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Journal of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
FQ: 月刊
AD of Publication: 浙江省杭州市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1005-5509
CN: 33-1349/R
YP: 1977
Url: 浙江中医药大学
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Journal of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
2010 -02
Chronic Measles Treated with Taohong Siwu Decotion Coordinated with Buried Seeds Under Ear Acupoint Ni Yonghua,Zhou Yan TCM Hospital of Yueqing City,Zhejiang Province(325600)
Doc.Zhang Yonghua's Experience in Treating Chronic Hepatitis B Liu Yihui Hospital of Integration of TCM and WM,Zhejiang Province,Hangzhou(310004)
Yiqi Tuomin Decoction Treat Allergic Rhinitis Liu Yu,Shi Jun Hospital of Integrated TCM and WM,Nanjing City(210014)
Influence of Dingyun I on Neck Dizziness Patients' Clinical Cure Effect and Blood Flow Rheometer Wang Fengqin,Sun Yindong,Sun Yunting Hospital Affiliated to Shandong Binzhou Medical College(256603)
Zhishang Capsule Treat Body Surface Haematoma Chen Fanghui,Zhou Yueting,Guo Zhidong First People Hospital of Hangzhou City,Zhejiang Province(310006)
The Analyzing and Clinical Use of Zhong Jing's Method of Diaphoresis Cao Lingyong Zhejiang University of TCM,Hangzhou(310053)
Treatment Rule Study on "Heart Water" in "Golden Chamber Synopsis" Li Xuesong,Chen Guoquan Integration Hospital of TCM and WM,Wuhan City,Hubei Province(430022)
The Effect of Constitution on Prevention and Treatment of Disease Li Hong,Zheng Xiaowei,Song Hong Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou(310053)
Looking into the Causes of Premenopausal Period Syndrome with Chinese Medicine Theory Wang Xuehua,Qu Miao,Zhuang Yingmei,et al Heilongjiang University of TCM,Haerbin(150040)
Revised Yubingfeng Powder Treat Recurrent HSK Du Chen,Liu Jingcai TCM Hospital of Jiaxing City,Zhejiang Province(314001)
TCM Clysis Combined with Oral Taking and External Application Treat Chronic Pelvic Inflammation Fang Ruihua,Wang Weizhen TCM Hospital of Jiaxing City,Zhejiang Province(314001)
TCM Clysis Fluid Preparation and Its Clinical Application Research Jin Yinzhi People Hospital of Dongyang City,Zhejiang Province(322100)
Refractory Hematuria 64 Cases Treated with Self-made Yishen Huoxue Decoction Luo Tong,Xiao Pingmei TCM Hospital of Rui'an City,Zhejiang Province(325200)
Rhubarb Glauber's Salt Combined with Chinese Medicine Retention Enema for Pelvic Inflammation Mass Xu Xuefen,Zhu Yanping,Pan Fenhua,et al The First People's Hospital of Haiyan County,Zhejiang Province(314300)
Thick Needle Treat Third Lumbar Transverse Processes Syndrome Wang Zhanbo Zhishan Hospital of Cixi City,Zhejiang Province(315300)
Stretching Pulling Combining Curved Surface Pillow Treatment on Cervical Spondylosis Gong Xingjun,Lu Lemiao,Ma Wengyang,et al Lishui Central Hospital,Zhejiang Province(323000)
Sugan Qingzhi Decoction Treat Mixed Liver Disease Zheng Kefei,Chen Mengfeng,Yang Shouping Third People Hospital of Yueqing City,Zhejiang Province(325604)
