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China Medicine and Pharmacy
FQ: semimonthl
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 2095-0616
CN: 11-6006/R
YP: 2011
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China Medicine and Pharmacy
2017 -24
Thoughts on improving the innovation of party class in grass-roots scientific research institutes——Take "two learning and one doing" as the starting point to study and educate the party class HAO Xueqin;HU Lilei;LI Chen;JIA Shuying;YU Bin;SUN Bo;Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology
Investigation on demand of nursing teaching in operation room in both sides of the teaching ZHOU Can;PENG Yanmei;ZHANG Junqiang;ZHANG Li;Operation Room Supply Center
Effective surgical treatment and nursing care of patients with cerebral hernia caused by cerebral venous sinus thrombosis combined with cerebral hemorrhage LUO Yinghong;HUANG Huifang;WEN Jiaying;Department of Emergency Medicine
Evaluation of effect of cognitive nursing intervention on psychological state and compliance behavior of glaucoma patients ZOU Lina;Department of Five Organs
Operative cooperation of laparoscopic assisted pancreatoduodenectomy in 1 cases ZHANG Xiuxian;Operation Room
Observation on the effect of systematic pelvic floor rehabilitation exercise in postpartum rehabilitation training CHEN Lilian;PAN Jinli;GAO Meixia;Department of Gynaecology
The value of ultrasound elastic imaging in the diagnosis of non-mass breast lesions CHANG Ying;YANG Jingchun;GE Xiaoling;AI Di;HE Yang;WANG Heng;WANG Nan;ZHANG Wenyi;BAI Yuchen;Department of Ultrasonic Diagnosis
Effect of subcutaneous fat thickness measurement on subcutaneous injection of low molecular weight heparin sodium CAI Huiqiong;Department of Gynaecology
Influence of different feeding modes with touch and intervention nursing combined on growth in preterm newborns WANG Mingying;HUANG Xihua;ZHANG Shumei;Department of Pediatrics
Effect of family nursing model on adolescent patients with mood disorder and follow-up ZHU Fujian;LI Liyan;LU Fenghua;Guangzhou Huiai Hospital
Effect of rehabilitation nursing on prognosis of patients with ankylosing spondylitis CHEN Chunli;Second Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College;
Clinical application of humanistic nursing care in the coronary angiography HUANG Xiaochun;Yangchun Central Hospital;
Effect of nursing intervention on patients undergoing percutaneous nephrolithotomy HAN Ying;Department of Urology
Effect observation of two fixation methods on tracheal intubation FENG Guifang;MO Xiaohong;Gaozhou People's Hospital;
Observation on the influence of family visit on the mental state and quality of life of leukemia patients CHEN June;YE Danqing;WU Lin;Shantou Central Hospital of Guangdong Province;
Effect of comprehensive nursing on pain and knee function in patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty ZHANG Junli;Bone One Area of Huizhou Center People's Hospital;
Application of quality nursing process intervention in intravenous thrombolysis with ischemic stroke LI Jing;Department of Medicine
Analysis on the effect of continuing health education and nursing service for discharged parturient CHEN Xiaowen;ZHONG Linyan;CHEN Shufang;Baby-friendly Area
Evaluation of the effect of targeted nursing on negative psychological state and quality of life in elderly patients with coronary heart disease ZHOU Xiaoqin;FENG Shuxian;HU Ping;Emergency Department of the Fifth People's Hospital of Longgang District;
Analysis of the effect of telephone follow-up on the quality of life of patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma after discharge DING Juan;ZHANG Yangqiong;DU Liyuan;JIANG Binyu;Department of Oncology
Evaluation of the effect of comprehensive prevention and control measures for intestinal nematode disease in Yizheng city ZHANG Jin;LU Bin;ZHANG Zhengqiu;The Municipal Center for Disease Prevention and Control of Yizheng City;
Progress in research on the effects of nutritional status on the condition of miliary pulmonary tuberculosis patients LIU Shuyu;Communicable-Disease Center of Anti-epidemic Institute of Heilongjiang Province;
Control analysis of the clinical efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine and conventional medication in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B LIN Yanchao;Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital;
Evaluation of the value of left ventricular function in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy by three-dimensional speckle tracking technique CHEN Wenqin;The Eighth Hospital of Fuzhou City;
