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China Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy
FQ: 月刊
AD of Publication: 北京市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1673-1727
CN: 11-5334/R
YP: 1986
Url: 中华中医药学会
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China Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy
2019 -02
Logistic regression analysis of the influential factors of vitiligo HAN Xian-wei;LI Tie-nan;ZHANG Tao;Department of Dermatology
Effects of Yiqi Chutan Formula combined Cisplatin on xenografts inhibition and expressions of Bax,Bcl-2 in platinum-resistant lung cancer LI Yuan-bin;LIN Li-zhu;WANG Chao;CHEN Chang-ming;YANG Jian-meng;XI Xin;LI Yi-fan;Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University;Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine;The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine;Institute of Chinese Materia Medica
Fluorescence observation in vivo and tumor staging study of human gastric orthotopic xenograft model in nude mice TIAN Tong-de;YUE Li-yun;TIAN Tong-liang;YUE Wen-li;YANG Du;Affiliated Tumor Hospital of Zhengzhou University;Dongfang Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;Ninth People's Hospital of Zhengzhou;
Clinical study of lung cancer with qi deficiency and blood stasis syndrome:Toxin-stasis pathogenesis LI Xiao-juan;CHEN Bin-hai;YANG Xue-jing;SHEN Li;ZHANG Guang-ji;The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University;The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University;China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences;Zhejiang Chinese Medical University;
Clinical efficacy observation on Compound Dihuang Decoction combined with Levodopa in the treatment of Parkinson's disease XU Peng-heng;HE Jian-cheng;WANG Li;CUI Xiao-yu;Basic Medical College of Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine;Department of Encephalopathy
Research progress of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of pediatric Henoch-Schonlein purpura nephritis SHI Lei;PANG Bo;XU Lin-jie;ZHAO Ying-lu;LIU Wen-jun;Guang'anmen Hospital
Research progress of tonifying kidney assisted therapy for IVF-ET LI Wen-na;CHEN Lu;FENG Xiao-ling;Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine;First Affiliated Hospital
Clinical observation of Implantation Decoction on the intervention effect of frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycle WANG Xiao;Reproductive Center
Efficacy observation of Zhenwu Decoction combined with immunosuppressive treatment of spleen and kidney yang deficiency syndrome of lupus nephritis SU Bao-lin;CHEN Gang-yi;TANG Shui-fu;Department of Nephrology
Progress of diagnosis and treatment on diabetic gastroparesis with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine ZHANG Yao;SHI Zhao-hong;LI Yang;ZHOU Li;WU Yan-xia;PENG Rui;Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine;Hubei University of Chinese Medicine;
Analysis of the metabolomics characteristics in Zusanli(ST36) area of CAG model rats based on meridian-viscera ZHU Wei;HU Xiao-zhen;ZHONG Huan;SHE Chang;LIU Yi;SHU Wen-na;YANG Qing;XIAO Shan-feng;CHANG Xiao-rong;LIU Mi;Department of Moxibustion & Tuina
Connotation research on 'treating same disease with different methods' of Linggui Zhugan Decoction and Shenqi Pill based on CHF rat model LU Qiong-qiong;HAN Jun;ZENG Bai-hui;LI Yun-zhou;SHI Shao-hua;XU Zong-ying;YU Han;DENG Hui-fang;ZHONG Xiang-gen;School of Traditional Chinese
Effects of the compatibility of Astragali Radix and Angelicae Sinensis Radix on the inflammatory response of rats with intima hyperplasia PENG Xi-wei;YAN Hui-fang;HUANG Juan;ZHU Jia-huan;XU Hao;HUANG Xiao-ping;DENG Chang-qing;Key Laboratory of Hunan Province for Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine on Prevention and Treatment of Cardio-Cerebral Diseases
