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International Journal of Laboratory Medicine
FQ: 半月
AD of Publication: 重庆市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1673-4130
CN: 50-1176/R
YP: 1979
Url: 重庆市卫生信息中心
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International Journal of Laboratory Medicine
2015 -12
Determination of dichloromethane in drinking water by purge and trap gas chromatography-mass spectrometry Wang Yujiang;Yang Dapeng;Niu Xiaomei;Yu Qiuhong;Liu Yuting;Li Jie;Fengtai District Center for Disease Control and Prevention;
Circulation enzymatic homocysteine reagent performance verification Yang Yunfan;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Linqing City People′s Hospital;
Affect the application of improved reagent bottle corkage biochemical reagents to improve stability Deng Zhenguo;Department of Clinical Laboratory,the Second People′s Hospital of Gucheng County;
The results of pregnant women urinary iodine of Zhuhai area in 2013 year Ling Wenhui;Department of Clinical Laboratory,the Zhuhai People′s Hospital Affiliated to Jinan University;
The application of Clinical laboratory indexes in the syndrome differentiation about blood stasis syndrome Zhang Changjun;Tao Qingchun;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Changping Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Third Affiliated Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;
The prevention of the hook effect in the automatic biochemistry analyzer by the immune ratio turbidity method Teng Xiaomei;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Xuzhou Manucipal the First People′s Hospital of Jiangsu;
Investigation on change regulation of blood coagulation function before and after treatment of snake bite patients Liang Jianning;Tang Rongde;Zhang Yue;Chen Senxiong;Zhang Guanxin;Guo Weiwen;Zeng Yanling;Xinhui Chinese Medicine Hospital Affiliated to Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University;
Antibiotic resistance and infective charsacteristics of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia infection in children Xu Guizhen;Li Shengtao;Shi Wenyuan;Zhu Junmin;Peng Xiaoyou;Xu Yujuan;Department of Clinical Laboratory,the First People′s Hospital of Chenzhou City/Children′s Hospital of Chenzhou City;
Drug-resistance and clinical distribution in nosocomial infections with Staphylococcus aureus Xu Benjin;Song Youlin;Yan Rongrong;Liu Ling;Fenyang College of Shanxi Medical University;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Fenyang Hospital of Shanxi Province;
Study of expression level of acute lower respiratory tract Boka virus infectecd children with serum specific antibody Zhang Yunqi;Wang Qiong;Zhang Yinhui;Lu Xuedong;He Taojun;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Futian Hospital Xiangmi Lake Branch Affiliated to Guangdong Medical College;Department of Medical Laboratory,Shenzhen Futian Hospital Affiliated to Guangdong Medical College;
Analysis of the consistency of the detection results of glycosylated hemoglobin(HbA1c)by SMART POCT and hitachi 7180 biochemical analyzers Tian Jianhong;Wang Yi;Jia Jianghua;Zhang Yusheng;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Jinchang First People′s Hospital;Ningbo Medical System Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.Research Center;
To investigate the relationship between infectious diseases and trace elements of children aged 0to 13 years old Zhao Wenji;Li Quanting;Sun Jianzhen;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Beijing City Changping Distinct Hospital;
Clinical significance of serum levels of procalcitonin,C-reactive protein and white blood cell count in children with infectious diseases Huang Meiqiong;Zhang Guangqing;Ge Jingjing;Xu Lihan;Yu Zhaobin;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Qingyuan Maternal and Child Health Care of Guangdong Province;
Serum cystatin C and urinary albumin were measured on the diagnosis of early renal function injury Liu Jinchang;Shi Guixiang;Yu Guijun;Li Yuhong;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Yanshan County People′s Hospital of Hebei;Cangzhou City Center Blood Station;
Cytogenetic and clinical analysis of a patient with partial trisomy 5p Zhang Xiaoyan;Xie Rungui;Wei Shundi;He Xiaoxuan;Liu Yanhui;Department of Prenatal Diagnosis Center,Dongguan Maternal and Child Health Hospital;