Massasge Hegu Acupoint for Appendix Resection Shu Dongli Third Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang Chinese Medical College,Hangzhou(310009)
Clinical Analysis on 86 Cases of Idiopathic Facial Paralysis Treated with Integrated TCM and WM Zhou Longshou TCM Hospital of Wenzhou City,Zhejiang Province(352000)
Effects of Electroacupuncture on Baihui (GV 20) for Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis of Chronic Mild Stress Depression Model Rat Chen Huade,Jin Lingqing,Lou Ran Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou(310053),China
Acupuncture and Medicinal Bath Treat Chronic Knee Joint Synovitis 28 Cases Hu Juanjuan TCM Hospital of Shangyu City,Zhejiang Province(312100)
Manipulation and Acupoint Injection Treat Conglutination Scapulohumeral Periarthritis Xia Fenxian Fuyang City TCM Hospital of Zhejiang Province(311400)
Determination of Gallic Acid in Milin Capsules by HPLC Su Xiaogong1,Zheng Guoping2,Cai Jinzhang1 The Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical College,Zhejiang(325027),China;2.Zhoushan Institute for Drug Control
Determination of Baicalin in Jinchaihuang Granules by RP-HPLC Wang Xin1,Wang Jing2,Yuan Zimin3 1.Shenyang,Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical CO.,LTD.(110164),2.Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Effect of YiGu Oral Solution on Ovariectomized Rats' Bone Density and Biomechanics Yao Xinmiao,Xu Luji,Leng Tao et al Third Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou(310009)
Observe the Effect of Jiangzhuo Mixture on Rats' Insulin Sensitivity with Glucose Clamp Technology Gong Wenbo,Chen Xiabo,Zhou Jianyang,et al TCM Hospital of Ningbo City,Zhejiang Province(315010)
Effects of Borneol on the Pharmackinetics of Scutellarin after Intranasal Administration in Rats Shi Senlin1,Wu Jingjing1,Ge Weihong1,et al 1.Department of Pharmaceutical,Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou(310053);2.Department of Chinese Materia Medica,Shanghai Chinese Medical University
Effect of Revised Astragalus Tetrandrae Decoction on Rats Serum NO and ET-1 with Diabetic Derma Ulcer Huang Zaiwei,Chai Kefu,Song Guangming,et al Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou(310053)
Influence of Simiao Bixie Decoction on IL-1β,PGE_2 of Acute Gouty Arthritis Ye Hongfang,Huang Ping,Ying Huazhong,et al Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou(310053)
To Study the Effects of TGF-β1 of Jiaweitaohechengtang on Hepatic Fibrosis Induced by CCl_4 in Rats Zhao Zhiyou1,Wu Yajun,Zhang Junjie2,et al No.117Hospital of PLA,Hangzhou(310013);2.Zhejiang University of TCM
Influence of Naringin on Mouse' Osteoblast MC3T3-E1 Proliferation Tang Qi,Wang Weiqing,Wang Renfei,et al Hangzhou Mouth Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang Chinese Medical University(310006)
Quality Disparity Study on Chuang Figwort and That Sold in Drugstore Ding Xia,Wu Shuisheng Fujian Provincial TCM College,Fuzhou(350108)
RP-HPLC Method Measure the Content of Nutmeg Ether in the Nutmeg and Its Chane in Decoction Drug Wang Yong,Ge Erning Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Hangzhou(310053),China.
