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World Chinese Medicine
FQ: 月刊
AD of Publication: 北京市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1673-7202
CN: 11-5529/R
YP: 2006
Url: 世界中医药学会联合会
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World Chinese Medicine
2016 -06
HPLC Determination of Adenosine in Jianshen Pill Cui Enzhong;Tang Anfu;Gong Lei;Tang Hao;Wang Shudong;Nanjing General Hospital of Nanjing Military Command;
Effect of Modified Fumai Decoction on the Quality of Life of Patients with Arrhythmia Zhang Yuyun;Chen Xiaozi;Department of ECG Function
Curative Effect Observation on Fuzheng Fangxiao Formula in Treating Bronchial Asthma in Catabatic Period Sun Lifeng;Song Zhifang;Yang Hua;Sun Ying;Yantai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Clinical Observation of Combined Chinese Classical Prescriptions to Treat Cold-induced Refractory Fever Ao Tiefeng;General Department of TCM
Differentiation on Suspected Complex Syndrome Zhu Kejian;Affiliated Hospital to Hunan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Clinical Research of Danxia Zhifang Decoction in Treating Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Yin Tianlei;Zhu Pei;Liu Tianshu;Cheng Xiaoyan;Ding Zhengxiang;Zhu Kejian;Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Origin Exploration on Hunan Ouyang Genre's Clinical Thinking of Miscellaneous Diseases Zhu Pei;Yin Tianlei;Liu Tianshu;Zhu Kejian;Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Common Ultrasonic Image Feature of Uterus Myoma and Its Correlation to TCM Syndromes Zhu Lu;Chen Hongtian;Ding Zhengxiang;Yin Tianlei;Qi Lei;Liu Jun;Ultrasonography Department of Hunan People's Hospital;Affiliated Hospital of Hu Nan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Curative Effect of Danzao Oral Solution in Treating Angina of Coronary Heart Disease Zhu Pei;Luo Yan;Zhu Kejian;Affiliated Hospital of Hu Nan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Theoretical Thinking on Syndrome and Disease Combination and its Clinical Research Zhu Kejian;Su Xinping;Zhang Kun;Yin Tianlei;Zhu Lu;Zhu Pei;Cheng Xiaoyan;Ding Zhengxiang;Affiliated Hospital to Hu Nan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine;First Affiliated Hospital to Hunan University of Chinese Medicine;Hunan Provincial People's Hospital;
Clinical Study of “Three-dimensional Minimally Invasive” Therapy in Treating Cervical Spondylotic Radiculopathy Fu Bensheng;Qiao Jinlin;Cui Hongpeng;Zhang Jianjun;Du Wei;Liu Qian;Zhong Yuxian;Ding Yu;Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and Pain Treatment Center
Clinical Observation of Fuzheng Yiliu Formula and Psychological Intervention's Efficacy on the Emotion of Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Chen Wenli;Zhang Limin;Shi Qin;Zhou Xianfang;Chen Hongyu;Oncology Department
Curative Effect Observation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Triple Therapy on 36 Cases of Depression Tian Shaoxia;Tian Sai;Baishiqiao Healthy Care Center in General Political Department;Acupuncture and Massage College in Hunan University of Chinese Medicine;
Clinical observation of Activating-blood and Tong Luo Fomula on Unstable Angina Pectoris and Its Impacts on High Sensitive C-reactive Protein( hs-CRP) and Lipoprotein-associated Phospholipase A2( Lp-PLA2) Xie Xiao;Zhang Dawei;Cardiovascular Division
Effect of Buyang Huanwu Decoction on Coagulation and Blood Rheology Indexes in Aged Patients Receiving Hip Replacement for Intertrochanteric Fracture Yang Jun;Feng Lina;He Zike;Orthopedics Department in Henan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital;
Professor Lin Hongsheng's Lung Cancer Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment Experiences Yu Huiyong;Li Qi;Wang Xueqian;Lyu Liyuan;Lin Hongsheng;Guang'anmen Hospital
Professor Wei Jiwu's Syndrome Differentiation and Medication Experience Wang Shuai;Liang Junwei;Chi Lili;Affiliated Hospital of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Clinical Experience of Professor Wu Weiping in Treating Cough Zheng Jiakun;Feng Cuiling;Wu Weiping;Dongzhimen Hospital affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;
