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Chinese Medicine Modern Distance Education of China
FQ: semimonthl
AD of Publication: China
Lanuage: English
ISSN: 1672-2779
CN: 11-5024/R
YP: 2003
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Chinese Medicine Modern Distance Education of China
2015 -16
Thinking on Problems of the Discipline Construction of Lemology of TCM LI Qingya;GUO Huijun;XU Liran;LI Zhen;Lemology of TCM Discipline of the First Affiliated Hospital
Problems and Countermeasures of Hospital Medical Record Management under the Digital Background PANG Jing;Medical Records Room
Exploration of Practice and Innovation Ability Training Mode in the Graduate Majoring in Basic Study of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine ZHAO Haijun;JI Xuming;WANG Shijun;WANG Yuan;Department of Histology and Embryology
Discussion on the Reform of Teaching Method of Freshmen of TCM in Colleges and Universities of TCM SU Lianjun;LI Yaoyao;XIE Xuejiao;AI Bichen;YI Yaqiao;XIAO Biyue;Department of ZHANGZhongjing Doctrine
Reform of Experimental Teaching of Pathology in College of Traditional Chinese Medicine ZHANG Yanan;ZHAO Haijun;XIA Lei;ZHENG Zhijuan;WANG Shijun;College of Basic Medical Sciences
Discussion on the Traditional Chinese Medicine Teaching of Minority Medical Students in Western Medical College HE Chunhui;YAO Ziping;Chinese Internal Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University;
Reformation of "Student and Study Centered" Teaching Method in Chinese Drugs Pharmaceutics Experimental Teaching WANG Xiuli;BAI Jie;LIU Yonggang;MA Qun;TAO Ou;LIU Yuanyan;School of Chinese Pharmacy
On Infusion of TCM Know ledge into English Class of TCM Universities in the Example of The Last Leaf REN Junwei;LI Taoan;Humanity College
Teaching Reform of Identificology of Chinese materia medica baesd on Pharmaceutical Engineering LI Xiaoling;DENG Hanshuang;CHENG Min;ZHAO Yuemei;College of Biology Pharmacy and Food Engineering
Discussion of Training Teaching in The Therapeutics of Acupuncture and Moxibustion HUA Jinshuang;College of Acupuncture-Moxibustion and Tuina
Cultivation of Critical Thinking of College Nursing Students under the Background of New Era YANG Dan;CHU Yuhua;Nursing Department
Application of New Ideas and New Methods in the Teaching of Clinical Sanki HUANG Fengqing;CHEN Jiancheng;CHENG Fangfang;LAI Yongfu;LIN Zhihai;GUO Jianbin;Emergency Department
Construction and Exploration the Key Disciplines Laboratoy of Pharmacology LIU Li;LI Jun;FANG Ying;MA Ji;Basic Medical College
The Situation and Reform Exploration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmacology Teaching in Western Medicine Colleges and Universities PENG Qiuxian;MO Zhixian;School of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Practice and Research on the Optimization of Talent Training Scheme of TCM Major based on Employment SHEN Wei;HE Fangzheng;ZHANG Qinde;Scientific Research Office
The Influence of Five Notes Therapy in Huangdi Neijing on Recovery of Myodynamia of Stroke Patients XU Jingzong;ZHANG Bo;ZHANG Zhe;YANG Jianyu;LI Yanzhi;YANG Jinsheng;WANG Xueqian;PENG Xin;ZHENG Xiaopeng;ZHANG Taojing;Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine
The Study on Li Dongyuan's Lifting Yang Theroy LI Jinsong;Department of Endocrinology
My Opinion on the Extension of General Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine LIU Zhiyong;MENG Yi;XUE Juntang;JIA Liuyun;General Practiceof Traditional Chinese Medicine
Analysis of the Theoretic Characteristics and Clinical Significance of Preventive Treatment of Disease WANG Guoqiang;WANG Yinping;ZHANG Shoulin;The Medical Department
The Pathogenesis of Diabetic Nephropathy based on the Theory of "Poison Damage of Renal Collaterals" JIANG Yuanji;ZHANG Xiaolu;SUN Xiaohong;Yanji Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Exploration about the Theory of Four Seasons Health Preservation in Huangdi Neijing SUI Yuejiao;JU Baozhao;Teaching Sctionofe Health Preservationand Rehabilitation
Reconsideration of the Afternoon Tidal Fever YANG Yanqiu;Basic Medicial College
Influence of Chaihu Xianxiong Decoction on VEGF of Stable Angina Pectoris of Phlegm Heat WANG Haiyan;LIU Hanjiao;LI Lian;Famous Museum of TCM
Clinical Research of the Correlation between TCM Syndromes of Asthma and Inflammatory Factors CHENG Nana;DING Kaiming;CHEN Xianhai;Department of Pulmonary Disease
TCM Syndrome Element Analysis of Non Dementia Vascular Cognitive Impairment of Elderly People of Different Age Stages GUO Yankui;SONG Rui;CAO Xiaolan;ZHANG Yunling;Department of Encephalopathy
