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Value Engineering
FQ: 旬刊
AD of Publication: 河北省石家庄市
Lanuage: 中文;
ISSN: 1006-4311
CN: 13-1085/N
YP: 1982
Url: 中国技术经济研究会价值工程专业委员会;河北省技术经济管理现代化研究会
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Value Engineering
2010 -15
Research on the Outlook of Scientific Qualified Personnel Li Zhenting(Heilongjiang Daqing Oilfield Communications Co.,Daqing 163453,China)
Discuss on Performing the House Advance Noticing Registration System Accurately Wu Jianmin(Jilin Liuhe County Real Estate Management Section,Liuhe 135300,China)
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Research on the Safety Management and Working Model of Electric Network Lv Yunfeng(Guangdong Power Grid Co.,Huizhou Power Supply Bureau,Communication Center,Huizhou 516000,China)
Discuss on the Basic Quality a Modern Librarian Should Possess Jiang Jing(Harbin Railway Technical College,Harbin 150000,China)
Thoughts on Improving College Safety Safeguard Work Zhang Xiuqing(Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University,Safeguard Division,Daqing 163000,China)
The Planning and Implement of Rural Cable TV Network Reconstruction Wang Xiaojie(Zhejiang Cangnan County Broadcast Television,Xin'an Broadcasting and Television Station,Cangnan 325800,China)
Discuss on the Thoughts and Strategies of Enterprise Politics Industry Cadre Team in the New Age Yang Junyi(China Petrochemical Corp. Jianghan Oilfield Company, Jianghan Oil Production Plant,Qianjiang 433123,China)
The University's Scientific Productivity: Taking the Thesis Published in Core Periodicals from Nanchang University in 2007 to 2009 as an Example Xie Yurong Luo Fang(The Library of Nanchang University,Nanchang 330031,China)
Discuss on the Important Role of Confidentiality in the File Management Zou Jiping Hu Nannan
Guiding Labour Union Work with Realistic, Pragmatic and Innovative Spirit Yu Yiheng(Dalian Street Lamp Management Section,Dalian 116021,China)
Research of Performance Evaluation Appraisal System of Infrastructural Project Huang Jianxin; Yao Jian; Chen Jinfei; Lou Hongwei; Chen Qiujun; Yang Yi(Zhejiang Gongshang University,Hangzhou 310000,China;Hangzhou Education Bureau,Hangzhou 310000,China)
Discuss on the Professional Ethics of Current Archives Worker Shi Hongyun(Hebei Qinhuangdao Housing Fund Management Centre,Qinhuangdao 066000,China)
The Investigation and Design of Smoke Control in the High-rise Buildings Fire Zhang Qianqian Zhang Ying(Hebei Shijiazhuang Public Security and Fire Branch Brigade,Shijiazhuang 050035,China)
The Paper Periodical Status Changes under the Network Enviroment in University Library Cai Jinghui Zhong Guoqin(Zhejiang University Library,Hangzhou 310014,China)
The Application of EPON Access Network in Residential Engineering Zhang Xiaoxia Tian Yufeng(Xi'an Medical College Library,Xi'an 710021,China; China Communications Construction Co.,Ltd.,Second Engineering Bureau,Third Division,Xi'an 710068,China)
Intelligent Low-voltage Switchgear Liu Xiaohua(Guangdong Bida Electric Company Limited,Shunde 528309,China)
Realization of Software Simulation UART Based on RENESAS MCU Tao Mengchun Chen Fengwu(Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
Research on the Technical Characteristics of Big Tree Transplanting in Heilongjiang Gardens Greening Yang Guibin(Heilongjiang Nenjiang County No.93 Bureau,Heshan Farm,Forestry Bureau,Nenjiang 161400,China)
Identification and Control of Deficiency Symptoms of Non-wooden Production Trees Zhou Shiyu(Anhui He County Forestry Bureau,Forest Pest Control Station,Hexian 238000,China)
The Explore on Power Transformer Relay Protection Problems Zou Weiyu(Guangdong Power Grid Co.,Huizhou Power Supply Bureau,Huidong 516300,China)
Real-time Temperature Online Monitoring System of Mine Ground Substation Smart Wireless Wang Peng(Anhui Hengyuan Coal-electricity Co.,Ltd.,Machine Operation Management Section,Suzhou 234000,China)
Discuss on the Two Design Methods of Pressure Vessel Wang Yan(Kaitai Magnesium Industry Co.,Ltd.,Yinchuan 750002,China)
Discuss on the Wastewater Treatment Technique and Application of Heavy Metal Cui Shidao(Jilin Wangqing County Environmental Protection Bureau,Wangqing 133200,China)
Discuss on MAPGIS Software's Application in Land Surveying Bound Map Tusongguli·Rijiefu(Hetian District Land Surveying Design Institute,Hetian 848000,China)
The Analysis of Existing Problems in Substation Outdoor Isolating Switch and Solution Research Chen Xiaobo(Guangdong Power Grid Co.,Shanwei Power Supply Bureau,Shanwei 516600,China)
The Safety Technology Research on Initial Roof Caving Thick Sandstone Roof Li Chuang(Huainan Mining Industry Group,Xieqiao Coal Mine,Fully Mechanized Coal No.2 Brigade,Yingshang 236221,China)
Study on the Application of Power Transformer Liu Min Hu Shaojun(Sinohydro No.1 Bureau Co.,Ltd.,Changchun 130062,China)
The Research of Sewage Treatment Technology and Microbial Ecology Analysis Cui Xiaodong Wang Yaru(Nanning Urban Planning Design Institute,Nanning 530000,China)