Experience of Professor Chen Quanru on Treating Allergies to Anti-thyroid Drug Li Huiping;Wen Jianhua;Zhao Yong;Chen Jidong;Zuo Xinhe;Chen Ruquan;Hubei University of Chinese Medicine;Traditional Chinese Hospital of Hubei Province;
Professor Li Yan's Clinical Experience in Using Yang-warming Therapy Wu Xian;Li Xiang;Wang Yuyan;The First Affiliated Hospital of Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Treating Thyroid Assiociated Ophthal Mopathy from Relieving Depression and Deficiency Lyu Shuquan;Zhang Shufang;Su Xiuhai;Guo Ruiqing;Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital of Cangzhou;
Soothing and Clearing Liver Method in Treating Allergic Rhinitis Xiao Yi;Liu Zhen;Li Xun;Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;Dongzhimen Hospital of Chinese medicine
Research on the Influence of Pricking Blood on Colleterals Therapy on Serum AFP and SF in the Rat Model of Primary Liver Cancer Wu Yun;Zhao Huiling;Liu Xinyan;Wei Ke;Chen Zichen;Tan Li;Zhan Huimin;School of Acupuncture-Moxibustion and Tuina
Clinical Observation of Tiaodu-Anshen Acupuncture Combined with Guipi Decoction on The Treatment of Insomnia with Heart-Spleen Deficiency Type Wang Yanjun;Han Yixu;Wang Yebo;Li Pengpeng;Department of Postgraduate
Effect of Acupuncture with Speech Training on Speech Function Recovery of Aphasia Patients after Stroke Huang Suzhen;Huang Kun;Acupuncture Department
Acupotomy Therapy's Effect and Mechanism in Knee Osteoarthritis Li Gang;Zhu Bin;Li Xiang;Chen Kai;Acupuncture Department
Study on the Extraction of Total Flavonoids in Xuelian Shiwei Tablets Su Miao;Hong Mei;Alatan Aorigele;Bao Lechaolu;Mongolian Medicine Research Institute of Inner Mongolia Medical University;
Evaluation on the Effect of Runzao Zhiyang Decoction and Its Clinical Characteristics Based on Syndrome and Symptom Combination Cheng Xiaoyan;Ding Zhengxiang;Zhu Pei;Yin Tianlei;Liu Tianshu;Zhu Kejina;Affiliated Hospital of Hu Nan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Exploration of the Correlation Between Modern Imaging and TCM Syndromes and Construction of New TCM Syndrome Imageology Zhang Kun;Zhu Lu;Zhu Kejian;First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine;Hunan Provincial People's Hospital;The Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Combination Rule of Traditional Uyghur Medicine in Abnormal Khan Syndrome Based on Association Rules He Wenjing;Gu Hao;Maihesumu·Aikemu;Wang Yun;Qiao Yanjiang;Information Engineering Center of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine
Research Progress of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Xu Wanli;Sun Jianhua;The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine;Rehabilitation Department of the Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine;
Effects of NR2B Subsets of NMDA Receptor in Acupuncture Treatment For Chronic Visceral Pain Weng Zhijun;Wang Lidong;Ji Yajie;Tan Linying;Xie Hengru;Liu Huirong;Wu Huangan;Shanghai Research Institute of Acupuncture and Meridian;Yueyang Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Research Progress of Chinese Medicine in Treatment of Osteoporosis Yuan Mingyang;Wang Jianwei;Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine;Orthopedics and Traumatology of Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Wuxi Hospital of Chinese medicine;
Study of Sichuan Lovage Rhizome and Red Peony Root on Intervening Angiogenesis of Rats with Cerebral Ischemia-reperfusion Ma Jin;Gan yu;Yuan yuan;Huang He;Qiao Tie;Cui Yinghai;Liu Manyu;Chu Li;Tian Miaomiao;The Second Hospital affiliated to Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Research of Modified Major Bupleurum Decoction's Effect on Liver Function and Blood Coagulation Mechanism Han li;Wang Xinwei;Shan Hengyun;Zhang Xiao;Rizhao City Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine;
