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Electronic Test
FQ: 半月
AD of Publication: 北京市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1000-8519
CN: 11-3927/TN
YP: 1994
Url: 北京自动测试技术研究所
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Electronic Test
2014 -S2
Hamilton system for the analysis of fuel cell based on sintering deformation Luo Qiren;Zhang Jinfu;Northwestern Polytechnical University;
Jack-up drilling rig inverter system harmonic suppression Chen Pingliang;CNPC offshore engineering co.,LTD.;
Study on Ti metal composites for electromagnetic shielding effectiveness Sun Hengyi;Tian Xiaojian;Ru Yuxing;College of Electronic Science and Engineering,Jilin university;
A Study on Using Network Technology on Design of Coal Mine Safety Information Process Liu Yan;Datong Coal Mine Group contemporaneous Hao Ran Coal Co. Ltd.;
The microcontroller system management in the underground anti-jamming performance Li Duoyou;Wang Zhensheng;Tangshan Industrial Vocational Technical College;
Analysis of information system of dynamic control management on coal and gas prevention Liu Yan;Datong Coal Mine Group contemporaneous Hao Ran Coal Co. Ltd.;
Study on the numerical control system for laser cutting machine Pan Dong;Shaanxi institute of Technolgy;
The analysis of the impact of the organizational structure of the corrosion resistance of Q235 steel welding joint Fang Hua;Jiang He;Li Ye;Duan Jin;The college of mechanical science and engineering,Northeast ptroleum university;School of Physics and Electrical Information Engineering,Daqing Normal University;
Study on control system of Longmen planer reconstruction based on PLC Technology Dai Xiaodong;Xie Chunmei;Nantong Vocational College;
Based on the intelligent control of the "Weifang kite" research Song Qing;China University of Petroleum;
The application of linear optical fiber temperature sensing fire detector in the pipe trench in the Zhu Hongliang;China twenty Metallurgical Group Co. Ltd. Southwest Branch;
Optimization Design of Molten Salt Centrifugal Pump Impeller Based on Velocity Modulus Method Xi Tong;Gu Boqin;Shao Chunlei;School of Mechanical and Power Engineering of Nanjing University of Technology;
Analysis system of functional repair of CT fault He Xuhui;Loudi Central Hospital of Hunan Province;
Design for Missile Simulator Optical Radiation Measurement System Liu Fu;Yue Zhige;Lei Zhengwei;Liu Wei;Institute of Ordnance Technology;Ordnance Engineering College;Shenyang Military Representatives Agency,The General Equipment Department;
The application of particle swarm optimization algorithm in vehicle scheduling packet disturbance Wang Wenfeng;School of information science and technology,Beijing University of Chemical Technology;
Design and Simulation of traffic light control system based on MCU Zhang Xiaojun;Lu Xinghua;Guangdong University of Technology HOLLEY Institute;
Study on the comprehensive evaluation of the quality system of automobile driver Shi Dachun;Heng Yaofu;agricultural extension station of Zhumadian City;Huanghuai University;
WARTSILA 8L46C type exhaust gas/bypass valve pressurization system abnormal opening effect on host condition and Countermeasures Tang Ran;Yu Jiankang;Chinese satellite Maritime Tracking and control department;
Search of Transformation Program of Electrical Control Systems of A ship's Icehouse Door Wang Shuren;Tang Ran;Huang Jie;China Satellite Maritime Tracking and Control Department;
Application and analysis ofalgorithm in electric power project managementnetwork planning Xing Di;Foshan Power Supply Bureau;
Intelligent building control systems and building automation framework for building Ji Wenge;The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University;
Discussion on the application of multimediasimulationsystem of Construction Engineering Feng Jinyu;sichuan water conservancy vocational college;
Study on the stadium security protection system design Li Weixing;Yulin University;
Brief introduction about a design for 4MeV ionelectrostatic accelerator stablizing voltage system Lu Zhuofan;Liu Haidong;College of Physics and Engineering,Zhengzhou university;
The Analysis Of Effect On Ohm Zero Adjustment When Zero Potentiometer Of The Analog Mult Imeter Is At The Different Positions In Header Shunt Circuit Yang Shaokun;Chang Jiang Institute of Technology;
Research and application of Condition-basedmaintenance management of protective relays Zhou He;Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau Co Ltd of China Southern power grid;
Analysis and Research on key problems of smart grid information and communication technology Mai Shuquan;Lv Hualiang;Guangdong Grid Co of Foshan Power Supply Bureau;
The existence of the configuration and application of 500kV in transformer protection problem Zhou Jianhua;Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. Foshan Power Supply Bureau;
Research on the route of substation patrol based on the Postman Problem Peng Guangchao;Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau Co Ltd of China Southern power grid;
The similarities and differences between Chinese and foreigndevelopment statusofsmart gridandsmart grid Foshanarea Ou Yangxu;Guangdong Grid Co Foshan Power Supply Bureau;
Researchonintelligent managementofcable tunnel Zhu Feng;Li Guocheng;Zhang Weidong;Gao Sheng;Zibopower company;
Power distribution automation research enterprise transformation method Qian Kun;Foshan Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation;
A discussion on the integration of the camp with the integrated system platform He Jianhui;Guangdong Grid Co of Foshan Power Supply Bureau of Shunde;