Triple Therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Lumbar Disc Herniation for 112 Cases LIU Jinli;ZHANG Lihui;GAO Teng;PENG Hongjing;Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Analysis of TCM Syndrome Differentiation of Coronary Heart Disease and CT Coronary Artery Imaging YE Fadong;Department of Radiology
Clinical Research of Bushen Xiexin Decoction in Treating Spermatorrhea of Disharmony between Heart and Kidney CHEN Jianshe;LI Peilun;Department of Andrology
Three Medical Records of Tiaoqi Huoxue Yixie Decoction of Professor Sun Guang-rong CHEN Ruifang;Physical Examination and Healthcare Deparment
Experience of Professor Yan Hongchen in treating motor neuron disease from Yinpai SHI Li;FAN Bingquan;WANG Jian;YAN Hongchen;TCM inheritance
Experience of Professor Jiang Chunying In Treating Pruritus Ani GE Chang;JIANG Chunying;Department of Proctology
The cases of effective methods introduced by Professor Yihe Teng to treat avascular necrosis of the head of femur on the basis of its causes ZHANG Xiuhua;TENG Yihe;Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine;Department of orthopaedics
Professor Shi Ji in Treating Infantile Protracted Diarrhea from the Spleen and Kidney FENG Bin;SHI Ji;Department of Pediatrics
Experience of Professor Yang Zhixiu in Treating Asthma ZHANG Baoyu;YANG Haiyang;YANG Zhixiu;Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine;
Experience and Case Analysis of Professor Zou Yanqin in the Treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome WANG Yuejuan;CHEN Yan;Department of Nephrology
Experience of Professor Zhao Yuyong in Treating Chronic Glomerulonephritis Wei Huajuan;Pan Li;Department of Nephrology
Experience of Professor Guo Wenqin in Treating Arrhythmia by Using Clearing Phlegm and Dispelling Stasis as well as Invigorating Kidney Method HAN Di;LIU Changfa;Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine;Department of Gastroenterology
Analysis on the Clinical Regular Pattern of TCM Syndrome and Drug Programs of Professor Yang Baoyuan in Treating Angina Pectoris of Coronary Heart Disease REN Zhaoxia;Outpatient Department
Shentong Zhuyu Decoction in the Treatment of Central Poststroke Pain for 40 Cases ZHANG Xujian;JIA Yanping;Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Jinwei Xiaoshi Drink in the Treatment of Urinary Calculi for 30 Cases LIU Xinwen;HU ZiSheng;HE Jiayong;XIAO WeiJu;LIU Bing;JIA Jiangmiao;Department of Surgery
Heyi Ointment in the Treatment of Postoperative Complication of Mixed Hemorrhoid for 50 Cases SHI Yonghao;CHEN Qiang;QIN Qiuling;LIU Yi;Emergency Department
Zaozhen Granule in Treating Appendicitis for 108 Cases ZHANG Zhitao;Department of Surgery
Application Value of Yiqi Ningxin Decoction in Treating Ventricular Extrasystole of Stagnated Deficiency of Both Qi and Blood ZHAO Dongkai;Department of Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Salviae Miltiorrhizae and Ligustrazine combined with Oral Chinese Herbal Medicine in Treating Diabetic Nephropathy for 34 Cases ZHAO Dai;Department of General Medicine
Effect of Kangfuxin Liquid combined with Fumigation and Wash on Promoting Postoperative Wound Healing of High Complicated Anal Fistula WU Rongfa;WANG Jian;WEI Xiaodan;LI Xiaoling;LUO Guanyang;CHEN Huiwen;WANG Meirong;Department of Coloproctology
Series Primary Lecture about Acupoint Embedding Thread Therapy(ⅩⅥ) Therapy of Acupoint Embedding Thread in the Treatment of Digestive System Diseases——Gastritis YANG Caide;ZHAO Da;YU Lingzhi;BAO Jinlian;ZHANG Xiaohong;FAN Jianlin;ZHOU Chengrui;ZHU Liyun;Department of Integrated Medicine
Studying on the Mechanism of Sun's Abdominal Acupuncture in Improving the Success Rate of Manual Reduction of Vertebral Artery Type of Cervical Spondylosis LIU Bo;XU Jiaben;MA Bingyu;WEI Wei;MENG Yong;ZHAO Yue;Second Department of Massage
Acupuncture and Moxibustion combined with Rehabilitation Therapy in Treating Stroke Sequela for 42 Cases XU Yuqin;LIU Meiying;Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Acupuncture and Moxibustion combined with Massage in Treating Shoulder Hand Syndrome of Qi Deficiency and Blood Stasis Syndrome for 60 Cases XIONG Yun;AI NI WAER·Maiming;Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Systematic Reviews of Characteristics TCM Nursing in Patients with Stroke PENG Lili;CHENG Fang;LIU Chang;JIANG Gufen;Nursing Shool
The Application of TCM Nursing on Patients with Chronic Functional Constipation LI Jie;Nursing Department