Effects of Jianpi Qinghua Formula on synthesis of hepatic glycogen of type 2 diabetic rats QIU Yan;CHEN Qing-guang;LI Jun-yan;TAN Ling-jie;HAN Xu;LU Hao;Endocrinology Department of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated Shuguang Hospital;
HPLC multi-wavelength chromatographic fingerprints study of toxicity parts in crude and processed the roots of Aconitum sinomontanum Nakai. YANG Zhi-jun;ZHANG Li-jun;MA Dong-ni;YANG Xiu-juan;LI Yun;DAI Hai-rong;ZHANG Yan-xia;MA Jun;FAN Qin;Gansu University of Chinese Medicine;Key Laboratory of Chemistry and Quality for TCM of the College of Gansu Province;
Multi-drug resistance mechanisms of lung cancer multi-target reversing by Chinese herbal compound prescription WANG Chao;LI Yuan-bin;Institute of Chinese Materia Medica
Research progress of mechanisms underlying Chinese herbal compound in treatment of vascular dementia LIU Chuan-yang;XIAO Ling-yong;TU Jian-feng;YE Yang;Beijing No.2 Middle School;Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;
Innovative interpretation of pathogenesis of syndrome of Chaihu Guizhi Ganjiang Decoction LIU Xing;SI Guo-min;Zhangdian District of Zibo City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital;College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Spectrum-effect relationship of analgesic effect of Euodia Fructus based on OPLS analysis CHEN Yang;WEI Guo-bing;LIANG Jian;DONG Wei;DONG Jia-hao;LI Fei;YANG Wu-liang;CHEN Hai-fang;YUAN Jin-bin;Key Laboratory of Modern Preparation of TCM
Comparison of the extraction process of Phyllanthis Fructus based on chemical analysis and antioxidant activity ZHAO Sheng-yu;HUANG Hao-zhou;JIANG Hong;LIN Jun-zhi;ZHANG Ding-kun;HAN Li;YANG Ming;State Key Laboratory Breeding Base Co-Founded by Province and Ministry of Systematically Research and Development of Chinese Medicine Resources
Effects of excipients amount and inlet air temperature on the properties of Schisandrae Chinensis Fructus dried powder based on glass transition temperature RAO Xiao-yong;LIU Hui;ZHANG Yao;ZHANG Ai-ling;XIONG Yao-kun;LUO Xiao-jian;Jiangxi University of Chinese Medicine;National Pharmaceutical Engineering Center for Solid Preparation in Chinese Herbal Medicine;Jiangxi Medical Instruments Testing Center;
Development and trend of new Chinese decoction pieces ZHANG Ai-xia;XIN Er-dan;BIAN Tian-tian;SI Xin-lei;CAO Rui;NIU Jiang-tao;LI Yue-feng;Gansu University of Chinese Medicine;Key Laboratory of Quality and Standard of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Gansu Province;
Clinical countermeasures of adverse reactions of traditional Chinese medicine in pulmonary diseases BI Wei-bo;LIU Sheng-kang;CUI Hong-sheng;Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Third Affiliated Hospital;
Effects of Sijunzi Decoction on lipid metabolism and LPL gene expression in C57BL/6 mice with high fat diet ZHANG Meng-ting;CHEN Ji-cheng;LIN Xiao-feng;SHAO Yan-fei;KANG Jie;DING Shan-shan;GAO Bi-zhen;Fujian University of Chinese Medicine;Key Laboratory of Traditional Chinese Medicine Syndrome Research in Fujian Province University;Quanzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Fujian Province;Chinese Medicine Health Management 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center in Fujian Province;Fujian Key Laboratory of TCM Health State;
Effects of Fufang Dihuang Decoction on behavior and monoamine neurotransmitters in corpus striatum of PD mice LIANG Jian-qing;HE Jian-cheng;School of Basic Medicine
Pros and cons of classical prescriptions WEI Xi-lian;Hunan University of Chinese Medicine;
Effects of Zuogui/Yougui Pill and their separated prescription on the expression of TGF-β1 and PKA protein in hypothalamus and adrenal of ovariectomized rats QIN Zhen;REN Yan-ling;SHI Xin-yu;Liaoning University of Chinese Medicine;
