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China Modern Medicine
FQ: tri-monthl
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 1674-4721
CN: 11-5786/R
YP: 2008
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2015 -15
Uncertainty analysis of measuring result in whiteness of degreasing cotton WANG Yan-hui;LIU Kun;WANG Miao;GUO Jia-qi;Medical Device Testing Center of Shaanxi Province;
Construction and implementation of hidden curriculum system for under-graduates in medical college YANG Xing-chen;XU Ping;LI Ran;SUN Bo;Department of Medical Treatment,Changzheng Hospital of the Second Military Medical University;Teaching and Research Office of Health Service Management,the Second Military Medical University;Department of Scientific Training,Xingcheng Sanatorium in Shenyang Military Region;
Orientation of teaching reform of obstetrics gynecology in medical college LI Xiu-feng;LI Zong-ming;Luohe Medical College;
Management of flip classroom in clinical teaching CAI Hui;LI Xiu-ru;ZHANG Hai-bo;Operation Room,Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Nanshan District in Shenzhen City;
Exploration of clinical standardized training pattern for clinical medicine postgraduate students in the department of cardiovascular diseases XUE Hao;ZHU Hang;ZHANG Wei;Department of Cardiology,Chinese People′s Liberation Army General Hospital;
Exploration and practice of target system of clinical technique training for medical students SHEN Ji-chun;WANG Su-li;WANG Huo;LI Qing-ying;Department of Blood Endocrinology,Affiliated Hospital of Logistics University of People′ s Armed Police Force;Teaching and Research Office of Internal Medicine,Affiliated Hospital of Logistics University of People′s Armed Police Force;
Practice and experience of intensifying construction of maternal and child health system in Jiangdu district of Yangzhou city CAI Jian;LIU Jian;Jiangdu Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Yangzhou City in Jiangsu Province;Health and Family Planning Commision in Jiangdu District of Yangzhou City in Jiangsu Province;
Influence of hot compress and acupoint massage on distending pain and lactation of breast in primiparas XIONG Fang-mei;TANG Rong-mei;ZHEN Yun;Lianzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangdong Province;
Clinical effect observation of Resina Draconis tablet in the treatment of pediatric mesenteric lymph node enlargement FAN Yao-liang;SU Fang-shi;ZHOU Zhi-jie;TAN Wei-guang;LI Jing;YANG Hong-ling;Department of Children′s Rehabilitation,Guigang Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region;Department of Emergency,Guigang Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region;B Ultrasonic Room,Guigang Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region;
Effect observation of Bufei Huoxue capsule combined with Shengmai in-jection in treatment of chronic obstructive emphysema DENG Shao-zhen;Department of Internal Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Fenggang Hospital of Dongguan City in Guangdong Province;
Clinical effect ofheat sensitive moxibustion treating abdominal distention and constipation in patients with lumbar vertebral compression fracture FU Gui-lian;LIAO Min-fang;YU Gui-zhen;GUI Xiao-qi;LU Na;The First Department of Orthopedics,Xinyu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jiangxi Province;Department of Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngologyand Needle Pain,Xinyu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jiangxi Province;Department of Nursing,Xinyu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jiangxi Province;
Application effect of medical consortium-family contract and personalized traditional Chinese medicine health intervention in chronic diseases LI Mei-ting;Fengyuan Street Community Health Service Center of Liwan District In Guangzhou City;
Influence of oriented psychological intervention on patients with elderly cutaneous pruritus XIONG Wei;ZHU Yi-nan;Department of Dermatology,Shenzhen Hospital of Peking University;
