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Chinese Community Doctors
FQ: weekly
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 1007-614X
CN: 11-5189/R
YP: 1985
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Chinese Community Doctors
2018 -27
Probe into the requirements of new hospital accounting system for drug accounting Pan Hongxia;The Hospital Affiliated to Yanbian University
Application of archives management mode reform in hospital archives management Jin Yinshan;Affiliated Hospital of Yanbian University
Application of the WeChat public number in the hospital business propaganda Jin Lanying;Affiliated Hospital of Yanbian University
Application of new teaching mode of micro lesson in respiratory clinical nursing practice teaching Yang Ya;Chen Fangjing;Lu Shunjia;The Second Department of Respiration
A study on the sex ratio of the population born in 2013-2017 years in Kunshan Zhao Ji;Wu Bing;Department of Group Health Care
Influencing factors of drug safety and intervention effect of pharmacists in special populations Guo Yuemei;Shanghai Huadong Hospital;
Review of outpatient prescription and analysis of irrational drug use in ophthalmic otolaryngology special hospital from 2016 to 2017 Liu Jing;Wang Jiajie;Pharmacy Department
Current situation and assumption of drug inventory management in our hospital Yao Naiqi;Jiang Zhe;Affiliated Hospital of Yanbian University;
Influence of enalapril on cardiac function and left ventricular remodeling in patients with acute anterior myocardial infarction Liu Yan;Meng Xiaodong;Department of Cardiology
Clinical effect of thrombolytic therapy for acute ischemic stroke Kuang Jun;Li Lin;Emergency Department
Analysis of clinical effect of early enteral nutrition on improving inflammatory reaction in patients with severe craniocerebral injury Wang Jianqiang;Fenyang Hospital of Shanxi Province;
Clinical efficacy of Chinese herbal enema combined with blood purification in the treatment of early acute kidney injury caused by sepsis and its effect on serum inflammatory factors Zhang Li;Department of Emergency
Clinical value of eosinophils in urosepsis Dai Jiaoshuai;Hengkang Hospital of Wangcheng District Changsha City;
Analysis of the value of CT and MRI in the diagnosis of thyroid nodules Xia Yu;Huang Guobiao;Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Xishui County in Zunyi City of Guizhou Province;
MRI combined with MSCT on the accuracy of diagnosis in patients with intrahepatic peripheral cholangiocarcinoma Zhang Liping;Department of Imaging
Influence of methotrexate microemulsion on psoriasis in mice Lv Fengyan;Wang Xiaogang;Department of Infectious Diseases
Clinical feasibility of intense pulsed light in the treatment of facial hormone dependent dermatitis Yang Yuyan;Department of General Practice
Therapeutic effect of Pai Te Ling in the treatment of 5 cases of refractory condyloma acuminatum Jia Lijun;Zhu Lei;Yu Ge;The Central Hospital of Changchun City;
Nasal corticosteroids on the concentration of NO in respiratory tract of patients with(seasonal)allergic rhinitis Qin Jin;Guizhou Space Hospital;
Efficacy and safety of vitrectomy combined with intemal limiting membrane peeling in the treatment of retinal detachment due to macular hole Li Chunmin;National Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital of Lichuan City;
Evaluation of clinical effect on reduning combined with meloxicillin sulbactam sodium in the treatment of acute suppurative tonsillitis in children Wu Xin;Department of Pediatrics
Comparative analysis of difference of choroidal thickness in myopic children corrected by frame glasses and orthokeratology lenses Huang Zaihong;Optometre Clinic
Effect of laparoscopic surgery for benign ovarian tumors of 60 cases Ju Yabo;Department of Gynaecology
Feasibility of cisplatin concurrent chemoradiotherapy for patients with middle and late cervical cancer Luo Yu;Obstetrics and Gynecology Department
Association between RAF-1 rs1051208 gene polymorphism and susceptibility to gastric cancer in Tujia ethnic group in Enshi City of Hubei Province Wu Kezhi;Enshi National Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital;
Clinicopathological analysis on 20 cases of intracranial perivascular pericytoma Zhou Weiping;Brain Hospital of Hunan Province;
Analysis of related factors of emergency treatment for patients with severe mental disorders Ren Chengjun;Jin Yuhong;Tian Liang;Han Jinxiang;Mental Health Care Center of Xicheng District in Beijing City;
Efficacy of nirgodin in the treatment of depression after cerebral infarction Yi Jiping;Chen Bin;Huang Fengzhen;Lei Yuanbiao;Ou Fuyong;Yao Xiaoxi;The First People's Hospital Chenzhou City;
Clinical analysis of ketotifen combined with salbutamol tablet in the treatment of bronchopneumonia(wheezing type) Duan Yong;Pediatrics
Comparison of the effects of intravenous anesthesia gastroscopy and ordinary gastroscopy in the treatment of foreign bodies in children's upper digestive tract Deng Da;Department of Anesthesiology