Effects of Jiawei Huangfeng Decoction on the expression of SIRT1 and PGC-1α in renal tissue of rats with diabetic nephropathy ZHANG Pei-pei;LU Ke-da;XIA Hong;HE Ling-zhi;MA Hong-zhen;MI Le;LI Xian-yan;The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University;
Effects of Gansu Granules on liver function and liver damage for immunologic hepatic fibrosis rats induced by pig serum XIE Jun;XIE Xiao-fang;LI Meng-ting;SUN Chen;CHEN Hai-mei;PENG Cheng;Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine;State Key Laboratory of Systematic Research and Exploitation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Co-sponsored by Province and Ministry;Key Laboratory for Standardization of Traditional Chinese Medicine Under Ministry of Education;
Exploration of WANG Fu's application on classical prescription Shuqi Powder WANG Pang;WANG Fu;Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Effects of Kangxian Yi'ai Formula on integrin α5β1/FAK signaling pathway in rats with hepatic precancerous lesions LI Ying;YE Yong-an;ZHANG Lu-dan;LI Zhi-guo;ZHANG Peng;YANG Xian-zhao;Dongzhimen Hospital
Analysis of TCM Master JIN Shi-yuan on the key technique of the dispensing of toxin Chinese herbs:Aconiti Radix and Aconiti Kusnezoffii Radix CHENG Yan;TAN Xuan-zhong;JIN Shi-yuan;ZHAI Hua-qiang;GUO Hua;ZHOU Ya-ping;Nanjing Hospital of Chinese Medicine;Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;
Quality evaluation and genuine regional analysis on Artemisiae Argyi Folium from different places of China and Korea HU Ji-qing;WAN Ding-rong;PU Rui;SHI Nan-nan;HUANG Lu-qi;LI Lu-yang;LONG Wei-fang;College of Pharmacy
Evolvement of efficacy of Cimicifugae Rhizoma ZHANG Zi-wei;CHEN Hui-juan;LIANG Shang-hua;The Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Literature
Analysis of the current situation and the construction of technical specifications to the prescription handling of TCM decoction pieces WANG Ning-ning;ZHAI Hua-qiang;DAI Ying;LIU Guo-xiu;LI Ning-ning;LI Si-yu;KONG Xiang-wen;College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Identification study of volatile oil of Magnoliae Flos and grafted varieties by GC-MS WANG Tian-tian;CHEN Ling;LI Xin-yi;MA Jun;MA Yu-ying;Pharmacy College
Some thoughts on the application of Cinnamomi Ramulus GAO Min;YANG Bai-can;School of Pharmacy
Effects of Ditan Jiawei Decoction on inflammatory factor and microvessels in hippocampus of vascular dementia rats DONG Huan-huan;DING Rui-cong;LIU Ling;WANG Ping;Department of Encephalopathy
Discussion on the research thought of wheat bran as traditional Chinese medicine processing excipient ZHENG Jing-sheng;JIN Li-si;WANG Sun-fu;GE Wei-hong;Pharmacy Department
Dynamic protection of hypaconitine combined with glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetinic acid on acute heart failure rats WAN Jia-yang;FU Nan;CAO Xue-bin;YANG Jie-hong;WAN Hao-fang;HE Yu;WAN Hai-tong;WANG Li-qin;ZHOU Hui-fen;Zhejiang Chinese Medical University;Chinese People's Liberation Army 252 Hospital;First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University;
Study on hypoglycemic mechanism of ethylacetate extracts from the leaves of Longan Arillus in type 2 diabetes mellitus rats LIANG Jie;JIN Qing-qing;HUANG Tuan-xin;MAI Jia-ni;XU Hui;YANG Chuan-chuan;ZHOU Yu-shan;ZHAO Li-chun;ZHU Hua;Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine;Guangxi Institute for Food and Drug Control;
Coping strategies and effects of climate change on traditional Chinese medicine resources XIA Mei-mei;ZHONG Wan-ling;ZHANG Zi-long;QIN Meng-yuan;Chinese Medicine College