The Selection and Precautions of Low-tension Fuse Cao Manqing Xu Peng He Haibo(Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
The Research of Applicability of ISO Quality System in University Logistics Postal Services Tian Guidan(Harbin Engineering University,Harbin 150001,China)
Precautions of Measuring Mercury Content in Grain by Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry Ma Zhigang An Lihong(Jinzhou Grain Quality Supervision Management Station,Jinzhou 121000,China;Jinzhou State Grain Storage,Jinzhou 121000,China)
Drivage Process of Belt Conveying without Interruption Liu Zhenguo(Qitaihe Jixiang Coal Co.,Ltd.,Qitaihe 154600,China)
Preparation of Apatite by Using Biominerals as Raw Materials Guo Manfen Guo Yaping Yao Yongbo Guo Cuixiang(Dalian Dragon Wing Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.,Dalian 116600,China; Shanghai Normal University,Shanghai 200234,China)
The Research of the Exam Reform Plan on Principle of Automatic Control Course De Xiangyi(Shenyang Institute of Technology,Applied Technology College,Fushun 113122,China)
The Shower Water Temperature Control System Design Based on MCU Feng Mingfa Lu Jinchuan(Shenzhen Polytechnic's,Shenzhen 518055,China Harbin University of Science and Technology,Harbin 150040,China)
The Application Research of Oil Field Waste Water Treatment with Biological Agent Lin Cuiling(Daqing Oilfield Storage and Sale Branch Co.,Daqing 163411,China)
The Analysis and Comparison of Dilution Inocula Method and BOD Quick Test Method to Measure Biochemical Oxygen Demand Zhang Guobiao Jiang Xiuhong Gong Jian(Shenzhen Hazardous Wastes Treatment Station Co.,Ltd.,Shenzhen 518049,China; Shenzhen Longgang District Environmental Monitoring Station,Shenzhen 518172,China)
Discuss on the Composite Application of Various Geology and Mineral Resources Research Means Dong Laishi Liu Chunsheng Li Xiyun(China Building Material Industry,Geological Survey Centre,Heilongjiang Brigade,Harbin 150040,China)
Measuring Mercury in the Hair with Hydride-Cold Atom Fluorescence Spectrometry Zhang Yuewu(Heilongjiang No.6 Geological Exploration Institute Library,Jiamusi 154000,China)
Extraction of Oligosaccharide Liu Hua(Shihezi Quality and Measure Detesting Station,Shihezi 832000,China)
Technology Principle and Application on Recoiling Song Quanbin(Tangshan Iron &Steel Co.,Ltd. Cold Rolled Thin Sheet Plant,Tangshan 063010,China)
The Research of Telecom Cables Faults Monitoring System Yi Li(Daqing Oilfield Communication Co.,Operation and Maintenance Centre,Daqing 163001,China)
The Design and Solutions of Pneumatic Tube System in the People's Hospital in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Wang Hai Wu Juan(Shanghai Deming Medical Equipment Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Shanghai 200000,China)
Discuss on the Measures and Methods of Gardening and Tree Conservation Peng Yuanqiang(Wuhua County Municipal Garden Management Division,Wuhua 514400,China)
The Feasibility Analysis of the PA66 Spool Instead of Broach Spool in the Retaining Valve Using in Air-conditioner Guo Liyu Wang Hongxia Zhuang Rong(Gree Electric Appliances,Inc.of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
The Application of PID to Temperature Control in Chill Field He Haibo Cao Manqing Xu Peng(Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
The Application of Photocatalyst Technology in VOC Treatment Xie Xiang Xiong Shuo(Gree Electrical Appliance,Inc.of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
Circuit Analysis of One Overcurrent Protector Wu Weibin Tang Xiaohui(Household Electric Institute of Gree Electric Appliances,Inc.of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
The Vibration Analysis of Inverter Rotary Compressor Wei Huijun Ren Liping(Compressor and Motor Institute of Gree Electric Appliances,Inc.of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
Study on the Chiller Package's IPLV Related with the Temperature of Cooling Season Lin Aige Chen Jin(Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. of Zhuhai,Standards and Management Section,Zhuhai 519070,China)
The Optimization of Window-type Air Conditioner Outside Wind Passage System Based on CFD Liu Zhongjie Liu Li'na(Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
Scale and Its Control in Ultrasonic Humidifier Zhang Peide Liu Qinglong(Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai,Home Appliances Research and Development Center,Zhuhai 519070,China)
Discuss on Transmission Line Design in Dongguan City Li Zhenghong(Jilin Electric Power Design Institute,Guangdong Project Division,Dongguan 523005,China)
The Application of Screw Pump Taper Thread Solid Drive Shaft Technology Cai Shulan(Daqing Oilfield ,Oil Extraction No.6 Plant,No.1 Mine Geological Brigade,Daqing 163000,China)
The Choosing of Detector of Fire Automatic Alarm System Zhong Yunlian(Jiangxi Xinyu Planning Design Institute,Xinyu 338000,China)
Research on Water Velocity in Arching Pipe Wang Limin Zhang Shilin(Jixi University,Jixi 158100,China)