Investigation on the Application of TCM Nursing Technique Operation in the Basic Level Hospital of TCM XU Xiaohong;LI Na;WU Min;WANG Lingling;WANG Duanzhi;ZHOU Chunmei;ZHANG Xiaofei;Nursing Department
Brief Discussion on the Combination of Acupuncture and Moxibustion with Modern Medicine LIU Guozhong;YANG Xingling;Department of Rehabilitation
The Characteristics of the Theory of "Preventive Treatment of Disease" CHANG Tianying;CHEN Jing;WANG Yinping;WANG Hongan;ZHANG Shoulin;GCP Department
Traction under Rotating Bone Manipulation combined with Chinese Herbal Medicine in Treating Fracture of Ulna and Radius for 30 Cases YAN Jun;Zhuliang Cntrale Hospital of Nancheng City;
Xiaojianzhong Decoction in Treating Anxiety Disorders for 33 Cases ZHANG Yulian;SANG Xisheng;Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Research Progress of the inflammatory Gene of Hot and Humid HIV/ AIDS LI Jianzhi;ZHANG Haiyan;The Sience and Technology Department
Research Progress of Medicinal Bath Therapy in Treating Chronic Renal Failure XUAN Jing;GAO Jinliang;Department of Oncology and Hematology
The Diagnosis and Treatment Progress of Allergic Rhinitis in Pregnancy WU Minman;CHEN Ting;XIONG Wei;Department of Otorhinolaryngology
Research Survey of Rehmannia Glutinosa Libosch in Recent Years ZHANG Xiqiang;Pharmacy
Comparison of Different Extraction Methods of Chicken Gizzard Membrane JIN Lingjia;JIA Tianzhu;Dalian Health Family Planning Training Center;
Research on Inhibition of S180 Sarcoma by Flavonoids Crude Extract from Exocarp of Longan GUO Qiulan;Department of Pharmacy
Research Progress on Chemical Constituents and Pharmacological Effects of Sibiraea Angustata YAN Zhihui;ZHU Tongfei;YANG Yongjian;LI Ping;Department of Chinese Materia Medica
Problems and Countermeasures of Pharmacy Management in Basic Level Hospital of TCM ZHOU Zhimin;Department of Pharmacy
Analysis on the Use of TCM Injection of Promoting Blood Circulation for Removing Blood Stasis in the Department of Cardiovascular Internal Medicine of Our Hospital in 2014 WANG Guimei;Department of Pharmacy
Treatment Progress of Integrated Medicine in Treating Hyperthyroidism DING Qinggang;Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Effect of the Integrated Medicine Nursing on Suppurative Infection Wound and Chronic Complex Wound YAN Yunhua;Department of Radiology
Clinical Study of Integrated Medicine in the Treatment of Knee Joint Cartilage Injury after Arthroscopic Treatment of Knee Cartilage Injury TU Juan;WU Jun;XIONG Qingyuan;WU Weiqin;Operating Theatre
Clinical Nursing Experience on Patient with Epilepsy YE Qiaoyu;CHEN Jiehan;Department of Neurosurgery
Children with adrenal pheochromocytoma operation nursing and traditional Chinese medicine treatment Cao Hong;Xu Tong;Two operation room
Exploration of the Humanistic Nursing Mode in Hospice Care CUI Jing;HUANG Hechong;MO Jianyi;TAN Libin;Collegeof Economicsand Management
Value Analysis on Application of High Quality Nursing for Coronary Heart Disease LIN Hui;Department of Oncology
Analysis on Nursing Care of Integrated Medicine in the Treatment of Postoperative Gastric Paralysis of Surgical Abdomen Surgery QIU Xiuying;Nursing Department
Clinical Nursing Intervention of Integrated Medicine in the Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy WU Qiu;Department of Scientific Education
Yiyin Zhixuan Drink combined with Captopril in Treating Hypertension of Yin Deficiency and Yang Excess Syndrome for 30 Cases HE Yan;ZHOU Hongtu;LI Xin Yue;Department of Cardiology
Research on the Evolution Law of TCM Syndrome Differentiation of Diabetic Gangrene combined with Bacterial Infection FAN Hong;ZHANG Jinbiao;WANG Yuansong;WANG Qinhai;Department of Laboratory Diagnosis
Cannulated Screw down Isosceles Triangle Arrangement in Treating Femoral Neck Fracture of GardenⅢ for 21 Cases MA Xianghao;LIU Youwen;ZHU Yingjie;NO.2 Clinical Medical College
Xueshuantong(freeze drying) in Treating Chronic Ischemic Cerebrovascular Disease for 30 Cases YUAN Qionghua;Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Jianpi Sanjie Prescription combined with FOLFOX4 in the Treatment of Advanced Gastric Cancer for 30 Cases MA Jiadong;ZHUANG Jing;SUN Changgang;Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Department of Oncology
Glucosidorum Tripterygll Totorum Tablets combined with Oral Chinese Herbal Medicine in Treating Psoriasis Vulgaris for 43 Cases ZHANG Feng;LU Lihua;Department of Dermatology
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