Formula application and medication in the treatment of chest impediment with diagnosis and treatment model of constitution differentiation-disease differentiation-pattern differentiation ZHANG Meng-xing;ZHANG Hui-min;HU Yan;YANG Pei-ying;LI Ran;WANG Qi;School of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Discussion on lung generating blood SUN Hui-yuan;LI Sheng-yao;LI Ying-xian;SHI Da-zhuo;Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Third Affiliated Hospital;Xiyuan Hospital Affiliated to China Academy of Traditional Chinese Sciences;China Astronaut Research and Training Center;
Discussion on the significance of TCM eye diagnosis based on syndrome elements differentiation LI Shu-nan;WANG Yang;FANG Sheng-yi;GAO Bi-zhen;The Second People's Hospital of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Research Base of TCM Syndrome of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
XIAO Xiang-ru's clinical experience in treating migraine with Dihuang Decoction LI Nan;XIAO Xiang-ru;JIANG Xi;Beijing Hospital of TCM Affiliated to Capital Medical University;Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;
Formation and development of TCM mind-nature science HE Guang-yi;LI Liang-song;LIANG Zhuang;ZHANG Shi-han;WANG De-chen;XU Rui-yao;Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;
Analysis on the causes of fatigue phenomenon of channel and point ZHANG Peng;QU Xia-xia;LIU Zhi-bin;Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine;
Discussion on the latent onset of allergic rhinitis based on hidden pathogen differentiation YUAN Wei-ling;ZHANG Qing-qing;WANG Min;College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Visual analysis of knowledge mapping of TCM constitution based on CiteSpace CUI De-hua;ZHANG Hui-min;HUANG Rong;YU Dan-dan;LIAO Xing;Institute of Basic Research in Clinical Medicine
Effects of interior syndrome inspection in TCM on terahertz radiation spectrum in different acupoints of hands LIU Jian-cheng;QIU Lie-ze;LIU Zheng-qiang;ZHANG Wen-chun;Jiangxi University of Chinese Medicine;
Disscussion on LIU Jing-yuan's academic thoughts and clinical experience ZHANG Wen-feng;Changchun University of Chinese Medicine;
Experience of LI Jia-geng in treating miscellaneous oral diseases with Qingshang Huayu Decoction WANG Xue-ying;CHEN Sai-li;LI Jia-geng;WANG Shang;Hubei University of Chinese Medicine;
Elementary analysis on strategies for prevention and treatment of mild cognitive impairment from phlegm based on the theory of preventive treatment of disease WU Dong-nan;LIU Ling;YANG Xi-qian;WANG Ping;Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Study on the quality standard of Mongolian medicinal materials Fangu Maxianhao XIAO Yun-feng;LI Wen-yan;ZHANG Yuan-yan;NA Sheng-sang;Center for New Drug Safety Evaluation and Research of Inner Mongolia Medical University;Department of Pharmacy
Clinical observation of Biqi Capsules combined with massage treatment on 30 cases of lumbar disc herniation ZHAO Yong-hua;The First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Effects of Qingnao Yiyuan Decoction on NSE and S100B in treating ischemic stroke ZHU Mei-zhen;LUO Liu-jun;WU Li;CEN Yan-hui;PENG Yue;CHEN Wei;JIA Wei;XIAO Yan-fen;Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine;The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine;
Analysis on TCM Master MEI Guo-qiang' concept of overall constant motivation of studying academic thought of Shanghan Lun MING Hao;ZHOU Xian;LIU Song-lin;XU Le-si;YUE Ying-ying;Hubei University of Chinese Medicine;
Application of Jingui Baihe Dihuang Decoction in elderly patients with metabolic syndrome WANG Bao;YAN Xiao-guang;HUANG Fei;QIAO Lin-lin;LI Yi;Traditional Chinese Medicine Department
Explorative study on representative medical practical methods of Yi-Ching medical school LUO Hao;YU Hong;XIONG Yi-liang;ZHANG Qi-cheng;Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;