Hydrocyclone in Taoshan Coal Preparation Plant Application Liu Jingyu Liu Shucheng(Jixi University,Jixi 158100,China)
Improvement on the Main Components of CNG Underground Gas Storage Well Wang Tao(Oil Building Company of Southwest Petroleum Bureau,Deyang 618000,China)
Design and Simulate for New Sliding Door of Cabinet Air-conditioner Qiu Xiaohong He Ruixiong (Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
Anti-jamming Control Technique of PG-motor in EFT Test Chen Fengwu Tao Mengchun(Gree Electrical Appliance,Inc.of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
Automobile Tire Type Correct Selection and Installment Application Zhan Yajian(Guangdong Vocational College of Mechanical and Electrical Technology,Guangzhou 510515,China)
Study on Defrosting and Defreezing Control Methods of Fan-cooled Heat Pump Liao Shuihua Wang Mingkun(Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
The Uncertainty Calculation and Analysis of Air Enthalpy Potential Method Zhou Wu Ai Dayun(Gree Electrical Appliance,Inc.of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
Analysis of the Measurement of the Rotating Magnetometive Force of the Asynchronous Motor Zhang Dongsheng Liu Yaxiang(Compressor and Motor Institute of Gree Eleltric Appliarces,Inc.of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
Air Conditioner Condensation Prevention and Treatment Wang Junfeng Tian Yanping(Gree Electric Appliances,Inc.of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
Discuss on the Discrepancy and Connection of Products Design and Model Design Li Xiaoding (Gree Electrical Appliance(Zhongshan)Small Appliance Co.,Ltd.,Zhongshan 528400,China)
Study of the Concentration of Carbon Dioxide Indoor Air-conditioning Room in Dedicated Outdoor Air Equipment Li Yunjing Qi Anbin(Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519000,China;College of Mechanical Engineering ,Hebei University of Science and Technology, Shijiazhuang 050000,China)
Research on the Application of the Function Value of Excel in the Bill of Materials Li Huirong Li Pu Mo Huasheng(Gree Electrical Appliance,Inc.of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
Unbalanced Electromagnetic Force Analysis of PMSM Based on Ansoft Zhang Xiaobo Lu Suhua(Compressor and Motor Institute of Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
The Study of Processing Craft for Condensate Water Pan of Fan-coil Units Li Gongrui Zhuang Jingzhong Fu Yan(Gree Electrical Appliance,Inc.of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
The Analysis of Stator of Rotary Compressor Deformation Ren Liping Wei Huijun(Compressor and Motor Institute of Gree Electric Appliances,Inc.Wei Huijun of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
The Research of Flocculation Effect of PAC-CPAM of JSPAC on Oily Sludge Li Na Wang Yinggang Zhu Xue(Shenyang Huanke Environment Protection Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Shenyang 110000,China; Shenyang University,The College of Biological and Environmental Engineering,Shenyang 110044,China)
The Research and Application of Mixing Packing Box Auto-stack Technology Lai Xinhua Liu Zhihao(Gree Electrical Appliance,Inc.,of Zhuhai,No.2 Plant,Power Equipment Division,Zhuhai 519070,China)
Comprehensive Analysis of Cable Nondestructive Examination Technology Wang Xiaobing Guo Chunhua Zhu Shicun(Jiangsu Transportation Research Institute Co.,Ltd.,Nanjing 211112,China; Long Bridge Detection and Inspection Technology Transport Industry,Key Laboratory,Nanjing 211112,China; Jiangsu Highway and Bride Engineering Technical Research Centre,Nanjing 211112,China; Shaoxing Caoe River Paojiang Bridge Construction Engineering Headquarters,Shaoxing 312085,China)
Analysis of the Reform Exploration on Chemical Course Based on the Vocational Education Biological Food Major Li Hongli Li Wendian(Luohe College of Vocational and Technical,Luohe 462002,China)
The Renovation and Curiousness Arise from Multimedia Teaching Chen Suxia(He'nan Light Industry Vocational School, Zhengzhou 450006,China)
Thoughts on the Teaching Reform of Vocational Education Liang Shiping(Xiangxi National Vocation Technical College,Jishou 416000,China)
Drying Your Moist Heart with Love: Study on the Psychological Problems and Adjustment in Professional Student of Single Parent Family Zhou Wenfang(Jiangsu Changzhou Liuguojun High Vocational and Technical School,Changzhou 213014,China)
The Application and Practice of Project Approach in Training Courses: E-Mart System Development Meng Weiping(Shaanxi Institute of International Commerce,Xianyang 712046,China)
The Analysis and Research of Physical College Teaching Informatization Yu Miao(Shenyang Physical Education Institute,Shenyang 110000,China)
Exploration on the Collaborative Learning System's Construction for Excellent Network Course Liang Hua Chen Zhen(Hu'nan Vocational College International Economics,Computer Dep.,Changsha 410205,China)
Explore the University Students' Absenteeism Situation with Demonstration Lu Yao(Guangdong University of Finance,Guangzhou 510521,China)