Optimization of the processing technology of the Chinese traditional medicine Motherwort fruit LI Zhi-meng;ZHANG Yan-fei;CAI Guang-zhi;WANG Yao;GONG Ji-yu;GAO Wen-yi;Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Present situation and new progress of routine clinical imaging methods in diagnosis of breast cancer NIE De-hong;LI Hong-yi;LI Kai;HUANG Xiao-fei;Department of Radiology,Huangpu People′s Hospital of Zhongshan City in Guangdong Province;Department of Interventional Radiology,Canner Hospital Affiliated of Harbin Medical University;
Clinical value of neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis by ultrasonic diagnosis ZHU Feng;B Ultrasound Room,Jiaozuo Maternal and Child Health Hospital;
Transvaginal three-dimensional ultrasonography in the diagnosis of scar pregnancy after cesarean section QIAO Li;HE Li-hong;LU Jing-jing;LAI Sheng-kun;Department of Ultrasonography,Bo′ai Hospital of Zhongshan City;
Diagnostic values of high-frequency small superficial organs by color Doppler ultrasound combining with intracavitary probe on perianal abscess FANG Ruo-wang;Department of Ultrasound,Second People′s Hospital in Longhu District;
Detection result analysis of five index of hepatitis B in frequent patients treated from 2013 to 2014 in our hospital DENG Ze-ya;XIE Yi-ping;XIONG Yu-jie;CHEN Hui-fang;Department of Clinical Laboratory,the Third Rongjun Hospital of Guangdong Province;
Correlation between the coagulation function of the platelet-derived microvesicle and the absolute count of flow cytometry cell sorting RAO Dong-dong;ZHANG Fu-hui;XUE Xiao-guang;QIU Jun;Department of Clinical laboratory,Matemity and Child Health Hospital of Fujian Province;Department of Clinical laboratory,Matemity and Child Health Hospital of Xiamen City;
Screening effects analysis of different ALT detection modes prior to blood donation DU Wei-lu;Central Blood Bank of Pingdingshan City in Henan Province;
Brief discussion of reason and prevention measure of nurse-patient dispute CHEN Shu-hua;ZHAO Ying-min;Chenggaozi Town Central Health Hospital of Xiangfang District in Harbin City;The Fifth Hospital of Harbin;
Effect evaluation of two kinds of nursing round in core competence training for nurse SU Hui-qing;HUANG Shu-ping;HUANG Shu-lan;JIANG Gui-su;ZENG Wei-xian;Department of Respiratory Medicine,Central People′ s Hospital of Huizhou City in Guangdong Province;
Influence of defecation technology training on clinical symptoms and anorectal function in patients with functional constipation DENG Chun-you;XIE Yong-kang;LI You-qiong;ZHANG Yuan-xia;ZENG Shu-yuan;HHUANG Chun-lan;Department of Nursing,People′s Hospital of Boluo County in Guangdong Province;
Effect clinical symptom improvement and nursing quality of clinical nursing path standardized management mode for patients with schizophrenia ZHU Wei-fang;FU Ping-ping;ZHONG Wen-kai;YANG Shu-fen;Department of Psychiatry,the Second people′s Hospital of Huizhou City in Guangdong Province;
Effect observation of system nursing intervention on patients suffering from acute myocardial infarction DU Li-ping;Department of Internal Medicine-Cardiovascular,the First People′ s Hospital in Guangzhou City;
Study of polysaccharide sulfate cream combined with dry and hot com-press in the prevention of mechanical phlebitis caused by PICC in cancer patients SONG Zhi-ping;PAN Li-ping;LI Xue-qin;DU Hong-mei;YAO Zhi-ying;Department of Oncology,People′s Hospital of Wanzai County in Jiangxi Province;
Application effects of nursing midwifery of modified low forceps delivery combined with unprotected perineum for primipara WU Ya-li;HUANG Ding-gen;ZHANG Hai-qing;HUANG Yue-hong;Department of Obstetrics,Central Hospital of Longhua New District in Shenzhen City;
Application effect of scenario simulation exercise in the training of emer-gency response capacity of nureses GAN Bai-shui;LI Yan-yun;XU Mei-fen;TAN Zhou-ying;LIANG Jie-yuan;LIANG Jin-hao;CHEN Gui-lan;Department of Emergency,the Second People′s Hospital in Zhaoqing City of Guangdong Province;
Effects of humanistic care as well as psychological care on the rehabilita-tion for patients after surgery of breast cancer JIANG Hong-zhu;JIANG Miao-ling;Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery,the First Affiliated Hospital of Medical College in Shantou University;
Clinical study on the effect of omprehensive nursing intervention for postpartum hemorrhage LIN Yan-fen;ZHENG Wan-wen;QIU Yi-juan;Department of Obstetrics,People′s Hospital of Zhongshan City in Guangdong Province;