Study on the effect of domestic single cavity pacemaker in sudden cardiac death and its effect on cardiac function BAI Qiaoyan;Institute of Weaponry Industrial Health
Effects of recombinant human brain natriuretic peptide on cardiac function and tissue perfusion after PCI in elderly patients with acute myocardial infarction LV Bin;Department of Cardiovascular Medicine
Analysis of the diagnostic value of serum cTnT, myocardial enzyme and IL-6 for chronic heart failure REN Yongxia;Clinical Laboratory
Meta analysis of clopidogrel combined with aspirin in the treatment of angina pectoris CHEN Peng;QU Lingguang;Department of Emergency
Effects of aspirin, clopidogrel combined with cilostazol on patients with high platelet reactivity after coronary stent implantation CAI Zhongjie;CHEN Kan;WU Yunmin;Pharmacy Department
Analysis of β-blocker combined with conventional drugs in the treatment of heart failure of valvular heart disease XIAO Minghuo;YANG Qiuyan;CAO Zheng;3 Ward Department of Cardiovascular Medicine
Discussion on the Clinical Value of Applying Electronic Bronchoscope Technology to Refractory Pneumonia CHEN Ziwei;ZHUANG Junhe;LI Yaobang;The People's Hospital of Puning City;
Diagnostic value of procalcitonin in elderly patients with community acquired pneumonia XU Tingfu;Heshan People's Hospital;
Research on relevance between expiratory nitric monoxide level, inflammatory phenotype and lung function differences in comparison among asthma patients of Han and She Ethnicity in eastern Fujian PENG Jinyun;CHEN Limin;XIAO Jianhong;WEI Dandong;ZENG Linmiao;CHEN Zongyun;Department of Respiratory
Analysis of the efficacy of Bifidobacterium triple combined with mesalazine in the treatment of ulcerative colitis SU Demin;WEI Xiaoling;Shaowu Municiple Hospital of Fujian Province;
Clinical evaluation of functional neuronavigation DTI technique in recovery of limb motor function after microhematoma removal in basal ganglia hemorrhage WANG Zhong;SU Ning;ZHANG Ruijian;WU Rile;ZHANG Yisong;ZHAGN Xiaojun;WANG Junqing;Department of Neurosurgery
Analysis of the curative effect of the combination of the combined metal clamp with the combination of the combined metal clamp with a single-channel endoscopic method for the treatment of gastric wall defects PANG Jingbo;Jiwang District People's Hospital of Xuzhou City;
Effects of high glucose and high insulin on expression of fatty acid synthase in MCF-7 cells of breast cancer and the intervention of metformin CHEN Di;PENG Weiqiang;HUANG Yukang;Department of Breast Surgery
Effect observation of the lateral vein arterialization of distal finger replantation FANG Xueyun;YU Chunbo;Dalingshan Hospital of Dongguan City;
Clinical efficacy of laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the treatment of acute biliary pancreatitis LIANG Haifei;LIN Yingjie;LI Huanping;WU Junzheng;The Qingyuan People's Hospital of Guangdong;
Application of unilateral fixed intervertebral fusion in the lateral position in the elderly degenerative disease of lumbar vertebra ZHENG Mingfeng;HUANG Baitong;LAI Desheng;LI Zhiquan;LIANG Fuyao;HUANG Peixiang;Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Luoding City;
Comparative study of surgical approach and functional rehabilitation of distal humerus type C fractures ZHU Xiuwei;LI Shuqing;Surgery Ward 2
Clinical efficacy of two internal fixation for the treatment of comminuted subtrochanteric fracture of the femur ZANG Leyuan;AO Rongguang;ZHOU Jianhua;HE Jiawen;WANG Yongan;YU Baoqing;ZHU Yalong;Department of Orthopedics
Efficacy of a small dose of nalmefene for eldly patients during general anesthesia recovery period after colorectal surgery FENG Xingyun;GU Damin;HANG Dongyuan;JIANG Wei;YU Lu;Department of Anesthesia
Efficacy and safety of flexible ureteroscope combined with holmium laser lithotripsy in the treatment of renal calculi HE Huibin;DING Ning;YU Shichao;XUAN Zijun;Department of Urology
Analysis on the first contact department choice of female college students with gynecological diseases WAN Liping;ZHAO Huanhu;School Hospital of Mizu University of China;Traditional Medicine of Chinese Minorities Research Institute
Clinical analysis of the application of carboprost suppositories after secondary cesarean section of scar uterus CHEN Hailin;ZHENG Jiangli;Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Influence of iodine supplementation on thyroid function in late pregnant hypothyroxinemic of pregnant women TONG Yan;HUANG Jianqing;CHEN Yang;CHEN Tong;TU Mei;Department of Endocrinology