The Practices of Setting Foundation Course Scientifically to Serve Professional Curriculum Yang Zhongce(Heilongjiang Tourism College of Vocational and Technical,Harbin 150000,China)
JBPM-based Enterprise Business Process Development Ma Xiaoshuang Mai Genglong Chen Chang'an(Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
Enterprise ERP Applications Liu Bing Chen Chang'an Mai Genglong(Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519000,China)
Design and Realization of Business Enterprise Information's Releasing System Based on Struts&Hibernate Mai Genglong Ma Xiaoshuang Liu Bing(Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
Research of Space Application Sharing System Based on SOA Yuan Bo(The 27th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation,Zhengzhou 450047,China)
Expand of Realizing Frequency Control with USS Protocol Chen Ying Xin Ning Zhao Yang (Shenyang Aviation Vocational Technical College,Shenyang 110043,China;AVIC Liming Co.,Shenyang 110043,China)
Discuss on the Treatment of Bad Land Sectors in the Grouting Footrill Access Tunnel in Shifeng Reservoir of Zheng'an County Wu Zhiguo (Guizhou Hydro-mechanization Industry General Co.,Guiyang 550001,China)
Construction Quality Control of Bored Pile Zhao Xuetao Mou Shanhong(Dalian Kaijie Construction Co.,Ltd.,Dalian 116600,China)
How to Strengthen the Quality Management of the Buildings Construction Zhang Xiaocui(Hebei Fangzhou Engineering Project Management Co.,Ltd.,Shijiazhuang 050000,China)
Communication and Coordination of Construction Project Management Mou Shanhong Zhao Xuetao(Dalian Kaijie Construction Co.,Ltd.,Dalian 116600,China)
Discuss on the On-site Emergency Maintenance of Construction Machinery Failure Chen Xinying(China Railway No.18 Bureau, No.2 Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Tangshan 064000,China)
The Buildings Electrical Engineering Construction Management and Quality Control Li Yanxia(Tangshan Tianhong Construction Installment Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Tangshan 063020,China)
The Methods of the Project Cost Management Fang Jian(Nuclear Industry Jinhua Construction Engineering Co.,Jinhua 321017,China)
Study on Sediment Silt Problems in Channel Port Deng Zhaolin(Guangdong Jindonghai Group Co.,Ltd.,Shantou 515041,China)
Discuss on the Quality Management Model in Small-medium Cities Road Engineering Construction Liang Zaixing(Funing County Road Transport Bureau, Highway Management Station,Qinhuangdao 066300,China)
GIS Application in Underground Pipeline Construction Library Process Zheng Kanggui(Geological-geophysical Engineering Investigation Institute of Guangdong Province,Guangzhou 410800,China)
The Settlement Observation Technology Design in the Sewage Treatment Works Construction Stage Ding Chunyan(Geologic & Geophysical Engineer Exploration Institute of Guangdong Province,Guangzhou 510800,China)
Discuss on the Construction Cost Consulting Agencies and the Entire Cost Control Wang Xia(Shandong Tiantaihengxin Construction Cost Consulting Co.,Ltd.,Zaozhuang Branch,Zaozhuang 277000,China)
The Principle and Order of Rationale Configuration for Highway Maintenance Machinery Gulibaheti(Xinjiang Autonomous Region Transportation Construction Administration,Kaziwan office,Maintenance Machinery Brigade,Urumqi 830000,China)
The Application of Business/School Partnership Strategy in Roads and Bridges Construction Course Teaching Wang Ce(Heilongjiang Construction Vocational Technology College, Harbin 150008,China)
Several Methods and Ways of Strengthening English Listening Comprehension Xu Yanlian(Zunyi Normal College,Zunyi 563002,China)
Discuss on the Engineering Mechanics Teaching Xu Yan(Maoming College of Vocational and Technical,Maoming 525000,China)
Discuss on The Practical Teaching Reform and Practice of "Electrician and Basic Electronic Technology" Zhao Xinli(Bayinguoleng College of Vocational and Technical,Kuerle 841000,China)
Teaching Realization of Mechanical Drafting Course in Higher Vocational Technology School Li Jianhua (Zhejiang Automobile College of Vocational and Technical,Linhai 317000,China)
Discuss on the College Comprehensive Treatment Yang Xi(Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Security Department,Beijing 100083,China)
Explore of Teaching Based on the Learning Field of Vocational Building Decoration Materials Ding Linyuan Mao Tinggang(Zhejiang Taizhou Vocational College,Taizhou 318000,China;Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology,Xi'an 710000,China)
The Explore on the American Special Education Legislation Huang Yuanjing(Harbin Normal University,Harbin 150025,China)
Let the Students Grow in the Love Encouragement Liu Jing(Harbin Hulan District No.4 Middle School,Harbin 150500,China)
Discuss on the Measures to Improve the Teaching Quality of Computer Foundation Course Zhou Ji(Changchun Radio and Television University,Changchun 130000,China)
Thoughts on CNC Maintenance Methods Teaching Shao Wei(Hemei Technician College,Hebi 458000,China)
