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(A) Mathematics/ Physics/ Mechanics/ Astronomy
(B) Chemistry/ Metallurgy/ Environment/ Mine Industry
(C) Architecture/ Energy/ Traffic/ Electromechanics, etc
(D) Agriculture
(E) Medicine & Public Health
(F) Literature/ History/ Philosophy
(G) Politics/ Military Affairs/ Law
(H) Education & Social Sciences
(I) Electronic Technology & Information Science
(J) Economics & Management

(H) Education & Social Sciences
Theory and Method of Social Science Sociology and Statistics
Nationality Science Demology and Family Planning
Science of Talent and Labor Science Theory and Management of Education
Preschool Education Elementary Education
Secondary Education Higher Education
Vocational Education Adult Education, Special Education
Physical Education
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Journal of Heihe University (2018-10) Journal of Shaoguan University (2018-10)
Journal of Tianjin University(Social Sciences) (2018-06) Journal of Sichuan Minzu College (2018-05)
Journal of Zaozhuang University (2018-06) Journal of Guizhou Normal University(Social Sciences) (2018-06)
Journal of Chizhou University (2018-05) Journal of Weinan Normal University (2018-21)

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