The role of fetal heart monitoring in the diagnosis of atypical placental abruption CHEN Lu;LI Jianming;ZOU Yan;Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
The difference between laparoscopic surgery and transabdominal conservative surgery in the treatment of ovarian tumor pedicle torsion CHEN Yulan;LI Xiaowei;GAO Qingcui;Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
The clinical effect of uterine artery embolization in the treatment of uterine myoma and its effect on ovarian function MI Yi;The First People's Hospital of Xiangyang City Affiliated to Hubei Medical College;
Analysis on the characteristics and clinical outcomes of vaginal delivery of full term pregnancy with scarred uterus JIN Zhi;Department of Obstetrics
Difference in clinical features of patients with dominant gestational diabetes mellitus and gestational diabetes mellitus in late pregnancy LIANG Dongru;ZHANG Honghua;CHEN Xiaoling;Department of Obstetrics
The effect of gynecological endoscopy in the treatment of female congenital genital tract malformation and its influence on pregnancy YUAN Yingjiu;HOU Jianli;DING Wenqing;Department of Gynecology
Study on surgical treatment of high and low cryptorchidism ZHOU Fan;ZHANG Yunsheng;TANG Shiju;Kanghua Hospital;
Application effects of Tulobuterol Patch in children with wheezing and its effects on pulmonary function and serum cytokines levels of inflammation YANG Zhihua;PENG Xiuying;Department of Pediatrics
Comparison of effect of a small dose of erythromycin and domperidone in the treatment of very low birth weight infants with feeding intolerance SUN Lingling;ZHENG Yimin;Department of Pediatrics
Effect of ambroxol oral liquid on recovery time and prognosis of children with acute bronchitis LI Nande;WU Youping;LIAO Huichang;Kaiping Maternal and Child Health Planning Service Center;
Effect comparison between Singulair combined with inhaled corticosteroids and inhaled corticosteroids alone in the treatment of children with asthma HUANG Dong'e;CHENG Yin;Department of Pediatrics
Evaluation of the effect of smecta combined with huangqi Jianzhong decoction on children diarrhea YU Bin;TANG Yingxian;DENG Ruiyuan;People's Hospital of Qingyuan City;Qingyuan food and Drug Inspection Institute;
Clinical observation on the treatment of infant bronchiolitis by warming and humidifying high flow oxygen inhalation LIU Zizhong;Department of Pediatrics
Comparison between budesonide with montelukast in the treatment of mild persistent asthma in children LAN Tao;HE Xichen;YE Huangjian;Emergency Pediatrics
Predictive value of umbilical artery blood gas analysis in neonatal asphyxia YU Zhuobo;LIANG Huihong;QUAN Qihua;HU Fanghui;DU Weijian;The People's Hospital of Gaoyao District;
Efficacy analysis of montelukast combined with pulmicort aerosol in the treatment of 156 children with asthma WU Huaqi;Department of Pediatrics
Expression and Clinical Analysis of Histone Deacetylating Enzyme 5 in Gliomas LIU Quan;The 4th affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University;
Relationship between EGFR and IGF-1R in video-assisted thoracoscopic extended thymectomy and radiotherapy prognosis in patients with thymoma ZHU Ming;HUANG Yuting;ZOU Wenhui;ZHAO Jixing;LI Yongsheng;Cardiothoracic Surgery
The study of endoscopic surgery and clinical efficacy of thyroid cancer ZHANG Xiaojing;CHEN Yansong;WANG Binbin;CHEN Rujie;Department of Tumor Surgery
Comparative study of accelerated rehabilitation surgery on elderly patients with colorectal cancer in laparoscopic surgery LI Xiaohui;LIU Tebin;WANG Jinxiang;Department of General Surgery
The effect of endoscopic large bowel cancer surgery on insulin resistance in the perioperative period LUO Liyun;HUANG Shangshu;Department of Clinical Laboratory
Effect on recurrence rate of prophylactic central lymph node dissection for papillary thyroid cancer XIE Chuping;General Surgery Department
The efficacy of Tegafur on the maintenance therapy of local advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients after initial chemoradiotherapy LIU Dongying;CHEN Shiwen;ZENG Yongbo;LI Mingyi;Department of Oncology
Study of mosapride citrate effect in treatment of nausea and vomiting caused by cancer pain observed fentanyltransdermal patch WEI Chenchen;FU Hangjiang;LU Binbin;XU Pei;WANG Zhaoxia;CHENG Zhixiang;Department of Pain
Clinical analysis of orthodontic treatment of patients with unilateral cleft lip and palate in late permanent dentition XIN Jinglei;LI Wei;Department of Stmatology
Analysis of the antibiotic use intensity of inpatients in our hospital during 2014-2016 years LI Caixia;BAI Zaixian;Department of Pharmacy
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