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China Continuing Medical Education
FQ: 半月
AD of Publication: 北京市
Lanuage: 中文;
CN: 11-5709/R
YP: 2009
Url: 中国水利电力医学科学技术学会
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China Continuing Medical Education
2017 -29
A Preliminary Study on the Teaching Model of the Individualized Medicine of Clinical Pharmacists Based on FH Teaching in Germany GUO Ren;JIA Sujie;Department of Pharmacy
Exploration on the Scenario Based Simulation Education Used in Standardized Training for Residents KUANG Jie;SHI Ting;XU Zhenye;JIANG Jie;PAN Ruijun;WANG Jiayu;XU Yanli;GU Qian;Ruijin Clinical Medical School
The Efficiency of Case Discussion in the Clinical Education of Standardized Training of Resident in Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics LIU Wei;LIU Ruijuan;YUAN Li;Department of Gynecology
Research on the Influencing Factors of Medical Adult Education Quality QIAN Yi;School of Health Management
Discussion on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Teaching Method and Question Teaching Method in Obstetrics and Gynecology Teaching Amanguli;Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Flipped Classroom in Hepatobiliary Surgery Teaching for Undergraduate Students CHEN Jie;LI Lequn;Hepatobiliary Surgery Department
Study on Application of Early Clinical Contact in the Teaching of Anesthesiology BAO Wenzhao;Department of Anesthesiology
Research on the Entrepreneurship Demand of Modern Medical Students——Taking the First Clinical Medical School of Lanzhou University as Example LI Li;ZHANG Kui;YANG Weili;LU Fei;PENG Yunhua;Academic Affairs
Exploration on Standardized Training of Medical Imaging Specialties——the Radiology Report Quality Control System Based on RIS FENG Qi;YIN Yan;YAN Yunqi;GONG Hongxia;ZHOU Yan;Department of Radiology
Innovative Exploration of Residents' Clinical Practice and DoctorPatient Communication Ability Training in “Internet Plus” Era ZHAO Yinlong;JI Huiling;HAO Tingting;LUO Yunxiao;ZHOU Rui;ZHONG Lili;Department of Nuclear Medicine
Analysis of the Application of Simulation Teaching Combined With Problem Based Teaching Model in Medical Clinical Teaching LIU Fang;LI Lianxing;Department of Science and Education
The Effect of Hierarchical Management on Improving the Quality of Clinical Teaching in Intensive Care Unit WANG Xin;WANG Rui;YANG Lixin;YU Xiuqin;Gulibanuer·Huxitaer;YU Xiangyou;Department of Critical Care Medicine
Application of CBCT Images Database and Case-based Learning in the Teaching of Endodontics and Operative Dentistry WU Daming;XIE Lizhe;LU Xiaoqing;ZHOU Guangchao;SUN Chao;Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Stomatology Diseases Research
Application of CBL Combined With PBL Teaching Method in TCM Nursing Teaching in Higher Vocational Schools WU Zhuo;Department of Nursing
Evaluation of the Implementation and Effect of Ultrasonic Network Teaching Platform “Case Discussion Module” LIANG Xiao;LV Weiyang;DENG Jiajia;SHI Yang;Department of Ultrasound
Investigation of the Satisfaction on Maternal and Child Health for Students Majoring in Preventive Medicine WANG Yanling;LIU Ying;KANG Wenyan;ZHENG Huiqiu;NIU Liwei;GAO Yumin;LI Hailing;School of Public Health
How to Teach the Contraction Function of Muscle Cell LV Aijun;Teaching and Research Room of Physiology
The Experience of Self-made Transrectal Prostate Biopsy Model in Clinical Teaching ZHANG Qingyun;Department of Urinary Surgery
The Application of 3D Printing Technology in Oral Medicine and Countermeasures of Cultivating Talents GUO Yanling;WANG Lin;PU Xiaomeng;Department of Stomatology
The Effect of Early Child Healthcare on Physical Development and Mental Development of Infants and Young Children ZHANG Fei;Child Healthcare Department