Discussion on the 'pathogenesis' of traditional Chinese medicine based on SUN Zi's 'opportunity' for combat LIN Ming-xin;HUANG Hong-yu;ZHOU Hai;WANG Fang-fang;HU Jing-qing;Institute of Basic Theory for Chinese Medicine
LIU Xiao-hong's experience in treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ZHANG Tian-ge;HUANG Ai-si;HONG Hai-du;ZHENG Wen-jiang;LIU Xiao-hong;XU Wei-fang;Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Shenzhen Hospital;
GAO She-guang's theory of treating tremor by ascertaining the causes HU Cui-ping;LI Hai-ying;WANG Yong;Handan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Research progress of omics technology in field of liver disease syndrome essence LI Wei-wei;YANG Yan;WANG Shou-chuan;Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine;Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Pediatric Respiratory Disease
Research on four kinds of technological evolution of health Qigong FAN Tong-gang;YU Ding-hai;Shanghai University of Sport;
Comparative study of emotion and health maintenance between traditional Chinese medicine and buddhist culture ZHANG Yan-cheng;ZHANG Qi-cheng;School of Tranditional Chinese Medicine
Initial research on the characteristics of TCM syndrome types of dysphagia after stroke LUO Jing;CUI Shao-yang;WANG Shu-hui;XU Zhen-hua;Shenzhen Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
Clinical efficacy observation of external and internal treatment by TCM on 125 OLP patients with dampness-heat stagnating in spleen syndrome HUANG Xiao-jin;ZHANG Zhao-di;LI Jia-lin;JIANG Hong-gang;WEN Jiang-hua;ZHANG Qin-yu;West China Stomatology Hospital of Sichuan University;
Clinical efficacy observation of abdominal vibration intervention on 32 patients with prediabetes GUO Sheng;WANG Kang;DONG Xiao-ke;XUE Xiao-na;LIU Jiang;FU Guo-bing;GENG Nan;SHEN Qian;WEI Pei-dong;ZHU Yue-lan;Dongfang Hospital
Thoughts and methods of scientific construction in clinical thinking mode of TCM CHE Yan-jiao;PANG Li-jian;LYU Xiao-dong;SHI Yan-nan;JIANG Xin;JING Ying;Liaoning University of Chinese Medicine;The Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning University of Chinese Medicine;
Challenges of traditional Chinese medicine in the era of artificial intelligence and the research ideas of intelligential classical formulas of traditional Chinese medicine LIN Shu-yuan;LIU Chang;LI Yu;CAO Ling-yong;School of Basic Medical Sciences
Potential advantages and research strategies and practice of TCM immune thought under the current situation of contemporary vaccines ZHAO Li-xian;GONG Shui-di;XIAN Shao-xiang;The First Clinical Medical College of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Key Laboratory of Traditional Chinese Medicine Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Heart Failure of Guangzhou;
Outlook of the emergency development strategy of Chinese medicine ZHU Chen-chen;College of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine
Discussion on the modernization of TCM under the big data background TAO Yong-peng;LIU Zhao-xia;XU Cong;School of Software
Mechanism research of NF-κB mediated inflammatory response in HIV/AIDS with lung and spleen qi deficiency syndrome LIU Sa;XIE Shi-ping;CHEN Yu-long;XU Qian-lei;ZHANG Miao;ZHANG Hai-yan;MA Su-na;WANG Juan;Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;The First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Thinking methods discrimination of ZHANG Da-ning on the treatment of renal hematuria SUN Yi;Department of Nephrology
Tuina therapy for insomnia:A systematic review YANG Tao;LIANG Shuang;MA Liang-liang;LEI Yang;ZHOU Yun-feng;Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;The Third Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Randomized controlled trial of Hewei-acupuncture manipulation on insomnia with anxiety MA Rui-jie;CHEN Wei-ji;XU Xia;HE Ke-lin;HU Meng-yun;The Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University;Zhejiang Chinese Medical University;Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital of Yiwu;