Efficacy of atomized ambroxol hydrochloride combined with erythromycin in the treatment of infantile pneumonia Wu Chenyang;Department of Paediatrics
Preventive effect of budesonide combined with montelukast sodium on acute asthma attack in children Hu Qiong;Wen Li;The Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Jiading District Shanghai City;
Clinical pathway of Chinese medicine in the treatment of acute cough Feng Re Fan Fei Zheng in children Chang Aihong;Yangxi Town Central Hospital of Shehong County Suining City
Analysis of therapeutic effect of reduning injection on children's hand foot and mouth disease Song Xi;Wang Lili;Department of Paediatrics
Clinical research on treatment of children with asthma in remission stage by point application of summer treatment for winter disease combined with Chinese medicine Wen Li;Hu Qiong;The Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Jiading District Shanghai City;
Effect of He Gu Xue and Nei Guan Xue Qin Zhen for alleviating gastrointestinal reaction caused by intravenous infusion of azithromycin in children Liu Jie;Zhu Yuping;Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital of Changping District Beijing City;
Clinical application value and significance of fluorescence quantitative PCR in prenatal screening of group B streptococcus infection Zhang Wenmao;Department of Genetic Eugenics
Pathological diagnosis and classification of endometrium in irregular vaginal bleeding of climacteric women Xue Rong;Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital of Urumqi City;
Clinical effect of retroperitoneal laparoscopic surgery for upper urinary tract diseases in the department of Urology Yu Qi;Cancer Hospital of Guizhou Province;
Analysis of related factors of residual stone after minimally invasive percutaneous nephrolithotomy Zhang Zhixu;Zhou Xueyan;Xie Jing;The People's Hospital of Huaxi District in Guiyang City of Guizhou Province;
Analysis of BK virus infection and risk factors after renal transplantation by DCD donor kidney Long Jianhua;Xie Juanjuan;Qian Kun;Li Zhijun;Li Jianjun;Urology Surgery
Effect of microchannel percutaneous nephrolithotomy on the lithotripsy and complications of upper urinary calculi Zhang Qingbing;Department of Urology
Clinical prognosis of ureteroscopic holmium laser lithotripsy in the treatment of ureteral calculi Liu Shimin;The First Hospital Affiliated to Nanhua University;
Advances in the diagnosis and treatment of plasma cell mastitis Cui Chao;The First Department of General Surgery
Analysis of treatment of calcaneal fractures with parallel minimally invasive incision and titanium plate internal fixation Teng Jianfeng;Hu Jianbin;Li Jin;Yang Wuyi;Ma Ji;Tang Lu;Huang Qiang;Xiang Chengcheng;Department of Trauma Orthopedics
Clinical analysis of laparoscopic surgery and laparotomy in the treatment of acute appendicitis Huang Shaobin;Pu Qunwang;Yi Yanbo;Luo Ming;Zou Bin;The Central Hospital of Changsha City;
Risk factors for deep venous thrombosis after operation in the department of orthopedics patients Mo Dingfeng;Department of Bone and Joint Surgery
Efficacy of minimally invasive gallbladder preserving lithotripsy in the treatment of 72 patients with gallstone Jiao Xuliang;General Surgery
Clinical study of the time of operation of total hip replacement in the treatment of femoral neck fractures in the elderly Chen Jie;Department of Orthopedics
Application of preemptive analgesia in postoperative pain management in the department of orthopedics Zou Ming;Department of Bone and Joint Surgery
Clinical observation on microsurgical technique in treating wound healing in the department of orthopedics Yang Shaopu;Zhou Piyu;Li Shangquan;Su Qibo;Ma Yuanjun;Huang Zhenhua;The People's Hospital of Bozhou District in Zunyi City;
Selection of anesthesia methods in obstetrics and gynecology surgery Hu Zhe;Anesthesiology Department
Clinical application on multi-slice spiral CT angiography in upper extremity vascular injury Zhang Zuowen;Orthopedics Hospital of Liuyang City in Hunan Province;
Application of nonparametric test in grade data of clinical department of orthopedics Luo Rong;Clinical Laboratory
Effect of insulin glargine combined with glucobay on 40 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus Jian Xiaohua;Shengpu Community Health Service Center of Suzhou Industrial Park;
Clinical efficacy of aminophylline and theophylline in the treatment of bronchial asthma Cheng Jinguang;Internal Medicine
Clinical observation on salmeterol and fluticasone propinate for bronchial asthma Zeng Dan;Yang Jiayi;Department of Respiratory Medicine
Comparison of the effect of blood purification combined with routine medical treatment and simple drug treatment on severe mushroom poisoning Geng Chuanrong;Emergency Internal Medicine
Clinical value of intensive insulin pump treatment for oxidative stress level in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic patients Lv Conghuan;Wang Qian;The Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Qixia District Nanjing City;