Effect of Emotional Nursing on Quality of Life of Patients With Liver Cirrhosis and Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage ZONG Limin;ZHOU Hongyan;GU Mingxie;Department of Gastroenterology
Observation on Nursing Effect of 40 Cases of Chronic Insomnia Treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine SONG Ailing;Department of Public Health
Safety and Strategy Analysis of Rational Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine YIN Xiangning;Department of Pharmacy
Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in the Treatment of Recurrent Condyloma Acuminatum LI Li;Department of Dermatology
Application of Non-enhanced MRI in Prenatal Diagnosis of Placenta Accreta WANG Yan;LIANG Yan;CHEN Zhiren;Department of Radiology
Analysis of the Relationship Between Carotid Atherosclerosis and Cerebral Infarction by High Frequency Color Doppler Ultrasound ZHAO Xiaodan;GE Shuchao;WANG Liankun;ZHANG Chunyuan;Ultrasound Room
The Value of Application of Fast Track Surgery Concept in Gastrointestinal Surgery Nursing CHEN Lianying;WANG Xiuqing;Department of Surgery
Analysis of the Effect of the Whole-course Health Education Model on the Management of Diabetes Nursing HU Songmei;Department of Nephrology
Nursing Methods and Effect Analysis of Elderly Patients With Acute Gastric Perforation CHEN Xiaohua;The Second Department of Surgery
The Effect of Detail Intervention Measures on Nursing Quality in Disinfection Supply Center QUAN Dejun;Disinfection Supplying Center
The Effect of Emergency Care Path Rescue on Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction ZHOU Guangyan;CHU Lifen;Department of Emergency Medicine
The Effect of Psychological Nursing and Health Education on the Compliance and Social Function of Epilepsy Patients ZHANG Lifen;ZHANG Yan;DU Fang;JIN Li;KANG Qian;Clinical Psychology Department
To Explore the Application of Nurse Hierarchical Nursing Management in Nursing Management LI Bing;XI Jing;PIAO Yi'na;CAI Xue;ZHANG Wenting;Department of Neurosurgery
The Effect of Nursing Logo Applied in Safety Management of Sterile Supply Center ZHOU Xiuyan;Sterile Supply Center
Study on Strengthening the Construction of Nursing Team and Improving the Quality and Safety Management Quality of Nursing HU Kaiying;Nursing Department
Safety Application of 6S Nursing Management in Common Drug Management WANG Zifang;TANG Tao;The First Department of Surgery
Value of Resistance Index and Pulsatility Index in the Diagnosis of Ectopic Pregnancy LI Yuhua;Department of Ultrasound Imaging
Clinical Application of Color Doppler Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Lower Extremity Deep Venous Thrombosis(DVT) WU Min;Function Department
Research Progress of TCM Enema in Prevention and Treatment of Radiation Enteritis ZHANG Huimin;LI Zhenqian;CHEN Zhuo;WU Fen;YANG Mengchun;Oncology Department
The Effect of Preoperative Nutritional Evaluation and Education on Patients With Rectal Cancer After Surgery HAN Cong;GAO Bo;ZHAO Feifei;YIN Meixi;Department of Gastrointestinal Hernia Surgery
Research on Postoperative Health Behavior of Renal Transplantation Patients HAN Xu;LIU Zhao;FENG Jia;Urology Department
Application Value of Detail Nursing in Infectious Disease Department BAI Lili;Infectious Disease Department
The Importance of Nursing Work for Rehabilitation of Patients YANG Jinfeng;WU Fenghua;QIU Ju;Department of Emergency
Analysis of Perioperative Quality Nursing Measures in Thymoma Patients Complicated With Myasthenia Gravis ZHANG Haiyan;CHEN Kuanbing;The Second Department of Thoracic Surgery
Nursing Method and Effect Analysis of Ventilator Weaning in Patients With Severe Respiratory Syndrome in ICU WEI Fei;Intensive Care Unit