Discussion on Pharmacological Action of Hawthorn Leaves Flavonoids Wang Fang College of Life Science,Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou(310053)
The Problems and Countermeasures of Processing the Prepared Slices of Chinese Crude Drugs Used for Drafting 2010 Edition of Chinese Pharmacopoeia Zhu Chunhui,Li Changyu,Li Ruizhi,et al Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou(310053)
The Analgesic Effect of Radix Curcuma Extracts on Mice Gong Mincao1,Xu Junjie1,Chen Mei2 1.First College of Clinic Medicine,Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou(310053),China;2.Zhejiang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Study on the Prescription of Compound Microemulsion of Brucea Javanica Oil Zhang Shangpeng People Hospitol of Dongyang City,Zhejiang Province(322100)
RP-HPLC Method Measure the Contents and The Regularity of Rhychophyline in Ramulus Uncariae Cum Uncis Liu Qinghua,Ge Erning Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Hangzhou(310053),China
Identification of Fourier Finger Pattern on Realgar and Orpiment By XRD Han Mo,Sheng Zhenghua,Zhong Xiaoming College of Pharmaceutics,Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou(310053),China
The Research of Multi-factors Combination to Induce Lung-Yang Deficiency Rats Wen Huiping1,Chen Suhong1,Lv Guiyuan2,et al 1.Wenzhou Medical College(320535);2.Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
TCM Application Prevent Mechanical Phlebitis Induced by PICC Yang Fangying,Wu Huili,Hu Qiaoyun,et al Tumor Hospital of Zhejiang Province,Hangzhou(310022)
Observation to 30 Cases of Severe Pesticide Poisoning Treated with Continuous Renal Replace Therapy Liu Yi Anji People Hospital,ZhejiangProvince(313300)
Influence of Light Inhomogeneity on the Establishment of Diabetes Rat Model Zhou Weimin,Shou Qiyang,Wang Dejun,et al Zhejiang Chinese Medical University Laboratory Animal Research Center/Comparable Medical Research Center,Hangzhou(310053),China
Application of Experience-improved Prolene Net Pad in Repair of Inguinal Hernia Xu Xinhua,Wei Changfu,Wang Shuxin Second People Hospital of Yuhang District,Hangzhou City,Zhejicmg Province(311121)
Observation on Peripheral Nerve Block in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease after Introcoronary Stent(ICS) undergoing Lower-extremity Surgery Zhang Weiqing,Wan Zhengzuo TCM Hospital of Hangzhou City,Zhejiang(310007)
The Value of Diffusion Weighted Imaging Used in Breast Disease Zhu Caiqiao,Chen Yao,Wen Jianmin,et al Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou(310005),China
Cure Effect Observation to 54 Cases of Tuberculosis Debridement Bone-transplantation Internal Fixation Liao Teng,Tan Junming,Wang Chaoyang,et al 9.8 Hospital of Revolutionary Army of Huzhou(313000)
The Operative Treatment for Spiral Fracture of Middle-lower Segment of Tibial by Applying Intrameddullary Interlocking Nail and Cortical Screw Pan Keliang,Zhu Xiangjiang,Wang Gangxiang,et al Shengzhou People's Hospital,Zhejiang(312400),China
Observation of Operating and Traditional Chinese Drug in Appendicular Abscess:A Review of 235 Cases Zhao Yongliang,Jiang Zhixian Hospital of TCM,Zhuji City(311800),Zhejiang Province
Treatment of Tarsometatarsal Joint Injuries by Close Reduction and Percutaneous Kuntscher Pin Fixation Zhang Dawei,Zhou Qiang,Yuan Xier,et al Jianqiao Hospital,Hangzhou City,Zhejiang Province(310021),China
Anesthesia Treatment to Emergency Operation of Heart Break Yu Lijun,Zhang Bingfa,Huang Yuping,et al People Hospital of Xinchang County,Zhejiang Province(312500)
Test the Meaning of TC,TG and Alb Changes before and after Peritoneal Dialysis(PD) Treatment Xu Weizhong TCM Hospital of Lanxi City,Zhejiang Province(321100)
The Current Infection and Susceptibility to Antibiotics of Mycoplasma in Female Genitalia Xu Jiangyan,Wang Yuan,Chen Yimin First Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou(310006)
Clinical Observation of Two Methods in Termination of 12~16 Weeks Pregnancy Song Qin Third People's Hospital of Hangzhou City,Zhejiang Province(310009)