Discuss on How to Cultivate the Students' Social Responsibility He Yubo(Harbin Hulan District No.4 Middle School,Harbin 150500,China)
The Comparison of Religion Value between China and Western Li Linghua(Yunnan University of Finance and Economics,Marxism-Leninism Dep.,Kunming 650221,China)
Views on Safety Technology Measure on Construction Zhang Zhuo(Jilin Liuhe County Real Estate Management Section,Liuhe 135300,China)
Explore on Strengthening Construction Site Safety Production Education Ma Juanjuan(Jilin Liuhe County Real Estate Management Section,Liuhe 135300,China)
Discuss on the Management Development Trend of Highway Engineering Maintenance Mechanical Equipment in Ningxia Zhou Yugui(Ningxia Highway Management Bureau,Zhongwei Bureau,Zhongwei 755000,China)
Shield Machine Type Selection and Construction Organization in the Subway Construction Lou Shunfeng Liu Jiabin(Hangzhou Subway Group Co.,Ltd.,Hangzhou 310016,China; China Railway No.7 Bureau Group,No.3 Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Hangzhou 310016,China)
Discuss on the Highway Construction's Influence on Ecology Environment and Preventive Measures Li Qingfang Yan Longheng(Shaanxi Vocational and Technical Institute of Transportation,Xi'an 710018,China; Shaanxi Long County,Road Transport Bureau,Longxian 721200,China)
Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering Geology Information Analysis Based on 3D United Model Liu Cheng(Xinjiang Academy of Hydraulic and Hydropower Sciences,Institute of Geological Exploration,Urumqi 830000,China)
Discuss on How to Effectively Control the Construction Cost Ma Shiyong Liu Yiying(Suibin County Environmental Hygiene Management Section,Suibin 156200,China; Suibin Urban Construction Management Section,Suibin 156200,China)
Discuss on the Humanization Design of Urban Roads Zhao Fuyi(Guizhou Transportation Research Institute,Guiyang 550000,China)
The Quality Control Problems of Engineering Construction and Countermeasures Research Zhang Zefeng(Shanghai Hongbo Engineering Consulting Management Co.,Ltd.,Shanghai 200000,China)
Explore on the Application of Drainage Design in the Urban Planning Zhang Xiangui(China Municipal Engineering, Northwest Design Institute Co.,Ltd.,Shenzhen Branch,Shenzhen 518000,China)
Discuss on the Construction Technology of Distress in Concrete Treatment Zhang Kuiyuan Zhang Huaiyu(Harbin No.5 Construction Engineering Co.,Harbin 150000,China; Heilongjiang Taian Construction Installment Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Harbin 150000,China)
The Application of Plastic Pipe in the Draining Pipe Network Transformation Yuan Jiangwen(Zhuhai Water Affair Group Co.,Ltd.,Zhuhai 519000,China)
The Quality Control of Municipal Water Supply Engineering Groove Backfill Construction Yang Jiangyi(Zhuhai Water Affair Group Co.,Ltd.,Zhuhai 519000,China)
Discuss on the Application and Development of Innovation Model in the Construction Engineering Management Xu Fei(Shanghai Changming Municipal Engineering Construction Supervision Co.,Ltd.,Shanghai 200000,China)
Discuss on the Importance of Boiler House Safety Equipment Wang Zhi(Harbin Hua'neng Central Heating Co.,Ltd.,Harbin 150001,China)
The Control Measures of Reinforcement Cover in the Construction Engineering Tao Shuangyan(Daqing Construction Installment Group Co.,Ltd.,Daqing 163000,China)
Discuss on the Construction Precautions of Bored Pile and Quality Control Sun Ping Li Lei(Heilongjiang No.7 Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Harbin 150000,China;Heilongjiang Hetong Construction Co.,Ltd.,Harbin 150000,China)
Basic Design of Low Load Capability Culvert Liu Gang(Heilongjiang Tonghua Engineering Consulting Co.,Ltd.,Harbin 150000,China)
The Engineering Quality Control for Construction Enterprise Shi Xinling(Zhongping Energy Chemical Construction Engineering Co.,Civil Engineering Division,Pingdingshan 467000,China)
The Construction Safety and Quality Management for the Construction Enterprise Liu Yiying Ma Shiyong(Suibin County Urban Construction Management Section,Suibin 156200,China; Suibin County Environmental Hygiene Management Section,Suibin 156200,China)
Exterior Quality Control on Hydraulic Structure Xu Feng(Xinjiang Yili Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Yili 835000,China)
Discuss on the Advantages and Functions of Main Canal Reroute in Xinjiang Irrigating Area transformation Bazhaerbieke(Xinjiang Bozhou Design Institute of Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power,Bole 833400,China)
Comprehensive Measures on Mass Concrete Structure Cracks Control Wu Zhaoyu; Long Yuhong(Xinjiang Yili Kashi River Basin, Management Section,Yili 835000,China)
Discuss on the Characteristics of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Zhang Xinnian(Xinjiang Changyuan Water Affair Zhundong Water Supply Co.,Ltd.,Urumqi 830000,China)
Perfect Test and Inspection Work and Improve the Highway Construction Quality Zhou MeihuaZhang Xinjian
Discuss on the Application of Energy-saving Technology in the Mixing Water Straight-through Heat Supply System Ye Qingyi Yantai Qingquan Industry Co.,Ltd.,Yantai 264000,China)