Nursing Management of Laparoscopic Radical Resection of Left Colon Cancer YU Guichun;QIANG Shuying;Department of Surgery
Perioperative Nursing for Colonrectal Cancer Patients Undergoing Intestinal Stoma HE Lijie;WANG Haikuan;ZHANG He;HU Yuefei;GUO Wenxia;DING Hongbo;TANG Weibo;DONG Yanhong;The First of Department of General Medicine
Application of High Quality Nursing in the Nursing of Cerebral Infarction LIU Daqiong;Department of Internal Medicine
The Effect of Transitional Nursing on Patients With Permanent Artificial Pacemaker Implantation ZHAO Yongmei;Catheter Room
Experience of Emergency Nursing Care for Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction Treated With Thrombolytic Therapy ZHOU Junping;Inpatient Department
Nursing Analysis of Endoscopic Treatment of Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage in Patients With Advanced Schistosomiasis ZHU Li;Department of Gastroenterology
Application of Psychological Nursing and Humanistic Care in Patients With Cervical Cancer HA Ying;OUYANG Ling;The First Gynecological Ward
Clinical Effect of Psychological Intervention on Psychological Status of Patients With Advanced Cancer YUAN Wenzhen;Department of Nursing
Psychological Nursing Experience of Elderly Patients ZHANG Liping;Department of General Surgery
The Effect of Nursing Risk Management on Intravenous Infusion in Pediatric Outpatient Department ZENG Qiaoling;Outpatient Infusion Room
Analysis of Causes and Strategies of AIDS Complicated With Wandering Mental Disorder LI Ming;Department of Internal Medicine
Study on Methylprednisolone Combined With Entecavir in the Treatment of HBV Induced Early Liver Failure ZANG Wei;YANG Junxiao;TIAN Xujie;LI Pengfei;TIAN Lifeng;WANG Wenping;LI Ping;The First Department of Liver Diseases
The Study of Anticoagulant Effect and Safety of Rivaroxaban on Patients With Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation WANG Wenhai;WANG Ting;Department of Cardiology
To Observe the Curative Effect of Amiodarone in the Treatment of Ventricular Arrhythmia After Acute Myocardial Infarction LI Jun;DAI Manrong;Department of Cardiovascular
Efficacy of Itraconazole in Prevention of Fungal Infection in Patients With Hematologic Malignancies During Granulocytopenia Stage YUN Yan;ZHANG Dongxia;Hematology Department
Clinical Analysis of New Atrial Fibrillation in Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction HUANG Nan;The Second Ward of Department of Cardiology
The Effect of Benazepril Combined With Metoprolol in the Treatment of Essential Hypertension and Heart Failure in Elderly Patients ZHANG Xin;Department of Geriatrics
Clinical Effect of Erigeron Breviscapus Injection on Angina Pectoris Combined With Coronary Heart Disease YANG Zongping;Department of Internal Medicine
The Clinical Effect of Ventilator Assisted Ventilation on Postoperative Respiratory Failure in Patients With Lung Cancer ZHAO Long;Department of Thoracic Surgery
Comparison of Different Methods of Anticoagulation Therapy in the Treatment of Elderly Patients With Pulmonary Embolism MENG Hua;The Second Department of Cadre Health Care Geriatric Diseases
The Value of CT in the Diagnosis of Acute Hemorrhagic Necrotizing Pancreatitis ZHAO Dexiang;Department of Radiology
Progress in the Pathogenesis of Diabetic Retinopathy LI Fang;DENG Ling;Department of Ophthalmology
The Effect of Different Surgical Treatments on Acute Perforation of Gastroduodenal Ulcer WU Dachun;Digestive Surgery Department
Clinical Observation on Mivacurium Chloramine for Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve in Thyroid Operation Monitoring QU Ge;LI Xiaoqian;WANG Jun;SONG Tao;Department of Anesthesiology