Analysis of abnormal characteristics of serum uric acid in diabetic inpatients in Dahan and Han nationality Wang Yan;Chen Nailin;Sun Xiaoxin;Zeng Qinghai;Ao Xin;Zhou Peng;Qiu Wei;Department of Endocrinology
Relationship between carotid intima-media thickness and thyroid hormones in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus Cui Guangshu;Huang Jinhua;Zhang Ling;Department of Endocrinology
Effect of health education in the management of chronic diseases of diabetes in community Cao Xia;Baizhifang Community Health Service Center;
Investigation and analysis of AIDS related knowledge,attitude and behavior among migrant workers in construction area of Rencheng District in Jining City Wei Yong;The Center for Disease Prevention and Control of Rencheng District
Effect of omeprazole in the treatment of peptic ulcer complicated with upper gastrointestinal bleeding Fu Jing;Liu Qin;Binjiang New District Health Center of Jingjiang City
Clinical treatment of pulmonary embolism of respiratory medicine diseases Gao Min;The Third Internal Medicine
Analysis of clinical effect of emergency treatment for chronic congestive heart failure Ruan Ke;Department of Emergency
Clinical efficacy of nifedipine combined with irbesartan tablets in the treatment of primary hypertension Gong Huiqin;Yao Pingbo;Wen Hongyan;Internal Medicine-Cardiovascular Department
Clinical efficacy of amiodarone in the treatment of coronary heart disease with rapid arrhythmia in emergency Li Jiancheng;The People's Hospital of Jiulongpo District Chongqing City;
Effect of Shen Song Yang Xin Capsule combined with metoprolol in the treatment of elderly patients with coronary heart disease and arrhythmia Maerdan·Wubuli;Luyuan Street Hepingqiao Community Health Service Station of Saybagh District Urumqi City
Similarities and differences between laboratory tests for thalassemia and iron deficiency anemia Zhu Yunbo;Xia Xiaomei;Shen Tao;Yang Zaoxiang;The People's Hospital of Zhijiang Dong Autonomous County;
Application effect of holistic nursing for thoracoscopic resection of esophageal carcinoma and conventional thoracotomy Li Hui;Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
Nursing experience on 1 case of bee stings and multiple organ dysfunction cases Zhang Jiangshan;Wu Pingfan;The First Hospital Affiliated to Guiyang Traditional Chinese Medicine College;
Effect of diversified health education on hemodialysis patients Xu Qinfang;Sun Meimei;Zhao Wenjuan;Public Hospital of Pudong District in Shanghai City;
Perioperative nursing care of patients undergoing pancreatic surgery under laparoscope Xu Mei;The People's Hospital of Zhanhua District Binzhou City;
Application on rapid rehabilitation concept in perioperative nursing of hip replacement Ma Li;Department of Bone Injury
Monitoring and nursing management of nosocomial infection in neonatal ward Zhang Bei;Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University;
Neonatal touch nursing on the growth and development of early neonates Su Ling;Kong Meizhen;Zhang Yuling;Dengfeng Community Health Service Center of Yuexiu District in Guangzhou City;
Clinical value of psychological nursing intervention on improving mental status of hospitalized patients with malignant tumor Liu Hongyan;Shao Yu;Wang Ying;Zhu Jin;Oncology Department of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine
Application of humanistic care in artificial anus patients after rectal cancer operation Zhan Yingying;Yang Kangli;Jin Zhi;Department of Cancer Surgery
Analysis of satisfaction survey and influencing factors of community nursing service in the elderly Yang Junfeng;Department of Community Nursing
Application on comprehensive nursing in reducing postoperative pain and urinary retention in patients with anal fistula Yang Lingli;The Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Macheng City;
Nursing care of patients with ureteral calculi treated by holmium laser under ureteroscope Ma Qinghan;The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinzhou Medical University;
Clinical nursing of 7 patients undergoing total endoscopic thyroidectomy via oral vestibular approach Liu Qiao;Yang Xia;Wang Shan;Gong Aiyun;The Two Ward of Thyroid and Breast Surgery
Comprehensive pain relief delivery nursing on delivery mode and pain during labor Song Jing;The People's Hospital of Lanling County in Linyi City of Shandong Province;
Effect of nursing intervention on cognitive function,emotion and daily living ability in elderly patients with mild and moderate cognitive impairment Ding Rong;Department of General Practice
Effect of rehabilitation nursing on motor function and cognitive function of stroke patients Zhang Hongying;Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation
Application effect of nursing intervention in patients with chronic cervicitis treated by focused ultrasound Su Qingmiao;Health Center of Jiehu Town in Yinan County Shandong Linyi;