Analysis of Ecological Design in Garden Plant Landscaping Xu Jianfang(Daqing Saertu District Urban Construction Management Station,Daqing 163000,China)
The Analysis of the Design and Construction of Gardens Greening Liu Yimei(Wuhua County Municipal Gardens Management Division,Wuhua 514400,China)
The Analysis of Architectural Ornament Construction Technology Management Bi Hongyin(Fuyang Yefeng Leduo Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd.,Fuyang 311400,China)
The Analysis of Hoisting Machinery Working Precautions and Security Management Coordination Tan Libo Zhang Zanyun(Zhuhai High and New Technology Industries Development Zone,Public Construction Bureau,Zhuhai 519000,China; China Transportation Planning and Designing Institute Zhuhai Co.,Ltd.,Zhuhai 519000,China)
The Analysis of Power Supply and Distribution in Stadium Qiu Zhijian(Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co.,Ltd.,Shenzhen 518031,China)
Discuss on the Reasons and Preventive Measures of Highway Vehicle Bumping Ma Xiaoming(Xinjiang Akesu Highway General Section,Kuche Tianshan Highway Section,Akesu 842000,China)
The Analysis of City Water Conservancy Project Management Dai Jianxin(Foshan Keheng Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering Quality Test Co.,Ltd.,Foshan 528000,China)
Discuss on the Project Settlement Problems and Audit Work Key Points Liu Yulan(Zhejiang Zhongheng Engineering Cost Consulting Co.,Ltd.,Hangzhou 310000,China)
Discuss on the Problems of Highway Quota Maintenance Liu Yong(Xinjiang Kuerle Highway Section,Kuerle 841000,China)
Discuss on the Power Supply Characteristics of Urban Residence Community and Power Supply Reliability Measures Yang Zhiheng(Qinhuangdao Haisan Construction Development Co.,Ltd.,Qinhuangdao 066001,China)
Discuss on the Construction Principle of Tunnel Cave Entrance Earth's Surface and Preloading Consolidation Technology Dong Yanming(Jilin Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Investigation and Design Institute,Changchun 130012,China)
The Research of Single Column Pier Ramp Bridge Performance against Overturning Qian Xiaoming(Zhejiang Zhexi Highway Management Co.,Ltd.,Hangzhou 310014,China)
Knowledge Gained from Reducing Engineering Cost and Controlling Engineering Cost Ge Yan(Harbin Sanli Construction Engineering Group Co.,Ltd.,Harbin 150000,China)
Project Management of Natural Dialectics Bai Wenjie(Management and Economics of Kunming University of Science and Technology,Kunming 650000,China)
Discuss on How to Manage High-rise Office Buildings Construction Hu Qingcheng(Zhejiang Jiayu Construction Co.,Ltd.,Jiaxing 314000,China)
Analysis of the Highway Slope Disease Causes and Countermeasures Zeng Liqiang(Guizhou Highway and Bridge Construction General Co.,Guiyang 550001,China)
The Technique Key Points and Quality Control on Thin-plastered EPS Board External Thermal Insulation System Yi Kuizhen(Dalian Hengyu Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd.,Dalian 116100,China)
Discuss on the Causes of Construction Concrete Crack and Preventive Measures Xu Wenjie(Beijing Zhuji Hengye Municipal Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 102206,China)
Discuss on How to Improve the Asphalt Concrete Pavement Planeness Lv Dongguo(Shandong Jining Highway Engineering Co.,Jining 272100,China)
On-site Cool Regenerated Technology Application in Rebuilding Project Chen Biao Dong Qin Yang Yuanguang Xu Junmin(Jining City Highway Administration,Jining 272100,China)
Piling Works Construction Flow and the Common Quality Diseases Preventive Measures of High-strength Prestressed Concrete Pipe Pile Cao Jie (Dalian Yida Real Estate Co.,Ltd.,Dalian 116021,China)
Thin Wing Wall Construction and Imperfection Mend Yang Jun Fu Guobing (Jiangsu Yancheng Water Conservancy Construction Co.,Ltd.,Yancheng 224000,China)
Analysis of Municipal Roads Engineering Roadbed Construction Buayixiamu·Rouzi(Xinjiang Weitai Development Construction Group Co.,Ltd.,Urumqi 830000,China)
Discuss on the Foundation Design Method of Soft Ground Lang Shengying Wen Xingbao Liu Manna(Jinma Construction Development Group Co.,Ltd.,Harbin 150000,China;Qiqihar Fuyu County Finance Bureau,Qiqihar 161000,China; Qiqihar Jiayi Engineering Design Co.,Ltd.,Qiqihar 161000,China)
Discuss on the Reinforce and Transformation of the Building Structure He Ye Wang Tao(Harbin Great Wall Construction Group Co.,Ltd.,Harbin 150080,China)
Static Steel Pile and Pilecappingbeam Underpinning Technique of Existing Buildings Zheng Xiaoyan(Harbin Railway Technical College,Harbin 150081,China)
Ventilation and Energy Saving Design of Kitchen Sun Zhaoyu Feng Yugang(Daqing Development Zone Construction Planning Design Institute,Daqing 163000,China)
Concrete Anti-crack &Anti-leakage Technology in the Buildings Basement Construction Sun Guijian(Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation Scientific Professional College,Harbin 150000,China)