Clinical Analysis of the Treatment of Senile Femoral Trochanteric Fractures With Internal Fixation of Proximal Femoral Fixation CHEN Huaichun;Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
Application of Laparoscopic Exploration in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Abdomen(Report of 62 Cases) LIANG Chengyou;ZHOU Yi;YIN Hongyi;JIANG Hao;Aiwaier;WANG Haijiang;Department of General Surgery and Oncology
Comparative Observation on the Curative Effect of Different Surgical Treatment Methods in Patients With Anal Fissure LI Jianfeng;LI Ke;Department of General Surgery
The Treatment of Complicated and Huge Renal Calculi and the Value of Surgery in the Treatment of Huge Renal Calculi GUAN Xiguo;CHENG Yingsheng;ZHANG Zhiyan;Department of Urology Surgery
The Diagnostic Value of B Ultrasonic Positioning Prostate Biopsy in Early Prostate Cancer YU Wenbing;Department of Surgery
Clinical Effect of Nephrology, Alprostadil on Improving Renal Function in Patients With Chronic Renal Failure YU Qi;Department of Nephrology
Curative Effect of Injecting Methotrexate Combined With Negative Pressure Suction in the Treatment of Uterine Scar Pregnancy LI Na;TONG Wei;Department of Gynaecology
Clinical Value of Changing Maternal Position to Correct Occiput Posterior Position During Labor WANG Fengying;Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Evaluation of the Effect of the Application of Testosterone Propionate in High Intensity Focused Ultrasound in the Treatment of Patients With Multiple Uterine Fibroids LI Yan;Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Application Value of Pulmonary Surfactant in the Treatment of Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome PENG Huali;ZHANG Li;Neonatal Department
Study on the Therapeutic Effect of Azithromycin in the Treatment of Children With Pneumonia WANG Chao;Department of Pediatrics
The Effect of Postoperative Analgesia on 60 Cases of Operation in Department of Pediatric Orthopedics QI Jianfei;DANG Wei;WAN Shiqi;Department of Orthopedics
Pathogenic Factors Analysis and Prevention Measures of Infantile Diarrhea YANG Liping;Department of Pediatrics
Analysis of Influencing Factors and Preventive Measures of Convulsion in Children ZHAO Qing;Department of Pediatrics
The Effect of Azithromycin in the Treatment of Mycoplasma Pneumonia in Children and its Effect on Lung Function LIU Guangxu;MA Haiying;Department of Pharmacy
The Effect of Atorvastatin on Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaques in Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke QU Xiaofeng;ZHANG Zhiyong;Department of Neurology
Analysis of Clinical Characteristics of Acute Posterior Circulating Cerebral Infarction CHENG Peili;LIU Yingmei;Department of Neurology
Observation on the Curative Effect of Alteplase Combined With Edaravoneon in Patients With Acute Cerebral Infarction LI Fujin;Deparment of Neurology
Application of Serum IL-10 in Clinical Diagnosis and Recurrence of Colorectal Cancer ZHANG Qiuhuan;LI Wenjing;LIU Gang;HAO Liang;Gastrointestinal Surgery Department
The Experience of Thoracoscopic Pneumonectomy for Early Lung Cancer ZHU Jiahong;WANG Zhouqing;AN Le;LUO Xiangchong;Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
The Effect of Different Material Inlays on the Restoration of Dental Defects of Posterior Teeth YIN Yanchun;Department of Stomatology
The Effect of Orthodontic Treatment on the Quality of Life in Adult Patients YANG Baisong;ZHANG Libo;JIE Shuju;GUAN Yajing;Dental Department
Application of Nd:YAP Laser in the Treatment of Dentine Hypersensitivity ZHU Wanquan;ZHAO Liqin;LIU Xian;Stomatological Department
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