Study on nursing volunteers participating in the nursing of home-based care for the aged Wang Zhihong;Le Hane;The Fourth Hospital of Wuhan City;
The influence of risk prevention nursing application on the quality of pediatric nursing management Liu Fangfang;Department of Pediatrics
Application of preventive nursing in prevention of abdominal incision infection Hu Chunling;Nuhe People's Hospital of Yunnan Province;
Nursing research of elderly patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus complicated with coronary heart disease Zheng Xin;Huang Yi;Health Center of the Fourth Home for Retired Cadres of Wuhan of Military Region of Hubei Province;Internal Medicine-Cardiovascular Department
Evaluation of postoperative pain and nursing intervention after thoracotomy Liu Qian;Second Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing Medical University;
Analysis of the effect of family doctor comprehensive intervention on blood pressure control in community hypertension patients Zhang Xingxiang;Zhujie Street Community Health Service Center of Qilin District in Qujing;
Influence of health education on community women's breast cancer screening behavior and related knowledge Yin Rongrong;Tiexinqiao Community Health Service Center of Yuhuatai District in Nanjing City;
Analysis and countermeasures of 6 cases of fever in patients with hemodialysis Chen Weihong;The Central Hospital of Jiangjin District Chongqing City;
The cause analysis and countermeasures of 156 specimens with two bowel movements from orthopedics department were returned by the laboratory Zhang Yujie;Department of Laboratory
Study on the influence of different processing methods on the quality of Chinese Medicine Qi Guiyang;Damatou Central Hospital of Guangrao County in Dongying City;
Analysis of irrational prescriptions of Chinese patent medicines in outpatient service of Huilongguan community health service center Yuan Man;Huilongguan Community Health Service Center of Changping District in Beijing City;
Clinical research progress of acupuncture therapy for periarthritis of shoulder Sun Shuzhen;You'Anmen Community Health Service Center of Fengtai District in Beijing City;
Effect of comprehensive therapy of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of respiratory muscle fatigue of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in stable phase Wu Yingqiang;Chen Xiaoyan;Tan Xianqun;General Practice
Effect analysis of Re Du Ning combined with Kou Yan Qing in the treatment of herpetic angina in children Hong Jun;Mazhang Town Health Center of Mazhang District Zhanjiang City
Professor Wang Tan's experience in the treatment of chronic cough Liu Jimin;Wang Tan;Li Meng;Xu Yannan;Liu Tong;Affiliated Hospital of Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Clinical effect of Shu Xue Ning Injection in the treatment of unstable angina pectoris of acute coronary syndrome Liu Jia;The Second People's Hospital of Yueyang City Hunan Province;
Clinical effect of modified Xiao Chai Hu Decoction in the treatment of cough variant asthma He Wei;Bicheng Street Health Center of Bishan District Chongqing City;
Clinical study on treating spleen and stomach disease of liver depression and spleen deficiency with Chinese medicine Shu Gan Jian Pi recipe Zhang Xuecheng;Qingbaijiang Chinese Medicine Hospital of Chengdu City;
Clinical analysis of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B Luo Wei;Infectious Department
Clinical observation on 50 cases of neck type cervical spondylopathy treated with self-made Miao medicine of Chi You Die Da Huo Luo You Chen Yang;The Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Qiandongnan State Guizhou;
Clinical observation on 64 cases of cough variant asthma treated by Chinese Medicine Yang Jinchun;Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Influence of welding operation on human health and related factors Lu Baoli;Jiang Yan;The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Urumqi City Xinjiang;
Prevalence and influencing factors of chronic diseases among workers of railway engineering system Kong Bo;Medical Department
How to carry out the health maintenance of the children in the community by general practitioner Jin Yuehua;Tiexinqiao Community Health Service Center of Yuhuatai District Nanjing City;
Retrospective analysis on traffic accident injuries in 2678 children aged 0~14 Zhou Rong;Tang Xurong;Operation Room
Adapting to the transformation of medical mode and actively carrying out community health service Xu Yinghua;Hutai Community Health Service Center of Chengxi District in Xining City of Qinghai Province;
Continuous quality improvement in nosocomial infection management Wang Dali;Department of Infection Management
Relationship between hospital statistics and hospital management Jin Yan;Affiliated Hospital of Yanbian University
Practice on the medical ethics construction for young medical staff Piao Shunfu;The Hospital Affiliated to Yanbian University
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