Analysis bacterial culture,identification and antibiotics resistance of 544 stools specimens of acute diarrhea outpatients Yang Huanzhang;Yan Yuzhong;Fan Huiqin;Xu Ying;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Shanghai Pudong Hospital;
Application and significance of high sensitive C reactive protein in clinical examination Chen Dexian;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Zigong City;
Study of pleural isolated Pseudomonas aeruginosas of the resistance mechanisms to carbapenems Cheng Shaoyun;Yu Li;Department of Clinical Laboratory,the third People′s Hospital of Qingdao;
Clinical analysis of 214 strains of Staphylococcus aureus from skin and soft tissue infections Wu Yuanru;Huang Hua;Peng Changjun;Department of Clinical Laboratory,the Second People′s Hospital of Longgang District;
Discussing the unqualified rate and analysing the upper limit of ALT donated by volunteers in Chongqing city Cheng Ying;Li Wei;Tian Yunbo;Cheng Ran;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Chongqing Blood Center;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Zhongshan Hospital of Chongqing;
Analysis of irregular antibody screening results of voluntary blood donors in Shenzhen Zheng Chuzhong;Tang Wanbing;Zheng Wangchun;Fang Ying;Department of Blood Transfusion,Longgang District People′s Hospital;Blood Center of Longgang District;
Change regulation before and after treatment of snake bite for routine blood test and hypersensitive C-reactive protein Liang Jianning;Tang Rongde;Zhang Yue;Guo Weiwen;Hua Guanmin;Chen Senxiong;Ceng Yanling;Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University attached Xinhui Chinese Medicine Hospital;
Investigation on blood group serology of crossmatching incompatibility of blood donors in clinical hospitals Yang Song;Blood Transfusion Laboratory,Nanchong Red Cross Central Blood Station;
Investigation on the reference interval of platelet-related parameters in different detection systems Xue Bingrong;Xu Peng;An Na;Pu Shutao;Li Fen;Hu Xiaojun;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Mianyang Central Hospital;
Estabilishment of automated particle-enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay for the measurement of human and evaluation on methodology Wang Xinxin;Chen Meijun;Department of Clinical laboratory,Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University;
Detections and clinical significances of perinatal pregnant metaphase,four items of blood coagulation and D-dimer Wu Shiyuan;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Huaihua Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital of Hunan Province;
Detection of Enterobacter cloacae produced AmpC enzymes and ESBLs and study of its multi-drug resistance mechanism Wu Caiming;Li Junjie;Liao Qifeng;Chen Zhiyou;Zhuang Yan;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Shenzhen Shekou People′s Hospital;
Clinical application of serum thyroid hormone homemade quality control materials Deng Fang;Li Ming;Chen Shaohua;Sun Yongmei;Zhang Yang;Chen Zhaowu;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Tumor Hospital of Anhui Province;
The clinical significance of joint detection of β_2-MG,glycated hemoglobin and cystatin C in early diabetic renal damage GanJiahong;Chang Lin;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Bishan District People′s Hospital;
Survey of health adult serum N terminal pro brain natriuretic peptide concentration correlation of body level in Heyuan area Zhong Guoquan;Xu Jianping;Zhang Yeshuang;Qiu Dandan;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Yuancheng District People′s Hospital of Heyuan City;Internal Medicine,Yuancheng District People′s Hospital of Heyuan City;Physical Examination Center,Yuancheng District People′s Hospital of Heyuan City;
Analysis of the results of antinuclear antibody and anti-ENA antibodies for 297 patients of autoimmune diseases with IIF and biochip technology Tan Jie;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Affiliated Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Hubei University of Chinese Medicine;
The clinical fibrinogen reference range of plasma established for normal parturient women in labor Hefei area Chen Tongqing;Department of Blood Transfusion,the Second People′s Hospital of Anhui Province;