Influence of comprehensive comfortable nursing on patient′s physical and mental health during perioperative period in department of hepatobiliary surgery ZHAO Gui-mei;XU Rong;LI Chun-ying;REN Xiao-feng;LI Gui-xia;Department of hepatobiliary surgery,People′s Hospital of Liaocheng City in Shandong Province;
Application of pressure infusion bags instead of uterine distention apparatus in hysteroscopy LIU Jie-ping;HUANG Ping-ying;YANG Su-qin;Department of the First Gynaecology,Maternal and Child Health-Care Hospital of Pingxiang City in Jiangxi Province;
Application effect of comprehensive nuring in patient with cesarean scar pregnancy complicated bleeding HUAG Li-ping;Maternity Ward,Maternal and Child Nurings Service Centre of Longchuan County of Heyuan City in Guangdong Province;
Study of three detection methods in prenatal screening of treponema pal-lidum in the diagnosis of syphilis LIANG Fu-quan;LI Xiu-zi;LV Qing-liang;Xiangzhou District People′s Hospital of Zhuhai City in Guangdong Province;Doumen Qiaoli Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Zhuhai City in Guangdong Province;
Diagnostic value of human plasma miRNA-499 for patients with acute myocardial infarction LUO Chu;Health Service Centre in Citianpu Community,People′ s Hospital of Guangming New District in Shenzhen City;
Correlation study of SUA Level and FMR in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy LI Xi-chang;Department of the Seventh Internal Medicine,the Sixth People′s Hospital of Luoyang City;
Application value of health education in the prevention and treatment of hypertension LIU Li;HUANG Chu-zhen;CHEN Wen-jing;Peaceful Community Health Center,People′ s Hospital of Pingshan New District in Shenzhen City;
Influence of respiratory rehabilitation method on respiratory function in COPD patients with airway obstruction LIN Wen-ji;TANG Wen-hui;WANG Man;Intensive Care Unit,Shekou People′ s Hospital of Nanshan District in Shenzhen City;Department of Respiratory Medicine,Shekou People′ s Hospital of Nanshan District in Shenzhen City;
Comparison and observation of clinical effect of doxofylline and amino-phylline treating bronchial asthma REN Wei-bo;XU Ting;Department of Internal Medicine,Maoming Petrochemical Industry Hospital of Maoming City in Guangdong Province;
Comparison of clinical effect and safety of doxofylline and aminophylline in the treatment of bronchial asthma WANG Ren-min;Department of Emergency,Yangang Hospital in Yantian District of Shenzhen City;
Effect observation of thoracic close drainage combined with urokinase in-jection treating pleural effusion CHEN Zi-wei;YANG Geng-biao;ZHUANG Jun-he;Puning People′s Hospital of Guangdong Province;
Relationship analysis between liver disease and bile reflux gastritis NIE Li-fen;PANG Chun-mei;ZHANG Wen-ru;ZHANG Xiao-yan;LI Ming-en;Department of Gastroenterology,Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital Medical College of Jinan University;
Comparative study of double-contrast examinations by gastrointestinal tract flat-panel digital and general digital CAI Jie;Department of Imaging,Qidong People′s Hospital;
Changes and clinical significance of parameters of peripheral blood platelets and parameters of monocytes for patients with liver cirrhosis YANG Yu;HUANG Bing;GUO Jing-hui;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Baiyun District in Guangzhou City;
Clinical effect observation of community-based rehabilitation intervention in the treatment of chronic gastritis LI Yuan-hong;Luozu Community Health Service Center,Shiyan People′s Hospital of Shenzhen City;
Research progress of the diabetes drug FGF-21 YU Cong;ZHOU Chang-lin;CAO Xiao-dan;LI Jian;Life Science and Technology,China Pharmaceutical University;Tianjin Tasly Group Research Institute of Biological Medicine Research Institute;
Correlation analysis between serum Cys-C,homocysteine and diabetic nephropathy BO Tao;HUANG Hua;ZHANG Bao-zhen;Departmeng of Clinical Laboratory,the Fifth People′s Hospital of Jiaozuo City in Henan Province;
Curative effect on three different anesthesia scheme in the breath tube carotid stenting in experimental dogs WEI Ning;LIU Jin;XU Hao;ZU Mao-heng;GU Yu-ming;Department of Interventional Radiology,the Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical College;