Wireless high-voltage substation designtemperature warning system Wen Bo;Gao Sheng;Wang Zhaobin;Wang Kaicheng;Yu Guoliang;State Grid Electric Power Co.,Ltd.in Heilongjiang Province Department of operation overhaul Department;
Research on teaching system of distribution of professional mobile training Li Fengyun;Guangdong Grid Co Foshan Power Supply Bureau;
Application of measurement automation system in electricity inspectionwork in the Ma Jinchao;Guangdong Power Grid Co.,Ltd.Foshan South Power Supply Bureau;
Discussion on the transmission line cable engineering construction management Xiao Yao;Guangdong Grid Co Foshan Power Supply Bureau;
A Study of the SVG Graphical Framework for Low Voltage Areas Lin Yujie;Wu Lixian;Foshan Power Supply Bureau, Guangdong Power Grid Corporation;
The analysis of the typical defects with DC grounding Tan Zhicong;Mo Yingsheng;Foshan Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Company;
Discuss the power metering management total quality management system based on Bai Wenqi;Hunan Institute of measurement detection;
Analysis and treatment of a grounding transformer fault Sun Quanwei;Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. Foshan Power Supply Bureau;
The switchgear partial discharge analysis based on wavelet analysis Zhang Runming;Foshan Guangdong Grid Co Shunde Power Supply Bureau;
Method of distribution network spatial load forecasting analysis Huang Xiaohui;Foshan Guangdong Grid Co of Shunde Power Supply Bureau;
Intelligent monitoring technology in the application of 220 kv transformer cooling system analysis Huang Changwei;Foshan power supply bureau of guangdong power grid company;
Based on the research of below 35 kv substation maintenance Wang Xiangwei;Taikang County Electric Power Bureau;
Communication power supply in the battery on-line monitoring technology and research and design of system maintenance Li Hanshuang;He Honghua;Ma Yunfei;Pan Dingfei;Guangxi electric power vocational technology college;Nanning rui electronics technology co.,LTD.;
A New Unbalanced Control Strategy Based on Repetitive-Control Yang Lihong;Zhongshan Torch polytechnic;
Research on PWM inverter harmonic elimination method and simulation Li Le;Soochow University;
The Technology and Application of MCR. Li Liang;Xian Jianneng;Hu Weixin;Liu Zhentian;Foshan Power Supply Bureau;
Prepaid electric energy application technology on the table Wang Bo;Guangdong Grid Co Foshan Power Supply Bureau;
Hospital Business Transformation Perspective investment management platform Wang Lingjun;Taihe Hospital in Shiyan City,Hubei Province;
Clinical nutrition department of construction management tools based on SWOT research Zhang Hanyu;Ding Shuping;Wang Yugui;Wang Mingju;Medical College of Hubei Province Shiyan Taihe Hospital affiliated Nutrition;
Research on Application of Sakai platform in the middle and primary schools by network assisted teaching Liu Xixun;He Miao;College of Information Engineering,Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute;
Multimedia Development and Utilization of Physical Education He Nan;Xianyang Normal University;
Construction of University Ideological and Political in school learning system Ma Zhen;Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine;
Study on the fabrication of CAI basic theory course of physical education teaching courseware Jia Jinlun;the school of physical education of Yan'an University;
Discussion on the reform of medium occupation school sports teaching information Zhang Zhongcheng;Dalian light industry school training center;
Exploration of sports CAI courseware making——the application of multimedia technology assisted physical educationteaching research series Su Qingfang;The school of physical education of Yan'an University;
Development and application of multimedia software Football Technique Teaching Sun Jin;Shaanxi youth Shaanxi Career Academy;
How to play the advantage of computer technology in school sports Qian Long;Shaanxi Vocational College of National Defense Industry Sports Department;
The analysis and research of the technology of multimedia CAI courseware application value of basketball in sports teaching Yu Yuanyuan;Qingdao Agricultural University Physical Education Department;
Study on Sharing Model of University Digital Educational Resources Based on Cloud Computing Liu Jing;College of International Education,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics;
The system of college recruitment online Rao Guang;NeiJiang Vocational&Technical College;
Computer science school-enterprise cooperation network platform built to explore Wang Yingbo;Dalian City Light Industry School;
Analysis of university sports management system platform development and Application Zhao Kai;Shaanxi Vocational College of National Defense Industry Sports Department;
Analysis and design of gymnasium based on operation mode of virtual Du Xuegong;The school of physical education of Yan'an University;
Research on simulation technique for the measurement of basketball shooting of aerodynamic drag coefficient based on Wang Pujian;Xi'an Physical Education University;
Improve the Accuracy of Power Transistor Junction Temperature T_j Test Zhao Xiaosong;Beijing WYMD Science and Technology Ltd;
Research on the post evaluation method of mobile network construction project Zhou Hongcheng;Guangdong Planning and Design Institute of Telecommunication Co.,Ltd.;
Using Arrhenius to predict the service life of the network video camera Huang Yiwen;Gong Lindi;Guangdong Engineering Polytechnic College;Gosuncn Technology Group Co.,Ltd.;
Magnetic resonance imaging digital receiving system design based on DSP Zhao Ruyan;Sun Binghe;Xiao Liang;Beijing University of Chemical Technology;