Effect of Fuzheng Xiaoai Ⅰ Decoction on the Expression of VEGF in the Liver Metastasis of Colon Cancer Mice Zhang Yanli;Zhang Hongwei;Du Juan;Hou Anji;Oncology Department of the Seventh People's Hospital of Shanghai;Center Laboratory of Changhai Hospital affiliated to Second Military Medical University;Oncology Department of Center Hospital of Xuhui District
Effects of Different Purification Methods on Content of Salvianolic Acid B in Water Extract from Salvia Miltiorrhiza Bge Wang Ping;Wang Yuhe;He Xinhuai;Xin Aijie;Liu Yaqian;Shaanxi Institute of International Trade & Commerce;Tibet University for Nationalities;
Determination of Spinosin in Honey-fried Semen Zizyphi Spinosae Sui Liqiang;Wang Jian;Huang Lishu;Chen Zheming;Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;JiNing Center for Food and Drug Control;
Inhibition Effect of Clerodendrum Bungei Flavonoinds on Lewis Rats' Lung Tumor and its Correlation to the Expression of p53,bcl-2,and bax Gene Chen Siqin;Zhu Kejian;Li Yongmin;Zhou Jian;Affiliated Hospital of Hu Nan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Research on the Medicate Effect of Clerodendron Bungei Flavornoids on Wnt/β-catenin in Inducing the Apoptosis of HepG2 Hu Qi;Tan Xiaoning;Yu Na;Zhu Pei;Chen Siqin;Zhu Kejian;Affiliated Hospital of Hu Nan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Discussion on the Anti-depression Target of TCM Herbs Based on Neurovascular Unit Huang Shijing;Zhang Ying;Wang Liansheng;Guang'anmen Hospital
Intelligent Regulation of Herb Slices Quality Wang Juanjuan;Sun Ruiling;College of Business Administration
Pharmacological Research Progress of Herbal Formula in Treating Diabetes Dai Weibo;Mei Quanxi;Li Leyu;TCM Pharmacology Laboratory of Zhongshan Hospital affilated to Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine;Endocrine System Academy in Zhongshan Hospital affilated to Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine;
Chemical and Pharmacological Studies of Phenolic Acids in Salvia Root Wang Yanmei;Cao Junling;Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;
Research Progress of Allii Macrostemonis Bulbus Qiao Fengxian;Cai Hao;Fei Ke;Song Xiaoqing;Fan Qikai;School of Pharmacy
Clinical Efficacy of Chinese and Western Medicine in Vitiligo and Their Effects on the Serum Inflammatory Factors Lei Yong;Wang Jingjing;Zhang Shaoguang;Department of Dermatology
Treatment of Refractory Heart Failure by Different Producing Area and Same Dose of Aconite Root Contained Poge Heart-saving Decoction Combined with Conventional Western Medicine Liang Biyan;Huang Huixia;Li Xiufeng;Wang Xiuli;Guangdong Provincial Industrial Injury Rehabilitation Hospital;
Clinical Prevention and Intervention Effect of Shenqi Decoction on Coronary Restenosis of Coronary Heart Disease After PCI Huang Yingchun;Ma Lirong;Liu Pangong;Zhang Mingxia;Beijing First Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine;
Effects of Estrogen and Estrogenic Compounds on Cardiovascular System and its Pathway and Mechanism Zang Jinfeng;Zhao Piwen;Chen Meng;Wu Hongbo;Zhao Di;Niu Jianzhao;School of Preclinical Medicine
Clinical Efficacy of Wind-damp-dispelling and pain-relieving Capsule with Sodium Hyaluronate in Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis Qiao Lin;Yao Jun;Yan Xiaoli;Hao Guobing;Hao Yan;Department of orthopedics
COX Regression Analysis of Prognostic Factors Tunnel Thread-drawing Therapy for Complex Anal Fistula Yao Yibo;Wang Chen;Liang Hongtao;Li Feng;Cao Yongqing;Lu Jingen;Longhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Observation of the Curative Effect of Salvia Root Injection Combined with Intravenous Infusion in Treatment of Oligohydramnios during Pregnancy Li Guanghui;Dong Yanli;Li Guilian;Cao Jianhua;Pharmacy Department of the Third People's Hospital in Qingdao City;
The Effect of Huangqi Injection on Stage Ⅲ Gastric Carcinoma and its Function on Body's Immunity Zhao Weimin;Liu Lin;Fang Fa;Yang Xinhui;Wang Haijiang;Gastrointestinal Surgery Department of Tumor Hospital affiliated to Xinjinag Medical University;
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