Randomized controlled trial of Zihua Wenfei Zhisou Formula in treating cough after cold differentiated as syndrome of wind-cold retention in lung LIN Cheng-chuang;ZHOU Hong;LU Chuan-jian;LIU Yu;TAO Lan-ting;DAI Jie-shen;CHEN Geng-xin;The Second Clinical Medical College
Difficulties breakthrough and system construction of TCM health management under big data background LEI Huang-wei;LI Can-dong;Research Base of Traditional Chinese Medicine Syndrome
Clinical experience of ZHANG Zhong-de in treating cough variant asthma YE Jia-rong;GAO Feng;TANG Li-juan;ZHANG Tong;ZHANG Zhong-de;The Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
Discussion on inquiry characteristics of ZHANG Bing-hou ZHOU Yu;FAN Yong-ping;Beijing Tiantan Hospital
Experience of XIAO Xian-zhong in treating acute mastitis PENG Rong-hua;YE Wen-zhen;College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Clinical experience of ZHANG Fa-rong in treating hyperthyroidism with hyperthyroidism ointment PAN Yi;WANG Zhen-xing;GUO Jing;ZHANG Fa-rong;WANG Fei;School of Clinical Medicine
Medication experience of LI Yue-qing in treating chronic prostatitis LI Lan-qun;XUAN Zhi-hua;China-Japan Friendship Hospital;Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Shunyi Hospital;
Traditional Chinese medicine health management based on health state differentiation LI Can-dong;ZHAO Wen;XU Jia-jun;Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Analysis of medical cases which used Xiaochaihu Decoction in the wrong way in three series of Mingyi Leian WANG Rui-ting;ZOU Jin;ZHANG Xiao-yong;SONG Hui-rong;LUO Ya-min;ZHAO Zhan-ling;WU Yin-liang;TAO Xiao-hua;Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;
Brief analysis of 'communicating with ghosts' in Zhubing Yuanhou Lun DING De-zheng;Henan Sheqi Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Mental Diseases;
Discussion on qi and breath in Concise ?amatha-Vipa?yanā GE Peng;Department of Philosophy
Discussion on the traditional Chinese medicine etiology of radiation induced bystander effect:Radiation poison ZHANG Chao-ning;LI Jin-tian;Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Effects of acupuncture on rats with SCA based on the quantity and expression of dopamine receptor subtypes in the brain substantia nigra corpus striatum GUO Bin;YUE Zeng-hui;XIE Zhi-qiang;XIE Li-na;WANG Peng-han;CHEN Le-le;ZHU Xiao-shan;Hunan University of Chinese Medicine;Guangxi Qinzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Xiangxiang People's Hospital;
Progress of acupuncture treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ZHANG Lan-xi;TIAN Yan-ge;MA Jin-di;WU Ming-ming;JI Hui-ge;CHEN Long-fei;LI Jian-sheng;Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Collaborative Innovation Center for Respiratory Disease Diagnosis and Treatment & Chinese Medicine Development of Henan Province;Henan Province Key Laboratory of TCM for Prevention and Treatment of Respiratory Disease;
Clinical therapeutic effect observation of warm needling moxibustion on temporomandibular joint disorder syndrome LIU Jing;HAN De-xiong;CHEN Qin;ZHOU Jie;FANG Jian-qiao;Acupunture Department
Discussion on 'don't massage qiao in winter' SHAO Jing-yi;SHI Xia-wei;ZHANG Huai-bo;JIN Zhu-qing;Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University;Department of Psychiatry