Meta-analysis of clinical effect of percutaneous vertebroplasty and non-surgery in the treatment of osteoporosis vertebral compressed fractures DAI Nan;The First School of Clinical Medicine Affiliated to Shanxi Medical University;
Application effect of cleaning by negative pressure in continuous aspira-tion in patients with chronic osteomyelitis ZHANG Mei;YU Ying;YANG Xuan-hua;LIU Yun-yang;Operating Room,Qishi Hospital of Dongguan City in Guangdong Province;
Effect observation of nipple-areola mastectomy combined with immediate breast reconstruction with artificial prosthesis on in the treatment of early breast ancer WU Chu-cheng;CHEN Shu-ru;YAN Ning;PENG Wei-qiang;HUANG Yu-kang;CHEN Di;FENG De-cai;Department of Breast Surgery,Central People′s Hospital of Huizhou City in Guangdong Province;
Effect comparison of PFNAⅡ and DHS internal fixation in the treatment of senile intertrochanteric fracture BAI Lang;HAO Hai-hu;GUO Zhi-jian;Department of Orthopedics,Central Hospital of Taiyuan City;Department of Orthopedics,Shanxi Academy of Medical Sciences;Shanxi Dayi Hospital;
Application effect observation of subarachnoid anesthesia combined with-general anesthesia of inhaling sevoflurane with laryngeal mask in gyneco-logical laparoscopic operation ZHAO Yan-ping;CAI Dong-mei;YE Fu-cai;ZHANG Hai-yan;LI De-en;Department of Anesthesiology,Shijie Hospital of Dongguan City in Guangdong Province;
Influence of magnesium sulfate on analgesia effect after cesarean section for puerpera with severe pre-eclampsia XIANG Jun;XU Jian-wu;LI Yuan-tao;HE Hai-yan;TANG Ling-xia;SHAO Yin-yin;YU Fan-li;Department of Anesthesiology,the Second Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Huizhou City in Guangdong Province;Department of Anesthesiology,Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital Affiliated to Southern Medical University;
Effect analysis of low molecular weight heparin combined with magne-sium in treatment of early-onset preeclampsia LI Zhan-ling;LONG Hai-lin;LI Wen-juan;Department of Obstetrics,Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Dianbai District of Maoming City in Guangdong Province;
Effect observation of super-early stage thrombolysis of urokinase treating acute cerebral infarction YAN Zi-le;Department of Neurology,People′s Hospital in Sanshui District of Foshan City in Guangdong Province;
Impact of paroxetine on depression state and neurologic function recovery in patients with post-stroke depression CUI Yu-feng;Department of Encephalopathy,Gaozhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangdong Province;
Application value of content changes of plasma fibrinogen and D-dimer in prediction of progressive cerebral apoplexy CAI Yan;Department of Neurology,People′s Hospital of Xinyi City in Guangdong Province;
Effect observation of galanthamine hydrobromide combined with edar-avone treating vascular dementia GUO Jiang-yuan;LI Jin-lian;GUO Ai-ting;Graduate School of Inner Mongolia Medical University;MR Room,Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease Hospital of Jincheng City in Shanxi Province;Department of Internal Medicine,Taihang Hospital Affiliated to Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Jincheng City in Shanxi Province;
Expression and application values of immunohistochemical indexes in breast cancer tissue WANG Kai-xin;LIU Shao-xiong;ZHANG Jin-fang;WU Chang;LI Qi-feng;LING Ming;TAN Min;Department of Pathology,Nanshan District People′s Hospital in Shenzhen;
Application effect of pranoprofen eye drop in postoperative inflammation for patients with cataract QIN Hua;Department of Ophthalmology,People′s Hospital of Wenshan Prefecture in Yunnan Province;
Study on the feasibility of Iodine contrast agent with low concentration in the enhancement scan of renal MSCT ZENG Ling-zhi;HAO Jing-jun;Department of Radiology,People′s Hospital of Yuncheng District in Yunfu City;Department of Radiology,Yunfu People′s Hospital;
Analysis of dispensing error and countermeasure of outpatient pharmacy YANG Cui-di;Dispensary for Western Medicine,TCM Hospital of Yunfu City in Guangdong Province;
Exploration and study of personnel training mode with cooperation among colleges,combination of learning with working and dual-certificate integration DENG Yi-zhi;LIU Mei-ping;LI Xiao-ying;Changsha Health Vocational College;
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