Long;Department of Pharmacy
Evaluation of clinical effect of ursodeoxycholic acid combined with Yinzhihuang oral liquid in treatment of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy ZHANG Yuhua;Taiping Town Shengang Health Center
Study on relationship between mycoplasma infection and infertility and aphoria DENG Qingyun;Fengkai Family Planning Service Station;
Clinical research on salvianolate,compression stockings combined with low molecular weight heparin calcium in the prevention of deep venous thrombosis after gynecologic operation WANG Yulian;Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Effect of magnesium sulfate combined with nifedipine on hemorheology indexes of patients with gestational hypertension CHEN Yu;Xuwen People's Hospital;
Clinical observation of ropivacaine combined with sufentanil in painless delivor epidural anesthesia CHEN Changliang;CHEN Yuansheng;Department of Anesthesiology
Clinical significance of monitoring of blood lactate and lactate clearance rate in septic shock of children WU Min;CHEN Jie;ZENG Lina;CHEN Feng;CAI Cuixian;Yangjiang People's Hospital;
Study on relationship between leukoaraiosis lesions and hemorrhagic transformation after intravenous thrombolysis in elderly patients with acute cerebral infarction ZHANG Jieyin;GUAN Quansheng;Affiliated Hospital to Guangdong Medical University;
Research of low molecular heparin combined with rehabilitation training in the prevention of deep venous thrombosis after stroke HUANG Genlin;HUANG Yan;LI Youjia;Department of neurology
Correlation study between exercise self-efficacy and neurological deficit of stroke patients LI Yanyan;YANG Chunqin;TANG Fuqin;ZHENG Xiuyun;LI Meifen;Taizhou Vocational and Technical College;Shanghai Zhabei District Pengpu Community Health Service Center;
Randomized controll study of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in improvement of upper limb motor function of subacute ischemic stroke patients YOU Guoqing;LIANG Huiying;YOU Guijuan;HUANG Zhe;Department of Rehabilitation
Influence of allopurinol on clinical prognosis of patients with acute ischemic stroke complicated with carotid plaque WANG Yaquan;Hospital of Chang'an Dongguan;
Study on risk factors of cutting down relapse of cerebral arterial thrombosis in the elderly with captopril CHENG Zhuolin;Department of Geriatrics
Influence of systematic health education and discharge follow-up in stroke unit model to the stability of carotid plaques in stroke patients GUO Cuiying;LI Liuzhang;SU Meixiang;Chang'an Hospital;
Effect of madopar combined with pramipexole dihydrochloride on anxiety and depression and serum inflammatory factors of patients with Parkinson's disease LIU Yuecun;LI Zhanhong;CHEN Xionghui;Department of Neurology
Effect of strengthening spleen and replenishing qi and enriching blood method on quality of life of Parkinson patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction CHENG Yunfan;YU Xiaolan;JIANG Xiaoling;SHANG Yonghua;WANG Tingru;Fuzhou Second Hospital
Influences of atorvastatin calcium on carotid atherosclerotic plaque and blood lipid of patients with transient ischemic attack HUANG Guomin;DENG Yaofang;HUANG Dandan;HUANG Hanning;The people's Hospital of Gaozhou;
Curative effect of amisulpride and sertraline to depression patients and its impact on quality of life and social function WEN Lei;YANG Fengyi;ZHANG Chengcheng;WEN Wanjun;ZOU Guixiang;ZHANG Chaoying;Department of Psychiatry
Evaluation of clinical curative effect of donepezil combined with rhodiola rosea in treatment of alzheimer disease PANG Wei;ZHOU Chen;CHEN Yan;Department of Neurology
Analysis on effect of cryotherapy by fiber bronchoscope on clinical symptoms of patients with advanced stage central type lung cancer MIAO Chunxing;JIN Yubin;ZHANG Xia;MA Deshuang;Department of Thoracic Surgery
Comparison of effects of total resection of lesser curvature and traditional radical gastrectomy in treatment of distal gastric cancer CHEN Chuqun;LV Zhenfa;First Department of Surgery
The application observation of dialectics in the spleen and stomach in 69 cases of gastric carcinoma HUANG Jinsheng;JIANG Yi;Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center;Department of Orthopaedics
Clinical observation of standardized sublingual dermatophagoides farinae allergen vaccine drops in treatment of urticaria YU Jialin;LIU Jun;HUANG Rundi;Dongguan Dalang Hospital;
Clinical effect of chlorcyclizine tablets combined with urticaria pills in treatment of chronic urticaria XIE Shihai;ZHAO Weihua;ZHANG Guoping;HUANG Zhuangfeng;Department of Dermatology
Determination of entrapment efficiency of roxithromycin nano-liposomes ZENG Zhaohui;LIN Mingyue;Department of Pharmacy
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