Analysis of lung diseases commonly used couplet medicines for warming lung by TCM Master HONG Guang-xiang LI Shao-feng;SUN Chuan-qiang;LAN Zhi-hui;ZHANG Yuan-bing;LIU Liang-ji;The Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi University of Chinese Medicine;Qingyuan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Discussion on the application of angular drugs in the stable period of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease WU Jian-jun;JIANG Liang-duo;YU Xiao-jia;LIU Jing;SUN Bo;ZHANG Ying-xue;WANG Jian-yun;Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Third Affiliated Hospital;Dongzhimen Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;
Logistic regression analysis on TCM syndromes of rheumatoid arthritis based on syndrome differentiation WANG Wei-jie;TANG Xiao-po;WANG Xin-chang;FAN Yong-sheng;JIANG Quan;The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University;Guang'anmen Hospital
Clinical efficacy observation of acupuncture combined with rehabilitation training on dysphagia and effects of serum BDNF in patients with ischemic stroke HUANG Jian-ting;LUO Xiao-zhou;CUI Shao-yang;XU Ming-zhu;TANG Chun-zhi;Clinical Medical College of Acupuncture
Debate of febrile and warm disease due to misreading classics FENG Shi-lun;China-Japan Friendship Hospital;
Study on health index of traditional Chinese medicine in China ZHU Long;ZHOU Chang-en;LIU Ping;AN Xiang-long;LI Can-dong;Fujian University of Chinese Medicine;China Association of Chinese Medicine;Beijing Dataway Horizon Co.Ltd;
Animal trails in the pharmacodynamic evaluation of Chinese medicine treating epilepsy:Insights from research advances of western medicine DENG Chu-xin;WU Zhi-bing;The First Clinical Medical School
Discussion on 'treatment based on the characteristics of zang-fu viscera' LI Xiao-yu;WANG Zhen-liang;XIE Li-ke;LIU Xiu-chao;TONG Yi-bin;QI Dong-dong;Eye Hospital
Exploration of the dry cough with syndrome of dampness-heat CUI Hong-sheng;CHEN Qiu-yi;BI Wei-bo;Pneumology Department
Discussion on structural features of classification according to manifestation of TCM exemplified by Huangdi Neijing SHI Yong;Foreign Language School
Brief analysis on the academic thought and clinical characteristics of TCM Master XIONG Ji-bai LIU Chao-sheng;The First Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine;Master of Chinese Medicine XIONG Ji-bai Studio;
Experience summary of TCM Master DENG Tie-tao treatment of hazy lung injury ZHOU You;ZHANG Wei;Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine;First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine;
Clinical experience of WU Wei-ping on diagnosing and treating bronchiectasis WU Yu;WU Wei-ping;Beijing Yanqing District Hospital
Application of warming-yang method in dermatosis LI Dong-mei;XU Yi-ran;CHEN Ying-zheng;LI Li-qiong;Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine;
Treatment of ulcerative colitis based on the 'Niliu Wanzhou' method CHEN Lan;JIA Bo;DENG Huai-han;Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine;
Discussion on the treatment of diarrhea from five organs of Wuzhong famous doctors ZHANG Lu ZHU Mao-jun;CHEN Di-ping;LI Wen-lin;YAN Shuai;Literature Research Institute of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine;Second School of Clinical Medicine of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine;Library of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine;Suzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Five evolutive and six climatic factors analysis on the birth time of 1393 longevity cases in Yantai KE Er-qin-fu;ZOU Yong;HAN Ling;HE Juan;School of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chinese and western perspectives on Shanghai epidemic diseases during Republican period LIU Yi-cheng;SONG Xin-yang;Shool of Basic Medicine
Research of the spread of traditional Chinese medicine during the Republican period HU Wei-ye;SONG Xin-yang;School of Acupuncture-moxibustion and Tuina
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