Analysis of OFDM communication technology Liu Qiaoping;Institute of Physics and Electronics Communication Engineering Yanan University;
Parameter detection of LFM signal based on Multi-Segment MDCFT Yuan Desheng;Han Song;Institute of Electronics,Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Fast scalar multiplication in elliptic curve cryptography algorithm Wang Yongheng;Shanghai Zhongqiao College;
The Internet of things technology of intelligent home appliances management model design and verification based on Fan Cuiling;Zhumadian,Career Technical College;
Introduction to the wireless LAN technology Wang Xiaohong;Shaanxi Provincial Party Schoolof CPCScience and technology department;
Some Problems of Protues Simulation Xu Changan;Wanjiang College of Anhui Normal University;
Super computer system for real-time energy saving control theory and practice analysis Zhao Jing;Shaanxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics;
Development of I2C device under embedded linux Liu Jiangman;He Dongzhi;Software Engineering & Beijing University of Technology;
The quantitative analysis about the Cloud Computing documents of the LISA Database Li Chunxiao;Xi'an International University;
Data mining of hospital services micro-channel evaluation platform based on statistics Shu Weidong;Ding Shuping;Fu Ping;Information and Statistics Department Taihe Hospital in Shiyan City,Hubei Province;
The Design of The Hospital Logistics Information Management System Wang Xiaoxing;The Second Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Jiao Tong University Medical College;
Design and research of score system for gymnastics Yin Yi;Xi'an Institute of Finance and Economics Sports Department;
To explore the use of LabSQL database access technology in LabVIEW Zhang Lu;Zhumadian, Career Technical College;
Research on private college selection decision support system Meng Weiping;Zhang Liping;Shaanxi International Trade College of information and Engineering Institute of technology;
Design and research medical departments of job evaluation system based on the platform of OA Ding Shuping;Zhang Hanyu;Zhong Zheqing;Sun Ping;Hubei Medical College affiliated Taihe Hospital Information and Statistics Department;
Research On The Object Proxy Database System Liu Yiou;Xi'an Internation University;
Data structure design of sports meeting management systems based on SQLServer Huang Yingchun;Department of Physical Education, Bohai University;
Construction and implementation of sports training management information system Ma Jun;Xi'an Physical Education University Sports Department;
Development and application of Identification software for sixangle-diagram based on Firemonkey Li Qiang;Luo Chunfeng;Tan Zhicong;Li Haiping;Xu Jiazheng;Foshan Power Supply Bureau,Guangdong Power Grid Corp;
Analysis of Data Warehouse and Data Mining Methods in Educational Administration Management System Liu Jing;College of International Education,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics;
Learning Object Design Management System Voice Search——A Case Study of the University of Languages Chen Li;Shaanxi Radio & TV University at Yanan;
Comprehensive Assessment System for Students volleyball programs based on fuzzy theory design Liu Jie;Xianyang Normal University;
Online English Multimedia Teaching System Song Yaqin;Shaanxi Vocational and Technical College of Finance and Economics;
And implementation oftest casegenerationdatabase system design Zhou Ju;The party and government office of Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics;
The construction and management of database information system of agricultural products in Shaanxi Province Zhang Liping;the Shaanxi Institute of international trade;
The construction of small website visual programming using ASP technology Wang Peng;Shaanxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics Information Engineering Department;
The fire cylinder safety monitoring system base on RS485 bus Liu Maoyu;Inner Mongolia Alashan Taixi Coal Group Limited by Share Ltd;
Design of the temperature test circuit based on the equivalent circuit of the diode Luo Maoyuan;School of Physics And Electronic, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China;
The remote control system based on network technology Zhang Yang;Tianjin University College of Management and Economics;
Dynamic adjustment of the data fusion algorithm weighted factor Li Li;
From the establishment of the health monitoring system of retired staff physique Yao Yingfeng;China University of Petroleum (Hua Dong);
The construction of service sharing pattern of archival information resources of cloud Wang Wei;Shaanxi Administrative Institute;
The reconstruction of accounting information system based on the conceptual framework of financial accounting Wang Meng;Shaanxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics;
The construction of evaluation system of internal control of accounting information system based on OMP3 model Chang Ru;Shaanxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics;
To construct the system of electric power enterprises employee training and education Hua Feng;Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. Foshan Power Supply Bureau;
Discussion on the measurement standards laboratory detection ability Wang Bo;Guangdong Grid Co Foshan Power Supply Bureau;
Customer service center in the Balanced Scorecard performance management system, intelligent design Chen Xiaoyun;Guangdong Grid Co Foshan Power Supply Bureau;
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