Color's Application in Cold College Buildings: Harbin Institute of Technology,No.1 Campus Transformation Zhang Shuang; Lin Jianqun(Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150000,China)
The Calculation Way of Cross Beam Du Zeli Zhang Xiaocui(He'nan Neutl Metallurgical Science&Techinology Co.,Ltd.,Zhengzhou 450000,China)
The Selective Application and Construction Strategy of New Drainage Tubes and Pipes Zhang Shitao(Daqing Construction Installment Group Co.,Ltd.,Daqing 163000,China)
The Prevention of the Cracks during the Soleplate Mass Concrete Construction and the Application of Control Measures Zhang Wei Zhang Dehua(Dalian Huayu Construction Group Co.,Ltd.,Dalian 116000,China)
The Application of High Performance Concrete in Daqing Oilfield Bridge Construction Li Bo(Daqing Oilfield Engineering Construction Co.,Ltd.,Concrete Component Factory,Daqing 163000,China)
The Composition and Implementation of Intelligent Building Gao Ying Dou Wei(Daqing Construction Engineering Trade Centre,Daqing 163000,China)
The Structure Analysis of Clinkering Process in 3000t/d Dry Process Cement of Clinker Shao Jun(Xinjiang Kaisheng Building Materials Designing Institute,Urumqi 830000,China)
Discuss on the Reinforcing Band of the Super-long Concrete Structure Gan Weizhi(Foshan Guiyuan Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Foshan 528000,China)
Discuss on the Application of Cement Stabilized Crushed Stone in Highway Engineering Construction Lin Guorong(Shantou Highway and Bridge Engineering Co.,Engineering Dep.,Shantou 515041,China)
The Construction of Cast-in-situ Prestressed Tied Arch of Emergency Projects for Stagnant Water Drainage in Paidu Hill of Hangjiahu Cai Jinhai Zhao Ruixia(Zhejiang Province No.1 Water Conservancy & Electric Power Construction(Group)Co.,Ltd.,Hangzhou 310051,China)
Key Points of Admixture and Mineral Admixture in Manufactured Sand High-strength Concrete Wang Tao(Guizhou Road & Bridge Group Co.,Ltd.,Guiyang 550001,China)
Discuss on the Realization of Green Building and Aims Ren Xiaomin(Qinhuangdao Architecture Design Institute,Qinhuangdao 066001,China)
The Analysis of Prestressed and Precast Concrete Members Cracks and Preventive Measures Zheng Xiao Chen Junli(Yongjia County Highway Management Section,Yongjia 325100,China)
Simple Talking about Used Asphalt Recycling Technology and Its Application Lin QingjieChen Liang(Wenzhou Highway Administration Bureau,Wenzhou 325027,China)
Discuss on Cover and Cut-bottom Construction Technology in Subway Station under the Condition of Water-rich Stratum in Shenyang Wang Xiaoguang Wang Xingyu(Shenyang Subway Co.,Ltd.,Shenyang 110011,China)
Discuss on the Principle and Methods of House Building Structural Design Guan Duhao(Shanghai Green Group,Mudanjiang Properties Co.,Ltd.,Mudanjiang 157000,China)
The Reasons and Prevention of Cast-in-place Reinforced Concrete Floor Cracks Zhang Dehua Zhang Wei(Dalian Huayu Construction Group Co.,Ltd.,Dalian 116000,China)
How to Give Full Play to the Library Function in the New Course Reform Rong Haibo(Tangshan No.1 High School,Tangshan 063004,China)
The Suggestions on the Personal File Management Liu Xiangdong(Qiqihar Municipal Engineering Design Institute Co.,Ltd.,Qiqihar 161005,China)
Post Image and Value Ren Huixin(Daqing Petrochemical Company, Retired People Management Centre,Daqing 163711,China)
Analysis of Audio and Video File Management Ruan Kaiyan(Guangdong Power Grid Co. Guangzhou Haizhu Power Supply Bureau,Guangzhou 510235,China)
The Analysis of Factor Analysis in Multivariate Statistical Analysis Li Chunfang Guo Ji Zhao Shaofeng(Beijing Tongzhou District Army Aviation Institute,Foundation Section,Beijing 101123,China)
Discuss on the Mode Problems of Newtown Development in China: Take the Example of East Industry Clusters in Wenling Wang Linbin Ye Dongjiang Zhan Xingmei(Wenling Construction Planning Bureau,East Industly Branch,Wenling 317500,China;Zhejiang University of Technology,Zhijiang College, Hangzhou 310000,China;Hangzhou Yuanliang Construction Design Co.,Ltd.,Hangzhou 310000,China)
Discuss on the Modeling of City Image in Small Town Construction Li Qing(Cangnan County Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute,Cangnan 325802,China)
Discuss on the Status of Engineering Cost Consulting Industry and Development Guo Ronghua(Hangzhou Jianyou Engineering Consulting Co.,Ltd.,Hangzhou 310007,China)
The Brief Comparison of Room Air Conditioner Standard at Home and Abroad Chen Jin Lin Aige(Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
Discuss on Further Regulation of Construction Project Management Han Lianfa Yu Jingqing(Jilin Liuhe County Real Estate Management Section,Liuhe 135300,China)
The Key Points Analysis of International Engineering Project Management Hao Xiaoying Han Wei(China Harbor Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100027,China; China Water Resources Hydropower Engineering Corporation,No.5 Construction Bureau,Chengdu 610000,China)
The Suggestions on Strengthening Project Management Chen Deping(Jiangxi Lianhua County Highway Management Station,Lianhua 337100,China)