The application of cassette automatic blood analyzer in irregular antibody screening for blood donors Zou Jiaoli;Wang Qing;Zou Wentao;He Ziyi;Wang Ruoheng;Chen Qingkai;Cui Siping;Dongguan Blood Center;
Biochemical reagents for circulating enzymatic determination of serum total bile acid interference Tian Guangchun;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Xiangzhou District People′s Hospital of Xiangyang;
Introduce a improved method for the production of hemoglobin liquid by use of the hemoglobin electrophoresis alkaline Zhang Ling;Hu Zhaohui;Guo Zhouping;Lin Xiaodong;Pan Jianhua;Zhu Qingyi;Hematopathology Central Laboratory,Guangzhou kingmed Center for Clinical Laboratory;
Association study of serum HBeAg status and HBV DNA level and hepatic injury in chronic hepatitis B patients Chen Meilian;Deng Rentang;Li Liuyan;Fu Wenjin;Chen Jinhua;Department of Clinical Laboratory,the Affiliated Houjie Hospital of Guangdong Medical College;
Expressions of STAT5 and Foxp3 in patients with hematological disease Zhang jian;Wu Liangyin;Jiang Jinqun;He Fengping;Department of Clinical Laboratory,North Guangdong People′s Hospital;
Dongguan Han patients with coronary artery PCSK9 gene SNP and its prognosis Mo Yuqian;Li Weiqi;Zhong Yuru;Zhang Xiaoming;Department of Clinical Laboratory,People′s Hospital of Dongguan City;
Multiple of biochemical index test in the diagnosis of fatty liver Wang Xianmo;Yang Zhangyuan;Ming Liang;Xie Liangcai;Lu Jinzhi;Xiao Lin;Li Yanlin;Department of Clinical Laboratory,the First People′s Hospital of Jingzhou;Kunming Medical University;
Correlation research on thyroid hormone joint detection and hyperthyroidism during pregnancy Gu Wengang;Jia Juan;Nan Zhimin;Yu Li;Chen Shuyun;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Armed police corps Hospital in Beijing;
A comparative study of HPV infective genotypes distribution in cervical intraepithelial neoplasias Wang Yi;Mei Jing;Geng Jianxiang;Kan Yanjing;Fan Xuemei;Xia Lin;Wang Hongjing;Long Xiurong;Zhao Xue;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Centre of Health Service,the Xiluoyuan Community of Fengtai District of Beijing;Department of Pathology,Third Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Traditional Chinese Medical University/HPV Collaboration Group of Jiangsu Province;
Clinical value of CA125,CYFRA21-1,HPV detection combined with TCT in diagnosis of cervical cancer Huang Weiqiang;Yang Yanmei;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Shenzhen Pingshan Matemal and Child Health Hospital;Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics,Longgang District People′s Hospital of Shenzhen;
Analysis of 655 cases of mycoplasma pneumoniae infection in children Ye Lian;Deng Yibin;Wang Fang;Fang Kun;Gou Hua;Cai Zhilong;Department of Clinical Laboratory,the Science City Hospital of Sichuan Province;Department of Paediatrics,the Science City Hospital of Sichuan Province;
Differential diagnosis value of pro-GRP and NSE in small cell lung cancer Yao Yachao;Li Lei;Qiu Houkuang;Wu Xiaoyun;Yan Fang;Zhang Zhen;Li Yahong;Li Nan;Li Zeyong;Zhang Zhi;Clinical Laboratory Medicine,the Second People′s Hospital of Guangdong Province;Key Laboratory for Reproductive Medicine of Guangdong Province/Department of Reproductive Medicine Center,Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University;
Value of bile acid,CEA,CA199,CA72-4 detection in the diagnosis of gastric carcinoma He Biao;Huang Yanjin;Su Xiaowen;Deng Bo;Huang Zhiwen;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Gaozhou Municipal People′s Hospital of Guangdong;
The result comparisons of partial prethrombotic state indexes between patients with metastatic gastrointestinal malignant tumor and with non-metastatic gastrointestinal malignant tumor Liu Jun;Du Danxin;Cheng Pengfei;Zhang Mingjie;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Tianyou Hospital Affiliated to Wuhan University of Science and Technology;Department of Clinical Laboratory,Hospital of Wuhan University;
A respective analysis on 462 cases of leukemia typing Liu Wen;Li Jun′an;Guo Bin;Li Ying;Yao Lihua;Department of Clinical Laboratory,the Affiliated Hospital of North Sichuan Medical College;
The application of cyfr21-1、NSE and CEA detection in early diagnosis of lung cancer and identification of pathological types of lung cancer Huang Xueping;Department of Clinical Laboratory,People′s Hospital of Boluo County;
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