The Effect of Chinese Medicine with Norethindronum on Estrogen Receptors(ER) and Progestogen Receptor(PR) in Endometrial Polyp(EP) Zhu Changling,Lu Shuaijun,Cheng Jing Zhongshan Hospital of Wenzhou,Zhejiang Province(325000),China
Clinical Analysis of B-Lynch Suture for Treatment of Postpartum Hemorrhage Caused by Uterine Intertia Zhang Yingzhi,Fang Rong Hospital Affiliated to Medical College of Ningbo University(315000)
Ms Qiu Xiaomei's Experience in Treating Cervical Erosion Qin Zhaoxia,Zhuang Aiwen First Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou(310006)
Effect of Abdomen Transverse and Longitudinal Incision on Re-cesarean Section Liang Huibiao Yuhuan County TCM Hospital,Zhejiang Province(317600)
Yinchen Huazhu Decoction Reduce Blood Type-O Pregnant Women's Serum Antibody Titer Zhang Lei Women and Children Hospital of Ningbo City,Zhejiang Province(315010)
Causa Morbi Analysis to New-born Infants Hyperbilirubinemia Lin Wei People Hospital of Lanxi City,Zhejiang Province(321100)
TCM Research Development on Children Hyperactivity Wu Huichun,Gan Junxue Second Clinical Medical College of Nanjing TCM University(210046)
Clinical Meaning and Test to Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Children's AT-Ⅲ and D-dimer Qian Lijun,Liu Cheng,Cai Ying Central Hospital of Lishui City,Zhejiang Province(323000)
The Clinic Effect of Different Kirschner's Wire Internal Fixation for Treatment on Gratland Ⅲ Supracondylar Fracture of Humerus in Children Wu Xiangke,Xie Wei TCM Hospital of Quzhou City,Zhejiang Province(324002)
Clinical Study on the Effect of Post-natal Depression on Perinatal Women Xu Liya The First People's Hospital of Xiaoshan District,Zhejiang,Hangzhou(311200),China
Dynamic Effect of PLOFIRI Plan of Chemical Therapy on Adrenal Cortex Hormones Tang Juping,Jiang Yiqian,Li Chaoyang,et al Third People Hospital of Hangzhou City,Zhejiang Province(310009)
Research Correlation Cell Number of Mouse H_(22) Liver Carcinoma with Occurrence of the Experimental Pulmonary Metastasis Lv Xiang,Li Bai,Ling Changquan Changhai Hospital Affiliated to Second Military Medical Hospital,Shanghai(200433)
Clinical Analysis on Sterility Patients with Microadenoma Jiang Yejuan Fenghua TCM Hospital of Zhejiang Province(315500)
Graves' Ophthalmopathy Treated with Methylprednisolone Zhang Qun Second Hospital of Ningbo City,Zhejiang Province(315010)
Hormone and Anti-histamine Drugs Treat Middle and Severe Allergic Rhinitis Fan Xialan Yuhuan County TCM Hospital,Zhejiang Province(317600)
Effect of Chinese Western Medicine Combined on bcl-2 and bax Genetic Expression of Retinal Ganglion Cell in Rats with Diabetic Retinopathy Lou Hangfang,Ge Gangfeng Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou(310053),China
Combination of TCM and WM Treat Laryngeal Keratosis Wang Hongquan,Mao Xiaoshi,Xu Lingen First People Hospital of Pinghu City,Zhejiang Province(314200)
Cataract Ultra-sound Emulsification Combined with Artificial Crystal Transplantation and Trabeculectomy under Sustainable High Eye Pressure Yu Qizhi,Du Cheng,Lv Xiaoping TCM Hospital of Jiaxing City,Zhejiang Province(314001)
Application of Spiral CT Tri-dimensional Reestablishment in Ankle Joint Fracture Fan Yuan,Ni Zengliang,Cheng Wen,et al People Hospital of Lanxi City(321100)
Clinical Study on Emergency Cure of Coral Snake Bite Chen Zhaohui,Lan Linyou,Hong Xibing Central Hospital of Lishui City,Zhejiang Province(323000)
Study on Influence of EPO on Rabbits' TNF-α,IL-6,IL-10 and MDA with Blood Loss Shock and Endotoxemia Xu Liang,Zhou Kai People Hospital of Zhejiang Province,Hangzhou(310005)
Clinical Analysis on 6 Cases of Snakebite of Pregnant Women Wang Wei,Gu Jianghong TCM Hospital of Hangzhou City,Zhejiang Province(310007)
Discussion about E-health Development in China Zhou Xin,Ma Qiaoqin Zhejiang Provincial Centre for Disease Control and Prevention,Hangzhou(310051)
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