The Investor 's Reasonable Control of the Construction Project Cost Zhao Haorui(Hebei Xingji Construction Project Management Co.,Ltd,Baoding 071000,China)
Prequalification Problems Analysis in the Bidding Process Du Hongxia(Xinjiang Urumqi Midong District Construction Bureau,Urumqi 830000,China)
Discuss on the Importance of Enterprise Quota in Construction Enterprise Compilation Jiang Xueying(Zhejiang Huanyu Construction Group Co.,Ltd.,Shaoxing 312000,China)
Discuss on the Contract Management in the Construction Engineering Zhang Jianfeng(Hangzhou Urban Land Development Co.,Ltd.,Hangzhou 310012,China)
Discuss on the Overseas Project Management in Saudi Arabia Area Yang Hongyu(China Dalian International Cooperation(Group)Co.,Ltd.,Dalian 116011,China)
The Analysis of the Existing Problems and Related Countermeasures in State-owned Enterprise Bidding Qin Huifang Li Wen'ge Sun Hongwei(PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Co,Mine Area Service Business Section,Jinlin 132002,China; Shenzhen Bangdi Engineering Consultant Co.,Ltd.,Shenzhen 518003,China;PetroChina,Jilin Petrochemical Co,Jilin 132002,China)
Evolution of the Proportion of Labor Remuneration of Fujian Province Since the New Century Ke Ke(Zengcheng College of South China Normal University,Guangzhou 511363,China)
The Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Yellow River Delta Diao JundiJi Hong(Shandong Dongying Shengli Oil Field, Shengli Hospital,Dongying 257000,China)
The Role of Forestry in Climate Warming Jin Zhegen(Heilongjiang No.3 Academy of Forest Inventory and Planning,Harbin 150000,China)
Discuss on the Flowers and Plants' Industry Development Potential Miyesaier·Tuoheti Gulixila·Shapuxi(Yili Vocational and Technical College ,Yili 835000,China)
The Great Influence of the Development of Low-carbon Economy on Petroleum Industry Qian Lei Ji Yuanling(Daqing Oil Field Water Supply Company,Institute of Source of Water Researching,Daqing 163458,China)
The Application of Value Engineering in the Highway Engineering Cost Control Liu Rong(Chongqing Jiaotong University,School of Management,Chongqing 400074,China)
Discuss on the Application of Bill Pricing Mode in the Highway Engineering Cost Management Yang Ying(Guizhou Bridge Engineering General Co.,Guiyang 550000,China)
Experience and Problems of Budget Management in Large State-owned Enterprises Yang Yue(Hebei Port Group,Qinhuangdao 066002,China)
Discuss on Enterprise Information Management Peng Qi Chen Chang'an Liu Bing(Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. of Zhuhai,Zhuhai 519070,China)
The Analysis of Enterprise Financial Risk and Preventive Measures Wang Xuemei Jiang Xiuying(Jiamusi Helin Surrey and Design Institute,Jiamusi 154000,China)
The Quality Cost Optimization Method Based on Process Capability Zhang Zhiyun Zhao Yancheng(Heilongjiang Jixi Henghua Highway Construction Headquarters,Jixi 158100,China)
Cost Share Equally Problems of Multi-person Cooperative Game Theory Li Chunfang Zhao Shaofeng Guo Ji(Beijing Tongzhou District Army Aviation Institute,Foundation Section Management Teaching and Research Office.,Beijing 101123,China)
Discuss on the Development Strategies of the Cartoon Industry in Heilongjiang Province Meng Wei(Harbin Normal University, Management College,Harbin 150500,China)
Discuss on the Integration Development of 3D Virtual Community and Social Network Li Ting Zhang Yuzheng(Northeast Agricultural University,College of Economics & Management,Harbin 150008,China)
The Research on the Relationship between Personality Traits and Brand Preference in Beijing Forestry University Shi Zihan(Beijing Forestry University,Beijing 100000,China)
Taking the Logistics Informationization as the Strategy to Solve Commerce Logistics Bottleneck Question in Electronic Commerce Xu Pengying(Harbin Finance Institute,Harbin 150030,China)
The Influence of CPI Index on Macro-economy Trend in China You Pengcheng(Zhejiang Gongshang University,Hangzhou 310000,China)
Discuss on the Housing Total Construction Area Calculations and Proportion Problems Nan Hongjuan Yu Jingqing(Jilin Liuhe County House Property Mapping Team,Liuhe 135300,China)
The Problems and Perfection Measures of Construction Insurance System Yu Qin(Harbin Urban Construction Investment Group Co.,Ltd.,Harbin 150040,China)
Analysis of House Property Investment Allocations in Qinhuangdao City Xin Miao(Qinhuangdao Construction Engineering Trade Centre,Qinhuangdao 066000,China)
The Factors of Influencing China's Real Estate Price and the Stable Strategies Li Shuxiang(Liaoyuan Reform of the Urban Housing System Office,Liaoyuan 136200,China)
The Analysis of the Status and Suggestion of Construction Project Follow-up Auditing Zhang Xinjian Zhou Meihua
Thoughts on Strengthening the Construction of "Tourism Management Specialty (Exhibition Plan and Marketing Direction)" Gu Jing Ding Yongyi(Heilongjiang Trourism College of Vocational and Technical,Harbin 150000,China)
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